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3DS Review - Azure Striker Gunvolt

Release Date: April 2nd 2015

Ever since this game was announced, I have been very highly interested in getting my hands on it. Since then, I kept getting more impatient each month as I wondered “why isn’t it here yet?”, until I found out that the release date had been confirmed during a Nintendo Direct presentation at the beginning of the previous month.  1,231 more words



The greatest disappointment about the PS Vita is that it is one of, if not the best, dedicated handheld machines, combining the feedback of a controller and the ability to share touchscreen functionality with smart phones and their ilk, but has seen almost zero support from anyone outside of the indie or niche Japan scene. 712 more words

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Rayman Origins & Legends

While on the topic of excellent co-op multiplayer games (since I just wrote about Mario), I should definitely write about Rayman Origins and Legends. 445 more words


3DS eShop Review - Mighty Gunvolt

Release Date: April 2nd 2015

I was delighted to hear that Azure Striker Gunvolt was finally released in the UK and Europe. Along with this game, I got a free download code for a little bonus game called Mighty Gunvolt. 734 more words


Platformer - PlayerMovement

obj_player > Create event > Code

///Initialize Variables
grav = 0.2; //Change this number to increase gravity
hsp = 0; //This number means nothing (dont delete) 302 more words


Athena haiku #1: Japanese Edition

This is my original post rewritten in Japanese.


Shokubutsu ribāshingu to dōyō ni,

Girisha no kami no kōfuku, Atena

Nihonjin ga hyōji sa remasu


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Donkey Disappointment & Dreary Digging: Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze & SteamWorld Dig Impressions

As I smack games off the to-do list and even buy and complete one within 6 hours for the hell of it, I feel like going on and on about what I think to strangers on the internet. 1,698 more words