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Application of Ashva Gypsum at Chandigarh City Centre.

When Chandigarh City Centre wanted to finish its commercial complex with Gypsum Plaster, it chose Ashva:

Chandigarh City Centre, which is one of the finest projects in the Tricity, wanted only the best material for its project. 58 more words


Anatomy of a Deliberate Feminist

A/R/TOGRAPHY  “To be engaged in the practice of a/r/tography means to inquire in the world through an ongoing process of art making in any art form and writing not separate of illustrative of each other but interconnected and woven through each other to create additional and/or enhanced meanings. 254 more words

Deliberately Feminist

A wonderful material for different jobs

For the interior decorators and home decorators, there are many challenges when it comes to décor the home and improves different areas. In this era, many people love to create various partitions and false ceilings where one needs to use such material that is long-lasting and cost-effective. 306 more words

Plaster Of Paris

Good Demons?

Are there good demons too? Yes, a popular belief says these masks of demons ward off evil eye hence are human friendly.
The Rajasthani makers of plaster of paris images of Lord Ganesh and Krishna have of late realised that the mask of a demon is as popular among people who are scared of evil eye, and there are a plethora of them. 56 more words

Chance Encounters

Get the best in POP products for your construction

POP products at present are vastly used in the construction process. They make the construction so easy and also assure maximum strength to the applications. At present, there are several POP manufacturers and suppliers to provide the product and hence it is your responsibility to select the best one for your project. 314 more words

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Workshop- Body Casting

To begin with, I started by measuring out two parts water and one part alginate. We used slow alginate, the only difference is it is slower setting, giving 3-4 minutes working time and a setting time of 6-8 minutes. 240 more words


The benefits of Plaster of Paris

Plaster of Paris is a white coloured powder made up of gypsum. The plaster of Paris is called so because of the main ingredient, gypsum which is found in abundance in Paris. 478 more words

Plaster Of Paris