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Alex Toth brings Plastic Man to the Super Friends

There are, maybe, a handful of comic book artists whose careers could be described as impeccable. Whether it’s the growing pains of the early years, or a slow decline in the artist’s twilight, even the most revered comic book illustrators tend to have periods where their work is not quite their best. 381 more words

Plastic Man

Plastic Man is ready for his close-up

In addition to being a criminally underrated artist and writer, Kyle Baker doesn’t get nearly enough credit as a satirist. And a favorite target was the comics medium itself, which is how he was able to use his… 37 more words

Plastic Man

Comics Herstory: Ramona Fradon

Ramona Fradon’s comics career began in 1950 after she graduated from Parsons School of Design. She is one of the most notable artists of the Silver Age, and has created and helped shape a number of characters in DC’s lineup. 319 more words


Stone Cold!

Batman was alerted to a police bulletin about a possible hostage situation at the Iceberg Lounge. Upon arriving he spied from the skylight of the club that The Penguin and several wealthy patrons were being held at gunpoint by several armed gunmen and a grey skinned woman whom Batman identified as Sofia Sorrell..aka The Granite Lady…a former jazz singer and criminal who had taken a serum to turn her body to living stone…and is an arch-nemesis of Plastic Man. 512 more words


The Plastic Man Archives: Volume One - Jack Cole

Gangsters break into a factory. One is tossed into a vat of chemicals. He survives, and recovers in a monastery. Upon waking he learns that he now possesses the power to contort his body into any shape imaginable, and inspired by the monks’ altruism he vows to use his abilities to fight crime.  369 more words


Taking Shape: Love hurts!

He doesn’t do it as often as Eddie Izzard, or say, Bugs Bunny, but Plastic Man isn’t afraid to explore his feminine side when it gets the job done. 9 more words

Plastic Man