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Things to do/Rules to follow before Plastic Surgery


  1. Take a shower and wash every crevice you think you have and then do it again in case you missed a spot.
  2. Shave EVERYTHING that needs shaving and wax the rest.
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Plastic Surgery & Anti Aging


So obviously, this next surgery is not my first rodeo. I am almost having flashbacks to when I did the body lift in June 2006.  The incision for an outer thigh lift that is needed in order to make sure all the burn scar is cut off starts on my back side and ends right in front of my hip bone about 3 inches on both sides.   1,502 more words

Surgery for me in February!!!

Ok, so I have gone in excess of two years to have some “Maintenance” done to my breasts that is long overdue and also to have the horrendous burn scar removed off my right hip.  563 more words

Plastic Surgery & Anti Aging

Heidi Montag-Plastic Surgery

Everyone these days seems to have an opinion on the plastic surgery that Heidi Montag has had. I first heard about her surgery when a producer called from CNN asking me to be on the panel that evening discussing Heidi, and her procedures. 2,659 more words

New Plastic Surgery website coming soon!

So, many of you have asked for You Tube Videos, Answers to your questions, and want to know where I get all my information.  I have decided that I will create a website exclusively for you, for that purpose.  253 more words

Plastic Surgery & Anti Aging

It's Not About The Number

It’s Not About The Number

A story of breast implants and the fixation on an implant size

Written by Jenny Lee


 It is funny how sometimes you find yourself on the other side of the coin sometimes, and when in that position what you learn from a different perspective.  1,960 more words

Plastic Surgery & Anti Aging

When people start talking about you, look who you find yourself in the company of...

Some of them not too bad…


  • Adrienne Curry (1)
  • Ali Lohan (1)
  • Amanda Lepore (1)
  • Ambre Lake (2)
  • Amy Winehouse (3)
  • Angelina Jolie (2)
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Plastic Surgery & Anti Aging