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Scientist slashes estimate of plastic waste in oceans

100 cities banned plastic bags after Prof. Andrés Cozár said 100-million tons of plastic formed country-sized ocean islands. Would you believe 7,000 tons?

European Plastic Shopping Bags_ Humour

 They have a great sense of humour.
European Plastic Bags


Letter: Why ban plastic bags when there are so many plastic containers?

Re: “The future of plastic bags” (Editorial, May 22)

The editorial expressed many valid points against completely banning plastic bags. I would like to add one: perhaps before Montreal bans them outright, city officials should visit grocery stores, hardware stores, pharmacies, Costco, Walmart and their competitors. 63 more words


Editorial: Reduce, reuse but don't ban bags

In the 1999 film American Beauty, a discarded plastic bag dancing in the breeze became a metaphor for finding grace in unlikely places — even a piece of trash. 269 more words


State Government on the wrong side of history on plastic bag ban.

You have probably heard that the Liberal Party members of the upper house of the State Parliament have moved to disallow Freo’s local law banning single use plastic bag. 551 more words


Plastic Problems: Examining the Impact of Dallas' Bag Ordinance

DALLAS – For folks who shop in the city of Dallas, the answer to paper or plastic is a no brainer.

“Most of the feedback is, ‘I don’t want a bag or I don’t want to pay for a bag,’” said Parkit Market co-owner Tony Todora. 157 more words


Nigerian Restaurant Shut Down For Serving Human Flesh

A Nigerian restaurant has reportedly been shut down after being accused of serving human flesh following the discovery of bags containing human heads in the kitchen. 268 more words

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