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Crash Landing: A Bandicoot's Role in the Creation of the 3D Platformer

In 1994, Naughty Dog was a long way away from their current blockbuster offerings Uncharted and The Last of Us. The studio was initially a team of just two people, Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin. 621 more words


Skater Cat 3DS - Review

A great deal of side scrolling platformer games that have been brought to the 3DS since the consoles’ release. Teyon’s ‘Skater Cat’ falls into this category but how does it stack up against its peer’s?. 417 more words


Wishful Thinking: Glitchspace

When Did I Put This On The List? 

November 1, 2014.

Why Did I Put This On The List? 

I love the concept of programming as a puzzle. 282 more words

Wishful Thinking

7/3/2015 | GB - #12 - Metroid II: Return of Samus


Still pretty new to actually playing the Metroid games, with the first on the NES being my first full playthrough of one. In that regard it’s pretty cool going from the first directly to the second. 505 more words


Too Many Games: Steamworld Dig

Steamworld Dig is certainly a moreish game, and not in a bad way either. Usually I find that certain game mechanics get their hooks into me easily, but make me resent them. 483 more words

Too Many Games

Drake Brave Prototype

Here is my very first crude draft of the prototype of Drake Brave. It’s pretty much just Drake jumping around and running for now.

I am thinking of making Drake to be able to throw object towards enemies. 25 more words

Drake Brave

Wishful Thinking: Oniken

When Did I Put This On The List? 

November 1, 2014.

Why Did I Put This On The List? 

I never had an NES, so my nostalgia for the era is more theoretical than actual. 283 more words