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Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Players: 1-4

3DS, 2DS

Looking for a way to play a drinking game with your friend who lives in Shanghai and owns a 3DS? Great! You’ve come to the very specific, perfect place. 184 more words

Single Player Drinking Game

A challenge for those who also want some free entertainment

If you have been looking for a challenge, you will be glad to learn that something very special can now be downloaded from the App Store! 102 more words


Adventure of Pip (PC) Review

This is a game I have played before but I managed to get it again for £2 so I couldn’t refuse that offer and wanted it added to my steam library. 511 more words

Game Review

Electricity tips and advice can be seen on the game's Facebook page

If you are an Electricity fan, it will certainly help to remember that your favourite arcade-style platformer is now on social networks. One of the most popular platforms is the game’s Facebook page. 101 more words


Free mobile entertainment for the whole family

Keeping your family entertained is now pretty important; to help out you can now download Electricity! This app has been released by Harissapp and it delivers… 76 more words


Arcade gaming tips and advice now seen on social networks

It is important to note that Electricity’s community is expanding. As hundreds of new players are joining in monthly, it was important to gather this… 80 more words


Freemium gaming from Harissapp

They might be new to the industry, but Harissapp developers definitely know what they want! Following an analysis of present trends in the market, it became clear that… 89 more words