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A Yard Visitor

A storm passed through southern Illinois earlier this morning.

 I sat at the computer, beside the picture window, working on blog. I looked out, and there was a box turtle crossing our yard. 105 more words


Mess Project Picks \ B&W

Black and white picks from Etsy this week. Find handwritten posters, art, photography and many more…

  1. Kidney Concrete Plate \\\ 2. Hustle Skull Figurine \\\ 3.
  2. 31 more words
Mess Project

The Lightest $12 plate I ever had

Not that I’m a pig in any way, I just like food and when I go out and spend my own money that I work so hard for, I expect to eat according to how much I spend. 203 more words

Theory of Plate Tectonics

  • Introduction
  • Application to explain Volcanicity
  • Application to explain Earthquakes and Tsunami
  • Application to explain Mountain Building, Faults and Rifts


This theory is based on the concept that the whole earth crust is assembled of many plates. 267 more words


Bitter Blast

Over the past couple of days, I’ve updated a bunch of “Things my Wears” pages. I didn’t actually change all my characters’ outfits at once — I’ve been changing them one or two at a time over the past few months. 143 more words


Dinner Winner plate

I love these dinner winner plates for kids. It seems like (almost) every time someone sees them they want one. They are just fun to look and fun to use. 240 more words


Crimestopper SV-5350.II License Plate Camera with Hide-Away Bracket

The SecurView™ SV-5350.II is a bar type camera with a “hide-away” bracket designed to be mounted on the vehicle license plate using the existing license plate holes. 263 more words