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New Orleans Diary: Week One

The goal: to write a weekly reaction to my time here in New Orleans. To be honest, reaching arbitrary goals that I set for myself isn’t exactly my strong suit but, who knows, maybe the fact that I can sit outside with a vest rather than a winter coat on the 2nd of December will breath some new life into me. 1,398 more words

|Thinks I Think|

All Lit Up - Design

Following on from my research into recycled lighting ideas, I started investigate ideas around how plastic bags might be used to create a visually appealing lampshade. 417 more words


Quarter Life Crisis: Moisture

I lingered around my job at closing time the other day to see if my friend and coworker wanted a ride home. The only thing she has left to do is count the money in the register. 567 more words

Note: Some Global Plastic Bans/Limits

Ecology/ environment consciousness/ sustainability can sometimes be disheartening as with knowledge, we become more and more aware of what needs to be done individually and as a collective. 2,024 more words


Fusing Plastic Bags

Hola! Been missing for quite awhile as life got a little hectic revving for the year end.

One of the new projects/techniques I’ve tried recently was… 534 more words


Time to Ban the Plastic Bag?

In Australasian political news this week, an announcement has been made that the State of Queensland is to institute a ban on single use plastic bags… 255 more words

Troy Mihaka

Bed Of Bags- The First Year!

It’s been 12 months since I first sat down with a pile of plastic bags, some scissors, and determined to figure out a way to make a sleeping mat without using crochet. 588 more words