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SNES Essentials: Yoshi's Island

Super Mario World marked the point at which “Mario games” were no longer really one series, though this didn’t become obvious until much later in retrospect. 1,548 more words


Game - I Wanna Be The Guy [REVIEW] - Unusually Difficult Platforming Elements

Kongregate Rating: 3,4/5
Genre: Action-adventure Game, Platform Game
Designer: Michael “Kayin” O’Reilly
Engine: Clickteam
Platforms: Microsoft Windows

Cuphead is an indie run and gun game created by… 414 more words


A platform-dashing game for the thrill seekers

It’s certainly not like any of the other apps that you have tried till date! It’s an arcade-themed platform-dashing game that will take players on a pretty unique challenge. 106 more words


Collaboration with Wavedash Games

I’m excited to anounce that I’ll be sound designing Wavedash Games’ new eSports platform fighter game, “Icons: Combat Arena!”

It’s refreshing to return back to the eSports genre after previously working at Electronic Arts’ … 684 more words


Super Mario Bros. (NES)

Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Release Date: September 1985
Genre: Platform Game
Developer: Nintendo R&D4
Publisher: Nintendo


Home video gaming in the 1980’s was ultimately defined by two consoles, the Atari Video Computer System (2600) and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). 1,064 more words

VHS Revival

Downwell Drinking Game

Players: 2

PS4, PS Vita, Mobile, PC

Downwell is a simple and addicting retro-style game available for free on PSN for Playstation Plus subscribers in the month of August (2017)! 117 more words

Multiplayer Drinking Game

In Search of The Garden of Olympus

Because this is my first Blog I thought it would be suitable to preview my first game I worked on. In this game you play as Priam, a young adventurer who after he receives a letter from his uncle sends he ventures to join in the search for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. 131 more words

2D Game