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It's Plastic Man on parade!

Honestly, I’m not showing off.

If anything, I want to point out the genuine generosity of people when I see it, especially when I’m the one on the receiving end of that generosity. 384 more words

Plastic Man

Recycled: Plastic Man vs. Madam Brawn!

… and then she said said that she saw him in the food court talking to … wait a minute. Where was I?!

Oh, yeah! We were just about to take a look at the first half of one of my favorite Plastic Man stories! 684 more words

Plastic Man

Where's Plas?!

I mean, seriously, where has he been?!

  • from Adventure Comics #478
  • Martin Pasko, writer; Joe Staton, artist; Bob Smith, inker
Plastic Man

Video: Live-Action 1970s Plastic Man

I remember these live-action intros to the Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure show being a bit awesomer than they actually come off today. But hey, it was the late 70s/early 80’s—and the special effects were pretty good for a low-budget kiddie show. 147 more words

Cryptic Comics

Adventures of Superman 596 - the ruins of Lexcorp towers

Adventures of Superman 596 (Nov. 01) went on sale September 12th of that year, and one cannot assume that Casey, Wieringo and Marzan had any precognitive powers when crafting this epilogue to Our Worlds at War. 195 more words