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Day 24: Plastic Man

Super Hero Snapshot

Real Name: Patrick “Eel” O’Brian

Home: Capitol City

Created By: Jack Cole

Special Powers/Abilities: Plastic Man exists in a fluid state, neither entirely liquid or solid, and has complete control over his entire molecular structure. 362 more words

We've been waiting 75 years for this joke

Wait a minute! Plastic Man is 75 years old today?! But he looks great — sometimes even better than ever! How does he do it? 17 more words

Plastic Man

Today is Plastic Man's 75th anniversary!

Eeyow! Today is the 75th anniversary of Police Comics #1, and the first appearance of Jack Cole’s Plastic Man!

I could very easily go on and on about this wild, action-packed origin for one of comic’s most unique characters — … 62 more words

Plastic Man

A brief break for Darwyn Cooke

I’m taking a brief break from celebrating Plastic Man’s 75th anniversary to send best wishes to Darwyn Cooke.

Earlier today, his family released the news… 149 more words

Plastic Man

Celebrate 75 years with ... Kyle Baker's origin of Plastic Man!

Of the various incarnations and interpretations of Plastic Man throughout his 75 year history, I have two favorites; the first is Jack Cole’s original run, and the other is Kyle Baker’s wonderful 20-issue series. 237 more words

Plastic Man

Celebrate 75 years with ... the Super Powers origin of Plastic Man!

When the Super Powers Collection was released in 1984, the line of action figures was almost instantly beloved. It was also instantly ubiquitous, getting a huge marketing push from Kenner and DC Comics, including three different mini-series for each year’s new set. 296 more words

Plastic Man