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Turbo Pug Park: Update #2 Making a New Theme

Its been a week since the last update and to have more screen shot diversity, the Winter Wonderland theme was created. It began a week ago with a fake screen shot and a question: 617 more words


Devlog #2: Template done!

I used to think that I could get a template done in a week or two, but it took a month. I mean, I could have got a whole template done in a week if it was just a basic platformer with minimal features. 822 more words

Commander Keen

A Platform For My Game Shame

On a rare train journey up to London a couple of weeks ago I decided to spend my time travelling playing a couple of Mario games on my 3DS. 903 more words


Review - Stick It To The Man

I’m not much of a platformer, I dabbled a little in Sonic in college, got on ok with Little Big Planet, but just occasionally I’ll spot one that appeals to my sensibilities. 827 more words

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Pankapu - Nintendo Switch Review

If there is one thing that Nintendo Switch isn’t missing its 2D platformers. Every time I open up the shop it seems a new one has entered the battle field. 579 more words


Okami HD New Trailer

Okami is getting an HD version that will bring the PS2 classic to the current consoles. If you have not played the first game you are a dog who represents the goddess of the sun Amaterasu who is sent to make the world right again with your paint brush. 54 more words