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Some critical thoughts about the post-digital

I’ve always been slightly sceptical of the concept of the post-digital.

Firstly, it seems to defeat its own deflationary ambitions by defining itself in epochal terms. 1,625 more words


The Co-Production of Platforms by Users: A Case Study of Higher Education

I’ve enjoyed reading Twitter: A Biography very much. I came to it after myself and Lambros Fatsis finally submitted The Public and Their Platforms to a publisher, which is a shame because it resonates with and would have helped us further develop the arguments in our book. 1,955 more words


Platform-based elicitation methods in qualitative research

This section from Jean Burgess and Nacy Baym’s new book on Twitter caught my imagination as a research method. It reminded me of this recent paper in The Sociological Review which used… 292 more words

Platform And Agency

Why is mass commercial social media 'mass' and 'commercial'?

Why is mass commercial social media ‘mass’ and ‘commercial’? This is a question I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about in recent years as I’ve gone through a cliched journey from enthusiasm to sceptic. 325 more words

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Fragile movements and social media

This thoughtful essay by Richard Seymour offers a great summary of what I’ve written about as fragile movements, as part of a really interesting reflection on why Black Lives Matter hasn’t exhibited the same fragility: 89 more words


Inhabited institutionalism

I just came across the idea of inhabited institutionalism and I find it extremely compelling. Here’s an overview from a paper by Tim Hallett and Emily Meanwell… 357 more words

Platform And Agency

Silicon Valley's cult of work

One of the clearest themes in Wendy Liu’s Abolish Silicon Valley is the disturbing embrace of work and her attempts to move beyond it. Much of the book is a memoir of her own experience entering the tech world as co-founder of a startup, what this lifestyle entailed for her and the meanings she has since come to reject. 590 more words