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The Red Cross

Now a word about donating blood. Currently a person may donate blood but he may not be compensated (paid) for doing it. I understand platelets can be donated for a dollar but not blood plasma. 92 more words

Thrombotic Thrombocytopaenic Purpura


Iy (Idiopathic)
IIy:                                          Pregnancy(25%), contraceptives, SLE, drugs (Clopidogrel)
40 Y peak. ♀2X↑
P+P (Pentad)
Pathology:                          ADAMST-13 ↓ or destroyed. This allows large aggregates of vWF to accumulate. 230 more words


Update and counts 

Now I’m back to full health and in remission (it’s so good to use that word), I find it much harder to give you all an update, mainly because I don’t have anything more to update. 455 more words


even a minor

even a minor
cut bleeds
like nobody’s
business, giving
a run for
their money


Chapter 1: Who's Luke?

Let me be clear. Luke is an asshole.

Luke, or leukemia, is like that one friend who sucks the life out of you. He always has to be the center of attention. 360 more words

Friday Letters 5.8.2015

Dear Friday, I thought you would never come.  You see, this is my last week working every day for the next 14 weeks!  Starting next week, it is Monday through Wednesday for me.   342 more words


The 29th & 30th; I hope it does what I intend.

The 29th of April.

It’s been a rather dull day of waiting. I had a fairly crappy night after waking up just after one having had some terrifying dreams about Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen, not Anthony Hopkins). 438 more words