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DIY lamps made from plastic bottles are helping solve the world's electricity woes | Mashable

A project called ‘Liter of Light’ is hoping to bring light to places that need it most, by using DIY lamps made from plastic bottles. Mashable caught up with the founder of the project to hear how it works and find out who can benefit. 143 more words

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Pride, a fall and more gingerbread

I was very pleased with myself last week after the gingerbread baking session.

Obviously I should have known better, pride going before a fall, and all that. 356 more words

Care Farm

Plastic Bottle Recycling

Trash is a big issue in many parts of the world. So much can be produced so quickly! Growing up in the States, many of us have a blind eye to the destruction of trash. 587 more words

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What is plastic and how is it made?

Plastics are made from oil. Oil is a carbon-rich raw material, and plastics are large carbon-containing compounds.

Plastics are simply chains of like molecules, called polymers,  linked together. 456 more words


Do-it-yourself Sub-Irrigated Planters (S.I.P.)

PLASTIC BOTTLES are being used in the everyday modern world. Though some users of this invention do not care for the environment by recycling plastic bottles instead they throw them away or even litter. 249 more words