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Dark Nights: Metal 5 Is Lost In Its Own Cacophony

by Michael DeLaney

This article contains SPOILERS. If you haven’t read the issue yet, proceed at your own risk!

The difference between good action movie sequences and bad ones comes down to editing. 315 more words

Michael DeLaney

Book Review: "All Star Batman & Robin"

* * * B

Frank Miller’s “All Star Batman & Robin” is a single volume that collects the entire series. It retells Robin’s origin story and includes many other DC heroes. 228 more words


General Zod Kills Red Robin (Injustice II)

Batman and Red Robin just found each other again after being separated for 6 years, then General Zod just heat visions Tim Drake out of nowhere! 49 more words


The Unforgettable Jack Cole

« What are you mumbling about? »
« Oh, nuthin’! … just that 
my false teeth get loose 
an’ make a lot of noise! » 332 more words

On This Day...

Amazo Massacres An Entire Town (Injustice II)

I can’t wait for the moment where Amazo pays for that massacre.

From – Injustice 2 #33


Dex-Starr Joins The Red Lantern Corps (Injustice II)

I love this! Dex-Starr’s going to get revenge on Amazo!! I guess that means he’s going to be on Batman’s side right?

From – Injustice 2 #33