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[Podcast]Heme #8 - Clotting cascade - How a clot forms

The clotting cascade arguably is one of the largest headache inducing topics every med student encounters.

Don’t worry, we’ve got some ways to simplify it! Join us on the Common Rounds and learn this topic within 30 mins! 12 more words


What Is ITP?

So, ITP has many different forms. I won’t bore you with all of them – I only have one type.

I have Chronic ITP – Chronic means it isn’t going away and it has no cure (YAY!) 448 more words

Auto Immune


I have been thinking about creating a blog recording my ‘ITP Journey’ for a while (I hate putting it like that, it sounds really cringe to me, but IT IS a journey) so I have finally taken the plunge and I guess I hope that it acts as both a kind of therapy for me – being able to blab on about what is happening to my body and in my head – but also as a way for friends, family and anyone else who is interested to check in and read about how I am, if they want to. 190 more words

Auto Immune

A Patient's Blood Platelets

Bleeding can result to a reduced number of platelets. Blood transfusion, in which includes platelet transfusion, may be necessary. Having a healthy supply is very much important to once health. 112 more words

Platelet Count

The Lifespan Of A Platelet

The life plan of a single platelet is only about 10 days. Blood components have different life span as it have different responsibilities. If the platelets aren’t functioning properly due to certain factors that influences its normal capacity, certainly there will be an observance of irregular renewal intervals. 59 more words

Platelet Count

The Normal Platelet Count Range

The normal platelet count range is about 150000 to 450000 in a microliter of blood. However, there are several factors that influences or is associated with the increase or decrease in its amount. 79 more words

Platelet Count

Keeping A Normal Platelet Count During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an event that is normally expected to be a part of the woman’s life. Health professionals always advice about the importance of diet during pregnancy. 114 more words

Platelet Count