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Yoshi's Woolly World (2015)

Mario’s beloved dinosaur companion returns in this fuzzy platforming adventure. Nintendo has a large number of platforming IPs, each main character having a unique array of abilities to set the games apart. 1,424 more words


Nintendo 3DS: New Super Mario Bros 2 (review)

Release date: August 2012

Developer: Nintendo

Format: Digital download (eShop) and physical cart

Other platforms: NA

Price: ~$50 AUD

I didn’t get my 3DS until the console had been out for around 2 years (I got the XL console in late 2013), but one of the first games I bought was… 1,327 more words


Game Review: 20XX


In the year 20XX, a bad Mega Man clone called Mighty Number 9 was created. It was made to satisfy the craving for oldschool 2D platforming of Megaa Man fans. 967 more words

Video Games

INK (Review)

Played on: PS4. Price $(£):9.99. Key provided by Publisher. Release: Sep 19th (US) & 20th (EU) 22nd (Xbox).

Don’t talk about it!

So I’ve been working hard on this review for two days forming an opinion of INK. 1,119 more words

Video Games

[Freeware] Mariovania

Let’s face it, Bowser is horribly incompetent. The number of times his plans for world domination have been thwarted by a overweight plumber from Brooklyn should be enough of a signal to call it quits. 595 more words