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Will Plastic Man Strike Again ... again?

Comic Book Resources recently posted an article about the upcoming “The Dark Knight III: The Master Race,” which is frankly a comic I almost could not care less about. 347 more words

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It's Plastic Man, the Silver Surfer, and the spirit of Mego!

I’ve been falling behind on posting again, so we’ll be doubling up on the updates this time around. First up is Plastic Man’s latest appearance over on… 426 more words

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Ain't No Lie, She's Bi, Bi, Bi (Spoilers for Gotham S1 and S2)

Spoilers for Gotham Season 1 and Season 2

When an industry has been catering primarily to one specific demographic for over seventy five years, things get weird. 836 more words

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Plastic Man graduates to DC Super Hero Girls

Earlier this month, DC Entertainment officially launched DC Super Hero Girls, an initiative designed to welcome younger girls into the DCU in all its alternate realities, namely toys, clothing, digital platforms, animation, and — oh, hey — comics and graphic novels. 185 more words

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It's Plastic Man on parade!

Honestly, I’m not showing off.

If anything, I want to point out the genuine generosity of people when I see it, especially when I’m the one on the receiving end of that generosity. 384 more words

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Recycled: Plastic Man vs. Madam Brawn!

… and then she said said that she saw him in the food court talking to … wait a minute. Where was I?!

Oh, yeah! We were just about to take a look at the first half of one of my favorite Plastic Man stories! 697 more words

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