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Hints of a hero's return in Dark Days: The Forge #1

DC Comics launched it latest nothing-will-ever-be-the-same epic this week with the release of Dark Days: The Forge #1, itself a prelude to Dark Nights: Metal… 629 more words

Plastic Man

"Justice League Action" Season 1 Episode 17 Review

On this episode of “Justice League Action”, Brainiac attacks Metropolis. Batman, Superman, Vixen and Cyborg fight back, but aren’t effective. Needing someone to take down Brainiac’s defenses, Plastic Man volunteers. 315 more words


Plastic Man fans go to 11

In every fandom, there are people who are into it, and then there are people who are really into it. These fans often go above and beyond, and eagerly share their enthusiasm and creativity with others. 125 more words

Plastic Man

Recycled: Plastic Man vs. Professor McSneer and the 8-Ball of Death!

Following up on the fairly lighthearted tale of Plastic Man breaking up the criminal organization known as the United Crooks of America, creator Jack Cole… 525 more words

Plastic Man

Rediscovering the real World's Finest

Look, I love Superman. Really — he’s one of my favorite superheroes, and embodies everything good and noble about the concept. He’s a truly aspirational character. 88 more words

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I Loved a Plastic Man

Hey folks,

By far, the most common question I have been hit with upon others learning that I’m a comic fan is, “who is your favorite character?” Well, I’ve got a few. 769 more words


Unboxed: Legion of Collectors DC Legacy Box

The latest Legion of Collectors box from Funko is shipping as we speak and Funko put up their usual spoiler video on YouTube.  If you want to remain surprised, stop reading.   80 more words