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I want to make less plastic – but where do I start?

Firstly, a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has popped over and read my previous posts, contributed with comments, provided me with more resources to try, made some changes in your own lives or merely pondered making some changes. 327 more words

Plastic Free Living

Peak into my ‘modestly green’ bathroom

Prepare yourself, I’m about to open the door to my bathroom and unveil some plastic-free initiatives.  They are e-a-s-y, cheap and produce less waste than the supermarket options and (generally) awesome. 793 more words

Plastic Free Living

Plastic, plastic everywhere – in my cupboards and underwear

I haven’t investigated the underwear fibre thing, but it wouldn’t surprise me to discover plastic: one for the ‘to do list’.

Heads-up: my usual posts are VERY politically correct and I tread lightly hoping to appeal to my reader’s contemplative side.  874 more words

Plastic Free Living

Refill not Landfill

With my decisive ‘reducing plastic goals’ in mind, shopping (even yawn-factor food shopping) is a new experience.

For y-e-a-r-s I have been an avid supporter of my local farmers market and we shop there weekly; rain, hail or shine.  718 more words

Plastic Free Living

Mushroom Ketchup and some kitchen thoughts

Spending the summer sick, I had the time to binge videos on Youtube.  At first, I was watching all these pop culture videos but they started to make me cranky.   668 more words

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DIY Beeswax Wrap

Like many of my DIY’s this is more conceptual than tutorial.  Beeswax wrap is becoming a popular alternative to plastic wrap.  However, it’s horribly expensive.  I get that it’s reusable but the idea that you can pay $5 a piece (or more) it’s not that enticing. 765 more words

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Plastic Free Living: Fancy Bag for something

I was going to add these instructions to the bottom of yesterday’s post but it would have been so long.  Once I had made my bags, I got to thinking about designs I had seen on other blogs and wondered how hard would they be to make.   328 more words

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