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iPhone gaming thrills with Electricity installed

Your iPhone is actually the ultimate tool to be used if you want quality entertainment while moving around! The device can hold a large selection of games that can all be downloaded from a local App Store. 88 more words


Switch Essentials: Cave Story+

Cave Story has been around for a good few years now, and indeed is still available for free download from the Web.

You may have already played it. 1,406 more words


Great Giana Sisters, Commodore 64

This infamous Rainbow Arts platform game, first released 1987, was the subject of a court injunction from Nintendo, who claimed that the makers of… 66 more words

Cult Game

Nightmare in the Dark, Neo Geo

This obscure Neo Geo platform game was only released in arcades in Japan in 2000. Some speculate that Nightmare in the Dark was “buried” because of its gravedigger theme and main character. 16 more words

Cult Game

Zool 2, Atari Jaguar

Gremlin Graphics‘ iconic, lollipop-endorsing, ninja hero Zool was in our faces all throughout the early 1990s.

Zool was supposed to be some kind of anti-hero, to mirror the ‘coolness’ of Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog, but he only really made minor inroads into gaming history. 35 more words


Turmoil, ZX Spectrum

Bug Byte’s 1984 release Turmoil is fun platform game where you play a mechanic (called Mick The Mechanic), who is frantically trying to put oil into cars, to be able to drive them to the next level, all the while being chased by sword-wielding Arabian Guards. 150 more words