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Mermaid's Tears For Earth Day

By Finn Clark when he was age 9 (With Some Help from his Mom)

Last Friday was Earth Day at our school, a Montessori school called Voyager, and we created art from plastic my family found on the beaches of Bainbridge Island and the Olympic Peninsula. 442 more words

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Why I Never Buy Trash Bags

A friend of mine recently asked me what to do when she had something stinky in her trash, like meat packaging. She often has to empty her smelly trash and waste a whole plastic trash bag because her bag is only half full. 577 more words

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10 Toxic-Free Home-Made Easter Egg Ideas

1) Toxic-Free Magic Marker Dye: I’ll start with my favorite because it’s so easy and does 2 things in 1. It dyes your eggs but also revives your tired out Crayola or other toxic-free magic markers. 452 more words

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Fix Broken Scissors

You choose, which pair of scissors are going to last longer?

Although the ones with the plastic handles cut a little better, they’re broken and I suspect they’ll break again. 126 more words

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Fabric Scrap Doll Tutu

Visiting grandma means we get to dive into her boxes of fabric scraps. For 40 years, no fabrics have been wasted in her house. Just last month, she passed on several boxes to a local quilt-making organization, but luckily we found a few more up in her attic. 203 more words

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Fastest Caesar Salad Dressing, Plastic-Free

We’re big on salads, growing greens for 12 months of the year. And often, the only thing hindering us from making a salad for lunch or dinner is…the dressing. 249 more words

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Stop Friending Spammers

When an unknown person “friends” you on Facebook, do you accept their virtual friendship, without knowing who they are? For the past month, every day I’ve received about 5 new friend requests on Facebook from spammers. 788 more words

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