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Platelet Roller Coaster

Still on the high of having our new songs on Spotify and iTunes (which you find by typing in the song titles Next Trip around the Sun and More than I needed the Truth by Birdseed—people have asked) I took the news of my platelets plummeting to 47 in stride. 424 more words

The D word

Bebe’s excellent school counselor told us last week that Bebe is terrified of me dying. Gut wrenching. That is a huge burden for a 7 yr old to carry. 800 more words

Feel your blood! Feel your heart! Feel your life!

Well hello there,

There’s a lot I can say about the past month. A couple of illnesses (of the smaller ilk, but things she didn’t used to get), an infection on her face from the hot tub (yeah, everything you ever suspected about a hotel hot tub) and some joint pains from the cyclosporin… 743 more words

Foods to Increase Blood Platelets Naturally

This article is about the foods to increase blood platelets naturally. A low platelet count, medically termed as thrombocytopenia, is a health problem in which your blood has a poorer than normal number of platelets. 20 more words



Your blood is an amazing thing. Even if the very sight of it makes you squeamish, you cannot deny that it is vital to your wellbeing. 849 more words

Health And Disease

Give Blood In Stapleford

Thursday 14th January 13:15-15:15/16:45-19:35

Washington Drive Community Centre

Washington Drive, Stapleford, NG9 8PY


Please use the link above to register.

 Why should I donate blood? 53 more words

Upcoming Events

Donate Platelets, A Great Need During Holidays

Received a call from Bonfils Blood Center, they’re looking for donors so they can get people home for the holidays.

I wasn’t able to make it before Christmas but I hope to see you there on Saturday when I have my appointment. 42 more words