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Free mobile entertainment for the whole family

Keeping your family entertained is now pretty important; to help out you can now download Electricity! This app has been released by Harissapp and it delivers… 77 more words


Arcade gaming tips and advice now seen on social networks

It is important to note that Electricity’s community is expanding. As hundreds of new players are joining in monthly, it was important to gather this… 80 more words


Freemium gaming from Harissapp

They might be new to the industry, but Harissapp developers definitely know what they want! Following an analysis of present trends in the market, it became clear that… 89 more words


A free-to-play game with unlimited platform-dashing rounds

We all know it, Electricity is a free-to-play game! The title can be downloaded from the App Store exclusively and it will provide players with unlimited platform-dashing rounds. 77 more words


Electricity: never underestimate your challengers!

If there is one thing that that you should never do while playing Electricity, it’s to underestimate your challengers! Indeed, as a new player, it will take time to learn the app’s basics. 84 more words


An arcade-style platformer for iOS gamers exclusively

As an iOS gamer, you now have the exclusive right to download Electricity on your smartphone or tablet! This arcade-style platformer went live about two years ago and it has a 4.5/5 star rating on the App Store. 68 more words


Platformer thrills with Harissapp’s latest freemium app

Your iPhone or iPad is perfect to be used to engage in platformer thrills like no other! All you will need to do is download Electricity: A game of dashes and high scores on your iOS device. 72 more words