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Low Platelets During Pregnancy | Baby #5

With my last two (healthy) pregnancies, I had a condition called gestational thrombocytopenia, which just means that my platelet count was below normal and the same is true this time. 360 more words


Hb, WBC, Plts & Neuts?

Each Tuesday and Friday they take blood. This is sent to Haematology for testing ahead of my Valcade injections.

The values obtained determine the dose of Valcade, though in practice they work in arrears i.e. 270 more words


Stomach cells replace every 2-9 days

How can the replacement rates of the cells in various tissues in our body be measured? For rapidly renewing tissues common labeling tricks can be useful as with the nucleotide analog BrdU. 435 more words


Appeal for donors renewed as part of National Blood Donor Week

There’s an urgent call for donations from Canadian Blood Services.

The organization recently appealed to Canadians to fill more than 150,000 donation appointments by Canada’s 150th birthday, to ensure that there is enough blood to meet patient needs throughout the summer. 130 more words


World Blood Donor Day: Saving Lives One Drop at a Time

June 14th is World Blood Donor Day.  Established by the World Health Organization in 2004, World Blood Donor Day thanks donors and raises awareness for the global need of blood products. 248 more words


Smorgasbord Health 2017 - Top to Toe - Cardiovascular system and the components of Blood

Blood is an incredibly complex fluid that uses the network of blood vessels to take the essential supplies such as oxygen and nutrients around the body that we need every day. 1,162 more words

Health And Nutrition At Any Age

My platelets are better than yours

I saw a haematology consultant today and the good news is that my platelet count has continued to rise. It is now 116 which is still below the normal level of 150 plus but is heading in the right direction. 198 more words

Immune Thrombocytopenia (ITP)