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What is plastic and how is it made?

Plastics are made from oil. Oil is a carbon-rich raw material, and plastics are large carbon-containing compounds.

Plastics are simply chains of like molecules, called polymers,  linked together. 456 more words


Do-it-yourself Sub-Irrigated Planters (S.I.P.)

PLASTIC BOTTLES are being used in the everyday modern world. Though some users of this invention do not care for the environment by recycling plastic bottles instead they throw them away or even litter. 249 more words


Step 5: Say NO to Bottled water!

This is a difficult switch for most people as we have all been so brainwashed that bottled/mineral water is better for us than any other water that if you mention that you drink tap water, people goggle at you as though you just said you are a cannibal! 329 more words

Bisphenol A

How long does it take to decompose?

Paper Towel – 2-4 weeks
Banana Peel – 3-4 weeks
Paper Bag – 1 month
Newspaper – 1.5 months
Apple Core – 2 months
Cardboard – 2 months… 90 more words


Chemical Pollution

Common chemicals found in plastic bottles, pollution and even makeup are harming the brains of foetuses and growing children, according to new research.

Scientists said the chemicals can lower children’s IQs and are being introduced into people’s lives with little review of the associated dangers. 63 more words


Trapped Trash

Ricoh GR, ISO 200, 1/80 sec, f/4.5, EV 0.0. Post processing in Viveza 2 and Color Efex Pro 4. 8 more words