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Recycling Plastic Bottles

One thing that has always struck me as odd is the amount of plastic bottles littered across the ground. In Sweden, you pay a bit extra for the bottle and then when you return it for recycling, you get that money back. 124 more words

Recycling Plastic Bottles

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Plastic is nastic to the planet why a island the size of Texas sits in the oceans made of PLASTIC!

So to lessen the need take one bottle with cap of your fav drink pref. 164 more words


Coca Cola doing something Good? Or not! What do you think.

I wanted to post this the other day because I think it is awesome and hope it is soon all over the world.  Coke making their plastic bottles into other things.  126 more words

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Bottled Water - Things You Need To Know Before You Make Your Next Purchase Of Bottled Water

The well-recognized “chasing arrows” symbol we see on plastic containers and products does not mean the product is recyclable. The little number inside the triangle tells the real story. 1,387 more words


Meet the New Endocrine-Disrupting Plastic Chemical, Same as the Old One - BPA

By now, most people know about the common plastic additive bisphenol A (BPA), which behaves like estrogen in our bodies and has been linked to a range of health problems, including cancer, birth defects, and irregular brain development in kids. 296 more words

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Is Coca-Cola going Green or just Greenwashing?

My greenwashing example is a picture from Coca Cola company, they are advertising their plastic bottle as being made from plant materials. Greenwashing is an example of a company or business that advertises their products as being environmentally friendly to encourage customers that their products are good or safe for the environment. 263 more words

Coca Cola

Mindful Eco-conscious Living

Passionate conservationists and eco-conscious people, let us stop being “Hashtag activists” and start taking action. If you love our earth, the first thing you will do is take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming the Government and policy makers who are not managing waste clearance and management. 548 more words

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