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Swiss Chard Is Two Veggies In One

Don’t throw those swiss chard stalks out! We’ve discovered a delicious thing or 3 to do with them.

I’m ashamed to say our swiss chard has been languishing in the garden because our family just hadn’t taken to these easy-to-grow greens, until now… 404 more words

Voluntary Simplicity

Olive Oil Tin Turned Celery Container

I love olive oil tins. They’re reminiscent of the Old World where reuse of large tins is commonplace. When I think of how I’ve seen olive oil tins reused, I imagine geraniums on a sunny step in colorful olive oil planters in Italy or hammered out oil tins used as roofing or wall siding in Nepal. 179 more words

Voluntary Simplicity

Striving for Zero Waste

I strive to keep a zero-waste home and lifestyle.

Whenever I mention this to someone, the immediate response is “oh yea, I recycle everything, too!” But living zero waste means much more than recycling; it means first refusing, reducing, reusing, repairing, composting, and then recycling as the last option before the landfill. 1,957 more words


Backyard 7 Summits Project: Kitsap County's Highest Peak

By Cleo Clark-Athans, Grade 4

We did it!

We reached the highest point in our county today. It’s called Gold Mountain and is only 1,687 feet high. 328 more words

Voluntary Simplicity

Water Cress Pesto

Feeding my family by way of mid-winter foraging always feels like a triumph. Although there’s little in the garden these days, when we go on hikes on our hill, we find water cress in the places where the springs are running freely. 115 more words

Voluntary Simplicity

Easy DIY Hair Detangler

Detangle yourself from purchasing unnecessary hair products when the secret to getting difficult-to-brush curly or coarse hair tangle-free is oil and water. We’ve learned this secret the hard way. 306 more words

Voluntary Simplicity

Homemade Crackers, Sans Plastic

We love crackers. But there are 2 reasons why we just don’t buy them very often:

1) They cost about $5/box in our local supermarket. 282 more words

Voluntary Simplicity