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recycling - take II

After learning that “The city of West Fargo does not recycle.” actually means that the city of W Fargo (not like West Philly, mind you) does not HAVE to recycle, a coworker said there was a receptacle at a cross street about 2 miles from where I live. 608 more words


Sensory Bottles Round 2

After my first round with my class I realized I needed to come up with a new idea. I did some research between sites and realized why has no one came up with this idea? 289 more words


New Technologies To Improve Plastic Bottles

Over the last years glass bottles and jars have been replaced by plastic (mainly PET, PE or PP) and this change in packaging format will continue as currently a debate revolves around supplying baby food in plastic containers rather than glass jars, seeing as they are lighter and less likely to break. 1,243 more words

Reading, Writing and Recycling

A new line of eco-friendly school supplies made from recycled products like plastic bottles and tires, saving the Planet one school kid at a time. Founded by two Canadian mothers and can be found at Walmart Canada wide and on their company website… 7 more words

Plastic Bottles are not waste! Don't throw them away...

Who doesn’t love soft drinks? Or rather, who hates it? But you have been simply wasting the bottles by throwing them away when you could do wonders out of it. 354 more words

DIY Tricks

The Premature Burial of Oxygen!

By Mick Dumdell

The other day I had my first original thought about the environment. There I was throwing away an empty plastic bottle and thinking about plastic and Sandra Bland, and how plastic was bad for the environment, and how she died of asphyxiation, which is a lack of oxygen and everything, and then… 688 more words

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