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Paleo Sugar-Free Seed Crunch

I fell in love with a delicious seed bar that’s sold down the hill in our local farm store. But they’re a bit pricey and come wrapped in plastic, and so my son and I worked together to figure out what’s in them, so we can make them at home. 138 more words

DIY Wool Dryer Balls Reduce Dryer Time

The title of this blog post were the words I used for a Google search yesterday, as a question, and the answer from over 10 bloggers was resoundingly “yes.” 381 more words

Reflective Pavement Markers Trash Our Roadsides

Dear Washington Department of Transportation:

When you resurface our roads each year, you put in raised reflective pavement markers so we can better see the center line in the dark. 231 more words

Easy Wrapping Paper Storage

We’ve had three rolls of wrapping paper for the past two years since we typically use cloth bags for “wrapping” our gifts. Yet occasionally a wrapped present is shipped out because it’s easy to pack into a box filled with paper-wrapped items. 58 more words

Zero Waste

Driftwood Building Blocks

We all love manipulatives, items with soft shapes made by the rhythms of the Earth. Give children a few hours and a place to play with found objects, and you’ll be surprised where their imaginations go. 167 more words

I Don't Have to Go Grocery Shopping This Week

I’m trying to rekindle a habit that I had up until about five years ago: shopping in my pantry before going grocery shopping. When I was in college, I did that out of necessity, sometimes stretching one week’s groceries into an entire month (needless to say, I was underweight at the time). 240 more words


Clementine Box Doll Bed

By Cleo Clark-Athans

This one is a simple trash hack by a 7 year old.

1) Take clementines out of wooden clementine box.

2) Place small towels, rags, hand-knit blankets, anything soft inside the clementine box to make a “mattress.” 39 more words