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push my plate away
even though my hunger pangs
my fatness remains


Clean Your Plate by Amanda Plevell PhD Review

Clean Your Plate is the self-proclaimed life’s work of Author/PhD Amanda Plevell- and it is worth every ounce of effort she put into it. #Health #Fitness #Nutrition #HealthyLiving


even the blackbird

who sometimes eats from my plate

cannot share my grief


Is that early movie star MAE W. MARSH?

Mae W. Marsh was a huge movie star in the 1920’s—going from silent films to talkies.  She made nearly 100 films in her lifetime, and her career spanned 50 years.  150 more words

Let's Learn About Vintage

Julia Margaret Cameron: photographer with an iron will

Julia Margaret Cameron, original name Julia Margaret Pattle, (born June 11, 1815, Calcutta, India—died January 26, 1879, Kalutara, Ceylon ), British photographer who is considered one of the greatest portrait photographers of the 19th century. 349 more words