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Are Niume guidelines fair for Photographers?

I am with Niume for quite some time now. Great idea and it strives as deserved.

Will I change some stuff? Yes, but just for my own needs. 399 more words


'Netflix For Spoken Word': BBC Announces Huge New Platform

BBC director general Lord Tony Hall has announced a project that could redefine the way in which audio drama is consumed over the next few years. 420 more words

Audio Drama

A10 、SaaS型アプリケーション配信管理プラットフォーム提供 [ #cloud ]

A10ネットワークスは12月5日、SaaS型アプリケーション配信管理プラットフォーム「A10 Lightning Application Delivery Service(Lightning ADS)」 を発表。2017年第1四半期から、日本市場にて提供開始する。Lightning ADSは、マルチクラウドやハイブリッドクラウド環境で提供されるアプリケーションのパフォーマンスを最適化し、WAFやDDoS攻撃防御などのセキュリティー機能を同時に提供する「Lightning ADC」と、Lightning ADCに対する設定やサービス状況の監視を一元的に管理できる「Lightning Controller」で構成されている。



Arcade gaming thrills for your iOS tablet

If you are among the privileged ones to own an iOS tablet, you will be glad to know that the device can now be used for tons of… 77 more words


Week 13 Recap and Power Rankings

Confession…the AFC is tight, tight, tight! I can easily argue the Patriots, Raiders and Chiefs as the team to beat in the AFC. I can also respect your opinion if you feel the Patriots, Raiders, Chiefs or Seahawks should be ranked higher or lower. 1,412 more words


The Demise of Pebble as a Platform

Despite owning five, including the original Pebble, I’ve always been somewhat skeptical about smart watches. Even so, the leaked news that Fitbit is buying Pebble… 1,407 more words