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A new word

When we were on holiday I wondered whether I would have anything to say to keep my blog going. Yep, looks like it won’t be a problem. 847 more words

Hospital Tests

Why has my hospitalized patient with head and neck cancer developed thrombocytosis few days following surgery?

An acute rise in platelet count is not uncommon among hospitalized patients and may be related to several factors, including “tissue damage” from a surgical procedure, infection, and acute blood loss1.  190 more words

To Give or Not To Give: Four Years In

I regularly check the Popular Content section on the sidebar of this blog to see what readers are enjoying the most. This valuable information helps me plan future topics or encourages me to tackle previous topics from another angle or with updates. 469 more words

Personal Reflection

Watch and wait

Just a brief one today from me…..I didn’t want to jinx it earlier on, to be honest i still don’t want to! However, my blood levels have been stabilising over the last few weeks. 249 more words

Why I Won't Take Your Advice

I have written or spoken this monologue so many times over the past six months (yes, it’s been six months):

Thank you for thinking of me. 743 more words


Plaques, platelets and heart attacks

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

HEART attacks remain one of the most common causes of death. The good news is that over the last few decades, research has enabled us to understand the mechanism of death from heart attacks. 1,551 more words

Money Matters

When the Docs Win Out

Natural remedies can work wonders but a time can come when medical intervention has to be taken. Which is why I’ve been a bit quiet… … 562 more words