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3/4/2015 | NES - #26 - Castlevania

My introduction to Castlevania was actually on the SNES with Super Castlevania IV, and I’ve been hooked on the series ever since. That said, I’ve never actually played the NES versions. 225 more words


Tinertia the hardcore platformer that could, Linux, Mac and Windows PC

The creators of Tinertia, call it a”Hardcore platformer with no jump button”, according to the #developers at #CandescentGames. Which it is indeed, what we experienced since the early alpha stages, which is more than enough to assure you this game is #awesome. 228 more words

Linux Game News


Despite having Mixed reviews on Steam, Oblitus is actually a pretty fun game.  The game is hard though and it is very easy to just rage quit and state that the game was:  “A waste of your money…the game sucked…don’t waste your time and money…”  The game is hard and was inspired by Dark Souls, but if you give the game a chance and get used to the mechanics, then the game suddenly becomes more manageable and you’ll realize that this game is actually a lot of fun! 404 more words


REVIEW: Pillar

Let me preface this review by saying that I like Michael Hicks as a developer. He does not settle for predictable ideas, nor does he compromise on his original vision. 757 more words

Xbox Live Indie Games

They Bleed Pixels

Review by Chris

One of my top picks for 2D platformers, They Bleed Pixels has the ideal blend of fast-paced action, frustrating (yet fun) obstacles and atmosphere. 348 more words


Never Alone Review

Never Alone is by no means a new title; being released in November of 2014 it has had its time to get around, but I hadn’t heard of it until just recently.   882 more words