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Congo Bongo, Arcade

Congo Bongo (also known as “Tip Top” in some places) is an isometric platform game developed and released by Sega in 1983.

Playing it, you would be forgiven for thinking that the game was a… 77 more words

2D Graphics

Super Mario Land (Game Boy) – Retro Game Review

Super Mario Land is a notable entry in the Mario series for several reasons. It’s the first Mario game on a handheld console, the first game to feature Princess Daisy, and the first Mario game made without the involvement of Shigeru Miyamoto. 426 more words


Trip World (Game Boy) – Retro Game Reviews

Trip World is an odd little game. A platformer in the vein of Kirby, you play as a cute little rabbity thing (maybe it’s a lagomorph) traveling through five worlds to defeat the bad guys, recover the thing and restore peace to the land. 653 more words


Balloon Kid (Game Boy) – Retro Game Reviews

Everyone remembers Balloon Fight on the NES, but most people have completely forgotten its Game Boy sequel Balloon Kid, which is a real shame because it’s definitely a gem. 471 more words


Kirby's Dream Land (Game Boy) – Retro Game Reviews

Who doesn’t love Kirby? The adorable pink puffball (or badass pink puffball with angry eyebrows if you live in the U.S.) is one of Nintendo’s most iconic characters and the star of some of the best games in Nintendo’s library. 468 more words


Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3, Game Boy

This third game in the Super Mario Land series was the first Nintendo game to give Wario his own title, and also feature him as a playable character. 200 more words

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Game Review: Spectrum Break

Format: PC (tested)

Released: April 2018

What happens when you turn Tetris into a physics-based game of reverse off ground touch whilst surfing? Welcome to Spectrum Break! 477 more words