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Day +77

Re admitted, Stupid Boobs!!!

Well here I am again, having a lovely stay at the Kings Collage hospital with yet another infected boobie!!!!

I couldn’t believe it I woke up at 6am on Wednesday for one of my five or so times nightly wee’s! 714 more words


Good News, Bad News and the 50 Pound Mark

Good news first, yes? I officially hit the 50 pound mark over the weekend. It’s hard for me to wrap my head around being 51 pounds heavier this time last year. 1,019 more words

Weight Loss

Day +68

My Second Post Transplant BMB Results are here!

Day +67 Blood results (17/02/15)
WBC: 3.60, Hb: 85, PLT: 93, NEUTS: 3.27 (G-CSF the day before, Eprex tonight) 829 more words


Broken Water Line Damages Central Blood Bank's Platelet Facility

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Over the weekend, a water line from a boiler broke and creating quite a mess at the Central Blood Bank’s platelet processing facility on the North Side. 274 more words


Regenerative Medicine Part III...Stem Cells

Stem Cells?  Aren’t those illegal, or unethical?   If that makes you more interested in them, sure.  Actually, ADULT stem cells can be found in our own bodies and are not the same as controversial and tightly regulated EMBRYONIC stem cells.  1,192 more words


Day +63

1st Post Transplant BMB Results!

Day +63 Blood results (13/02/15)
WBC: 3.50, Hb: 88, PLT: 88, NEUTS: 1.81 (G-CSF tonight, no G-CFS day 62 (1 day)) 633 more words


Regenerative Medicine Part II...What's so special about platelets and PRP?

Anti-aging and regenerative medicine are gaining in popularity. Our expectations as a society have been raised.  We want to stay healthy and functional later in life and enjoy life more as well as remain productive.  995 more words