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Thoughts On Prolonged Bleeding Whilst Taking Baby Aspirin

I was hurriedly shaving the other day and felt a sharp stinging sensation in my philtrum.  Shortly thereafter, blood began pouring forth from the area and dribbling into my mouth. 1,440 more words

Side effects from chemo, that Hannah had to endure. Part 3

Low blood counts

Blood transfusions were needed often, both red blood cells and platelets. We began to recognise when she’d need one, if she became pale we knew that a red blood transfusion would be likely and if she had random bruises appear, then she’d need a platelet transfusion. 235 more words

Childhood Cancer

So Stinking Close

Got my CBC results yesterday, and my platelets were 93. Close, but not quite the 100 we were looking for, and my doctor is a bit of a stickler for these things. 277 more words

Brain Tumor

My patient with COPD has new clubbing of his finger tips. What is the mechanism of clubbing?

The mechanism behind digital clubbing has yet to be fully elucidated, with hypotheses ranging from a circulating vasodilator, tissue hypoxia, a neurocirculatory reflex, and genetic factors. 297 more words

Just the Facts

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1. We are home from another 6-week checkup at Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis. 159 more words

Brain Tumor

The ABCs of Donating A, B, A/B and O

What All Donors Need To Know Before Rolling Up Their Sleeves

By Christy Peters, External Communications Manager, Biomedical Services

The need for lifesaving blood and platelets is constant. 277 more words

Blood Donation

Yes for our Community - 5 reasons why you need consider giving blood !

Blood donation is a simple way to help save lives. An average of 150 to 175 units of blood are needed  everyday day, and on some occasions, a single patient has been transfused more than 40 units of blood. 652 more words

Blood Donation