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Up and Down

I’m trying to update less, but inevitably someone asks because they know she had a draw today. So, if you want off the emails, please do let me know. 235 more words

Transfusion Science: The World Wants & Needs Your BLOOD.

Do you see commercials from your local blood bank advertising you to donate blood? We hear it all the time, blood bank are low in blood donations and constantly need donors. 436 more words



I was recently shot several times. After a 3-hour emergency surgery which included removal of 3 bullets and 3″ inches of small intestine — I was informed that I’d also needed 4 pints of blood infused. 249 more words

Oak Summers

Silk Biomaterials Produced from 3D Bone Marrow Generate Platelets

Silk Biomaterials Produced from 3D Bone Marrow Generate Platelets

Reported by: Irina Robu, PhD

Researchers from  National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering at Tufts University and their collaborators were successful on developing developed a 3-dimensional (3D) tissue-engineered model of bone marrow that can produce functional human platelets outside the body (ex vivo). 282 more words

Cell Biology, Signaling & Cell Circuits

The odds are ever in our favor...

Hi everyone,

I know my weekend update was ennui filled, so here’s our post-Paquette update: that guy – The Guy – is just a little  wiry ball of sunshine. 259 more words

Blood, haemostasis and thrombosis

Blood is one of those under-appreciated things. It continuously circulates the body delivering oxygen and nutrients to where they need to be, and removing things that shouldn’t be there. 402 more words


Ignorant about the dengue game

My help’s daughter had fever the other day, and the first thing my maid called and said “My daughter has Dengue” I was like did the reports confirm? 387 more words