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Corel Mould – Get Rapid Prototyping Services in China

Rapid prototyping is a manufacturing process that lets you create scale models cost-effectively and quickly. Outsourcing the task can help you save time and money, and some of the best providers of the service are in China. 308 more words

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Pet All Manufacturing, Inc - Type of Blow Molding Machinery Manufactured

While there are a number of good companies to consider, it is important that you choose a premier provider of cutting-edge blow molding equipment. When searching for the best blow… 120 more words

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How To Design Plastic Part through Plastic Injection Molding China

The Plastic injection molding China offers versatile solutions for manufacturing variety of applications. It also helps in producing high quality parts at low cost. This process is surely far better and beneficial in comparison to other molding processes, but the success of any part depends upon its design. 295 more words

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Know the Plastic Injection Molding Volumes

With more than 16,000 injection molding as well as plastic manufacturing facilities in the USA, there is no lack of companies to select from. When selecting a service provider, many factors need to be taken into account, including capabilities, high quality assurance, cost, company reputation, as well as delivery time. 403 more words

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The Life Cycle of a Plastic Injection Mold

If you’re a molder, your injection molds are one of the most important pieces of equipment you use. Because your molds are so vital to you, it goes without saying that you want them to last as long as possible. 74 more words

Employment Inside the Plastic Mold Industry

There are always a range of different kinds of employees in the plastic industry, with each participating in a similarly important role in the change of plastic in to the parts and products that are desired. 191 more words

6 Simple Machines Modern Making Can't Live Without

Modern manufacturing has come quite a distance. It now uses CNC machining for milling and turning, and lasers for 3D printing. However the most elementary machine types, as defined by Archimedes more than 2000 years back, are still found in today’s production shop if you look all over the place. 27 more words