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Recycled Plastic Bag Yarn, Turned Doormat

No matter how a cute a doormat is when I get it, the years of dirt, salt, snow, rain, and who knows what else always tend to wear them about the same – a greyish-blackish blob meant only to be scuffled by boots. 363 more words

5p plastic bag tax has been effective

Retailers in England moaned about having to charge customers 5p for single-use plastic bags and the government dragged its feet.

The good news is that since introducing the tax… 116 more words


Free Plastic Bags? We're Paying The Price Another Way

Plastic bags may seem like a steal! When you’re going shopping and you’ve already spent a fortune on groceries, the free plastic bags may seem like a bargain. 225 more words

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bag Scheme Backlash, Is Lack Of Awareness The Issue?

We read an article on ABC on Tuesday, titled “Customer backlash trashes plastic bag scheme in WA town of Denmark after just four hours”. Bob Cybula, a well-meaning IGA store manager introduced a 10 cent charge for the use of plastic bags. 311 more words

Plastic Bags

The Life Cycle Of A Plastic Bag, Some Eye-Opening Facts

To start off today’s blog post here is a neat little video created by Boomerang Bags visualising the lifecycle of a plastic bag:

The video showcases the beginnings of the life of a plastic bag, from being mass produced in a factory to ending up strangling a small turtle. 256 more words

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