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Broncos Tissue Box Cover

Another fast, fun plastic canvas project….

This was finished a couple of weeks ago but I forgot to post pictures.  Go Broncos!

Plastic Canvas

I Voted--How 'Bout You

Election day, 2016.  I almost didn’t, but my friend, Rebecca was here and talked me into going down and voting today.  I’m not crazy about either of the candidates, but as she pointed out, there were other options.   444 more words

Stitch, Stitch, Stitch

How much different can my projects be??

I forgot to post a progress picture last week — I spent a few days with my reproduction  project, Emma Elliot.  124 more words


Plastic Canvas is making a comeback!

I remember working with plastic canvas when I was a small child. My grandmother was a whiz with it and decorated everyone’s homes with bursts of yarn and tacky-ness. 387 more words


Cut and Paste – Missions 101

Seminaries and Bible schools offer courses in theology and /or language as part of the preparation of missionaries.  But few deal with the cut and paste aspect of much of what a mission team does. 209 more words

Advice For Being Stuck In An Elevator

We had quite an incident on Saturday night in my building.  The electricity snapped, crackled and popped a few times before shutting off, leaving only the lights in the outside hall burning, and for that I thank our Maintenance people who have been doing it right lately.   501 more words

Plastic Canvas

Great Finishes and .....

My fabulous Halloween house tissue box cover!! These are all sides, all together and ready for the holiday…

Next up….

another plastic canvas finish….

and….. 13 more words

Cross Stitch