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A different material for beautiful walls

To make a home look beautiful is not a difficult task these days as there are thousands of items that can be of great help to one. 321 more words

Plaster Of Paris

My first experiment with casting

Casting my arm with plaster and modrock

Securing my arm with clay

Applying more modrock to create the jacket

The first part finished

Doing the second layer… 27 more words

Professional Practice

The Gypsum plaster: Modern option to cement plaster

The gypsum plaster is made of Gypsum powder which is extracted from the earth. The powder is mixed with some chemicals by the manufacturers which help it to form a durable material that can last for a longer period. 313 more words

Plaster Of Paris

The Material that can help change the charm of walls

What will you do if the color of the walls of your home crumbles and the look of the wall is spoiled? What will you do if the upper layer of the plaster gets crumbled and spots on the walls are seen? 315 more words

Plaster Of Paris

Just provide a new look to your walls

With the change of time, the technology used in different fields has also changed and so has the material. There are lots of materials used when one goes to build a home or an office. 328 more words

Plaster Of Paris

The Making Process of my Final Piece

Body casting with alginate

Sticking on cotton pads to give the modrock something to stick to

Reinforcing the alginate with layers of modrock

The back of the cast… 41 more words

Professional Practice

POP: An easy material for easy application

In the modern age when there is a problem, people need to find a solution that can work really fast and fix the things quickly. While dealing with wall cracks, the same concept was supposed to be followed, but there was hardly any solution available for the same. 301 more words

Plaster Of Paris