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Quick Notes on TRALI

Rare (0.04 to 0.1% of transfused patients) but fatal complication of transfusion

Plasma components and platelet concentrates historically highest risk, however mitigation strategies have reduced this. 75 more words

Peri-op Management

Two hours to save three lives

Sometimes you can save a life by doing the simplest things.

This summer, I decided to follow in my dad’s footsteps and weekly donate platelets. It didn’t really start out as a big deal. 698 more words

Nanocapsule with a clot-busting drug can easily target blood clots and remove blockage

Blood clots may form inside small veins causing minor complications or it could form larger clots in deeper veins, leading to serious problems. Clots which arise in the chambers of the heart could travel to brain and lead to a stroke, or it may arise in the arteries of the heart itself causing a heart attack. 339 more words


Physiology of Blood

Summarized in a document is important point and details of Blood Physiology and a comprehensive presentation over same.


And Another Surgery

Today my mother finally had surgery to remove the port from her right chest. This means that today begins a ten-day course of IV antibiotics, which will be given outpatient when she is discharged from the hospital. 1,115 more words

Artificial Platelets Promote Clotting, May Serve as Prophylactic for Soldiers in Battle

Artificial platelets that help with clot formation have been created in the past, but they’ve been limited in their ability to gather around the site where the coagulation cascade is taking place. 79 more words

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