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DC Archive Editions-The Plastic Man Archives Vol. 5

Like a lot of 1970s kids, I first got introduced to Plastic Man via the reprints that DC comics offered. I will admit, that I wasn’t much of a fan at the time, and preferred my superheroes to be more realisitic, or at least, Bronze Age realistic. 474 more words

Review: Injustice: Gods Among Us, Year Four Annual #1

Generally speaking, I haven’t really been keeping up with monthly comics for a while. Which is why I’ve hardly read anything from the Injustice: Gods Among Us… 838 more words

Plastic Man

Le Gallerie Plastique: Marc Greisinger

What’s this? Ooh, just fleskin’ our muskles with Plastiks Man — arf arf arf!

Artist Marc Greisinger specializes in drawings of classic comic and cartoon characters — with Popeye and Plas being apparent favorites (mine, too!) — so I was happy to come across his playful mash-up of the two. 52 more words

Plastic Man

Depression Songs: Plastic Man

I said that I wanted to do a list of ten songs I like to listen to when my depression is hitting hard.

Whilst trying to choose the songs I realized that I can’t limit it to just ten. 445 more words

Recycled: Plastic Man vs. Those Hands!

Police Comics #6 is notable for a couple of reasons: It hints at what the future holds for Plastic Man’s publishing history, and it also marks the point when Jack Cole started moving away from giving Plas simple hoods to beat up and began edging toward more creative concepts and crazier villains (which is saying something).  742 more words

Plastic Man