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New Survival System

Time for another of my sporadic Wheelbound updates! Now that there are enough areas created to play the game as intended for an hour or two, one thing became clear – there’s not enough reason to explore off the beaten path. 275 more words


Beginning Of Darkness: Gunpoint

Promises are to be kept, but the promises a man swore to himself are easily broken.

My Windows desktop has a whole column of shortcuts to… 415 more words

Ratchet & Clank - Review

Let me just say right off the bat, Ratchet & Clank (R&C) is an absolute blast. Both literally and figuratively. The PlayStation exclusive is a delight to play, and Insomniac Games have done a terrific job bringing the R&C series to the next gen console. 441 more words


Happy Caturday

  • So it’s about 20 to 6 in the morning and I been up coding this game I’m building when I should be sleeping. I would sleep but each time I try I keep thinking of new things to add to the game.
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How We Should Interpret the Platform Game Contrast

As a platform game, Contrast is a little broken, but it fascinates me. I played it various times, and have seen many interpretations of the story, but none of them seemed complete to me. 2,486 more words


Lost gaming gem: Sonic CD

Sonic CD – a game about time travel, lost in time.

The plot is pretty simple: a girl has been kidnapped; save her. It’s a traditional Sonic game, with running and jumping aplenty as you’d expect, but time travel is a new key mechanic that is cleverly interspersed throughout all levels. 230 more words

Lost Gaming Gem

Mirror's Edge, let's collect runner bags a non-lethal playthrough

A playthrough in the Let’s play format with a non-lethal approach. While we enjoy this most beautiful game, we pick up all the optional collectibles that are in the form of Runner Bags. 71 more words