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Limbo - Masterfull storytelling without any words.

After pretty depressing, and generally stress-intensive day I was searching for something calm. More on a strategy-focused side of things.

And then, The wild Limbo appeared from the depths of Steam discounts… 509 more words

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Did You Know Gaming Super Mario 3

Did You Know Gaming is still on Nintendo as we look at Super Mario 3. What will they find in this little gem? Who knows but you know it will be good.  11 more words


Indie Review: Celeste

On the surface, Celeste is a hardcore platformer, in which the player must execute precision jumps to navigate to the top of the titular mountain.  At it’s heart, its a story of accepting and learning to live with your demons.  584 more words


Atari 2600 - Kangaroo

Why is the baby kangaroo wearing a blindfold? Those sick monkeys! 380 more words

Retro Games

Oddworld Inhabitants Teaser For Soulstorm

Oddworld next installment is in the works. We know this as a tease for Oddworld Inhabitants as a trailer with a countdown is up for Oddworld Soulstorm. 34 more words


Remake Roundup: Super Mario Bros. - Part #2

Welcome back to part 2 of our Remake Roundup feature looking at redo’s of the classic 1985 turtle-smashing game Super Mario Bros.

Last time around, we looked at some pretty straight-up remakes that, for the most part, took the original formula and merely spruced it up with better graphics or gameplay elements, but kept things mostly the same. 872 more words


Gaming Month 2.0: Donkey Kong Country Returns

Today things are on like Donkey Kong…literally! Donkey Kong Country Returns is in fact today’s video game for Gaming Month 2.0. This is a side-scrolling platformer title much like its predecessor… 712 more words

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