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Of Pipelines and Plastic Forks

By Mel Harkrader Pine

As one of the church’s newer members, Mary offered a child-friendly backyard barbecue at the service auction. As the day of her event drew near, she remembered that large box of plastic utensils she had bought at Costco years before, so she put them to use.

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Plastic Utensils' Place in the US

Making my comments about his article here since Mother Jones doesn’t allow comments on individual articles.

Okay 2 billion delivery orders doesn’t take into account the volume of food per order, but it’s still a lot of food people can’t be bothered to cook for themselves. 104 more words

Isn’t It Time We Stopped Using Plastic Single-Use Utensils?

Isn’t It Time We Stopped Using Plastic Single-Use Utensils?

By Kelly Dean

There are smart things and there are dumb things. Sometimes, it takes a while for us to realize something is dumb: perhaps days, months or even years. 250 more words


Tiny Person and Silver Plastic

Yesterday I went to go visit my nephew with my parents, and despite my fear of dropping him, I did hold him. He had yet another hat on, and he’s still very small. 108 more words