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Le Gallerie Plastique: JJ Kirby

I can’t put my finger on what it is I like so much about this piece by JJ Kirby, but it might be everything.

In particular I like that Kirby’s influences are apparent enough to lend a comfortable familiarity, but subtle enough to maintain originality. 91 more words

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It's (a sexy ) Woozy Wednesday!

I’ve mentioned before how I don’t think much of Plastic Man being portrayed as a lascivious lech, but for some reason when Woozy does it I find it hilarious. 46 more words

Plastic Man

It's no stretch — Plastic Man wants you to be his valentine!

It’s Valentine’s Day! A time when there’s something special in the air, when a young man’s fancy turns to … Plastic Man!

DC Comics and Cleo knew this way back in 1980, when the arts-and-crafts company put out the… 158 more words

Plastic Man

It's Woozy Wednesday!

Panel from Plastic Man #1 (vol. 1)

Jack Cole, writer/artist

Plastic Man

Recycled: Plastic Man vs. Dopey Joe's opium ring!

Normally, these reviews of Plastic Man’s past appearances would consist of particular panels with a summary of details from the story to fill in the blanks, but in this case I’m giving you full pages from… 912 more words

Plastic Man

Plastic Man in color, plus The Sad Case of the Missing Credits

I’ve mentioned a couple of times how much I’m looking forward to Hilary Barta’s covers for Convergence: Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters, and thanks to the artist we got a couple of sneak peeks at what readers could expect when the title is released in April. 453 more words

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Idle hands are the Plasti-fan's workshop

As I said when I posted this on Instagram yesterday, this what happens when I have a Silly Putty egg and some office supplies (most notably, a yellow highlighter). 39 more words

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