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Riaz watched some documentary a few weeks back that has rendered him terrified of plastic in our food supply.  Since the documentary was narrated by Sean Penn I am certain that it is part true, part crazy-town, but de-plasticifying our lives as much as possible is probably not such a bad thing.  591 more words


Frugality and Long Periods Without Spending

I was looking up some recipes for homemade ketchup (we just ran out, and I want to avoid the plastic bottle), and in the process I came across two blogs where the writers decided to not spend any money for a period of time. 515 more words

Plastic-Free Living

Plastic Free Cheese

Today my husband and I took the train into L.A. to check out the Grand Central Market, and we actually got plastic-free cheese. It’s not really feasible to take a three-hour round trip just for cheese, but I will keep that in mind every time I’m in L.A. 111 more words


This Week's Plastic Packaging Tally

-Plastic-wrapped large block of cheese. Still haven’t found an alternative.
-LED bulb package x 4. The package was mostly paper but had a plastic shell around the bulb itself. 480 more words


Plastic Problem with Local Produce Delivery

I recently rejoined a delivery program that brings fresh, local, organic produce to my door once a week. I was distressed the first week when the glass jar of local honey came in a plastic bag (my guess to protect the paper label from being ruined by the moist produce and ice pack). 196 more words


Paper Tape Question

During my decluttering last summer, I found enough Scotch tape to last me the next three years at home, so it’s probably not urgent for me to buy paper tape yet, but I might so I can model responsible behavior in my classroom. 107 more words


Naked Binder Review

Every one of my 175 students has at least one vinyl 3-ring binder. I have several myself: one lesson-plan binder for each of my preps, one first semester grade record binder, one one second-semester grade record binder, one binder of parent-contact information, three large binders of articles from various interlibrary sources, one large portfolio of my writing that my students enjoy looking through, one binder of grammar and syntax exercises, and at least a dozen (now empty) binders I’ve gotten from various professional development trainings — and this is… 679 more words