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How Much?

“How much?”

The cosmetic surgeon sat impassively at his desk. He knew the old man sitting in front of him would pay, they always did. He was fabulously wealthy. 165 more words

Short Story

: look like a kid again :

Without surgery. Without botox. And, yes, without a Time Machine (and don’t we all wish such a thing existed outside of science fiction movies?).

Surprisingly enough, it was so easy to look years younger, I went the full monty and erased decades. 155 more words


Augmentation: A Silly Poem Inspired by Mel B

Did I ever mention, I gave into temptation,

undergoing augmentation, to expand myself some more?

Piers, he talks of a boob job, as he thinks about his own knob. 84 more words


Cane I Help You?

Last year women spent billions of dollars to look younger. Botox, plastic surgery, procedures, creams, miracle lotions and any crazy new fangled product that had the potential to knock off a few years. 811 more words

My Experience With Plastic Surgery and Fillers

This is a post I’ve been hesitant to write for a while just because I know people are very divided on the topic. I know some people say that you should just be happy in your own skin and learn to love yourself. 669 more words


Cardi B Postpones Concert Due To Complications From Breast Augmentation And Liposuction

When Cardi B admitted to getting liposuction a few weeks ago, she also said that she returned to the stage too soon against her doctor’s wishes. 174 more words


Cardi B Postpones Tour Due To Plastic Surgery Complications

Remember a few weeks ago when Cardi B admitted to getting some liposuction done (again), well now she facing the consequences from her recent cosmetic surgeries. 535 more words

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