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Temporary carriage in Plastic : A Biological Problem

Single use plastic bags have become a global menace. Made from poly ethylene they take a million years to decompose and cause huge environmental problems. The plastic bags can be seen littered everywhere – on streets, in open drains and even in parks and beaches. 243 more words

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Make your event a Non-Disposable Event!

So, you are planning an event, maybe at school, or church, or at the office, and you are serving food.  You would like to make it a litterless event, but how do you go about it?  495 more words


Great Ideas from Garbage

A recent rather heated conversation on the water bottle dilemma only hinted at the the size of the iceberg that is rapidly melting and affecting much of our global health. 70 more words


The madness of drinking bottled water shipped halfway round the world

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Globally, we now drink as much packaged water as we do milk. At 30 litres per person per year, bottled water is the second most popular liquid refreshment after carbonated drinks – a market that it is set to supplant carbonates this year… 737 more words


High Grade Bottles Manufactured By Premium Players In The Industry

You can zero in the best Bottles manufacturer online now, as easily as we are to guide you here ideally to find the best in the business now. 480 more words

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The Global Responsibility Committee

I’ve found myself getting more and more affected by the choices us humans are making. I can’t help but wonder if and when we will wake up and see what we are doing to our earth. 667 more words

Factory Farming

What else can you recycle in your home?

This week (22nd – 28th June) is recycle week.  Lewisham Council along with lots of local authorities across the UK are encouraging their residents to think more about what can be recycled around the home. 70 more words

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