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Jacksonville Jaguars License Plate Sign - Black

Jacksonville Jaguars License Plate Sign – Black

Your tricked-out ride isn’t the only thing that deserves a boost of Jaguars spirit. Spruce up your wall with this 12 x 6 license plate sign. 22 more words

when hardly anything fits on your plate.

I recently had a friend remind me of something I was fond of telling her when we spoke of self care and boundaries (which was often in our two years of sharing life together.) How often Jesus uses my own words to challenge/correct/encourage me. 1,231 more words

Jacksonville Jaguars Imprint License Plate - Teal

Jacksonville Jaguars Imprint License Plate – Teal

It’s a new season with a new look! Make sure you’re sporting your updated Jaguars gear with the Imprint license plate that boasts large lettering and a Jacksonville team logo on a football. 13 more words

Good Grief! Greaves

So long time no post.

These greaves were commissioned for a NZ bohurt fighter currently using them over in Moscow. His old pair were giving him grief by munching the top of his feet anytime he walked. 101 more words

beauty on your plate


and said as the taste

and long on the warmth

and its own motions

and its own wise

and said as the temperture

and its own display… 45 more words


Feeling of life

Feeling of life

I read a book called “you are worried about, 90% will not happen”

When I was young, I never thought about the future, such as how much money I want to make or how I want to have great success My parents always say that ordinary than ordinary can get more happy. 135 more words