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Video: Live-Action 1970s Plastic Man

I remember these live-action intros to the Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure show being a bit awesomer than they actually come off today. But hey, it was the late 70s/early 80’s—and the special effects were pretty good for a low-budget kiddie show. 147 more words

Cryptic Comics

Adventures of Superman 596 - the ruins of Lexcorp towers

Adventures of Superman 596 (Nov. 01) went on sale September 12th of that year, and one cannot assume that Casey, Wieringo and Marzan had any precognitive powers when crafting this epilogue to Our Worlds at War. 195 more words

DC Comics

Poetic Response: Hymn to the Aesthetic Beauty Center - After Plastic Man - Comic - Jack Cole

Plastic Man’s Hymn to the Aesthetic Beauty Center

Sexier than a sting ray in Bermuda,
Flatulent yet strung out on raw ether,
I flaunt my mutability to stay neuter… 123 more words


Plastic Man always travels first class (postage)

Hey, you know who’s a cool dude? Luke muthalovin’ Daab.

Not only is he a great visual artist, he’s also a great songwriter and performer. I can only assume he’s a great puppeteer, because he does that, too, and he seems to have a talent for whatever he decides to do. 138 more words

Plastic Man

Plastic Man

In March, Plastic Man released their debut album ‘Don’t Look At The Moon following the successful release of their EP ‘Light & Dark’. The Italian trio have really made a bang with the album and rightly so, it’s West Coast-y, it’s psychedelic-y and it’s garage rock-y, it has everything needed for a great, flavor filled album. 477 more words


You never know where Plastic Man will pop up next

I’ve been falling behind on my posting (again), but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some Plastic wares to share! Let’s take a look:

First up is this completely amazing Plastic Man statue pointed out to me by NBI agent… 308 more words

Plastic Man

It's Le Gallerie Plastique et Woozy!

Is that even French? I honestly don’t know, but today we’ve got a sorta “Woozy Wednesday” and “Where’s Plas?” mash-up courtesy of this piece by… 99 more words

Plastic Man