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New device to test blood samples with sound waves

The device developed by researchers which combines acoustic cell-sorting and microfluidic technologies. The system is optimized to sort out exosomes from blood, biological nanoparticles released from every type of cell in the body. 486 more words

Donate Blood and Platelets During National Preparedness Month

As the American Red Cross responds to wildfires and historic hurricanes, eligible donors are reminded that giving blood or platelet donations during National Preparedness Month in September is one way to help ensure the Red Cross is prepared to respond to patient emergencies across the country every day. 918 more words

Disaster Response

Platelets and All-Cause Mortality Risk

Have you had a blood test and aren’t sure what values for platelets may be optimal for health? The reference range is 150-400 platelets per nanoliter (*10^9/L). 486 more words


It’s that nervous time of year again

From comments in the press about marks being adjusted for the stiffer A levels so that the trend doesn’t show a big dip (!) I guess it’s that time of year when youngsters nervously await the results for tests they took a month or two back. 708 more words

Prostate Cancer


I am temporarily on hold while kind people search for my missing blood platelets, or more precisely the cause of the little stickies’ demise. “Forget it, Jake. 67 more words


Hb, WBC, Plts & Neuts?

Each Tuesday and Friday they take blood. This is sent to Haematology for testing ahead of my Valcade injections.

The values obtained determine the dose of Valcade, though in practice they work in arrears i.e. 270 more words


Stomach cells replace every 2-9 days

How can the replacement rates of the cells in various tissues in our body be measured? For rapidly renewing tissues common labeling tricks can be useful as with the nucleotide analog BrdU. 435 more words