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Four Sided Fantasy is a quick, clever and fun puzzler

Four Sided Fantasy is a 2d puzzle platformer from Seattle based game developer Ludo Land. FSF’s puzzles require the player to “screen wrap” from point A to point B. 773 more words


Broken Cave Robot - An unavoidable sad fate...

Broken Cave Robot is a platformer game with a pretty minimalistic setting overall.What makes this game special is that it comes with a map system that’s completely empty, but provides you with a drawing tools so you can draw your own mess and take down your own notes.After you spend two minutes on it,you’ll probably never open it ever again!If anything, you’ll learn the layout of the game way faster than drawing a map for it. 292 more words

Magic Mansion Review

The terms ‘1-Bit’ and ‘Mansion’ evoke in my mind the labyrinthine corridors of Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle II or Wario Land II. Castles in the 1-Bit era were stark, dark and dangerous, loaded with puzzles, hidden passages and a multitude of traps. 592 more words


Oldies but Goodies - Ducktales

Genre:  Platformer
Platform:  NES

I was a big fan of the Ducktales cartoon as a kid.  In fact, I have the entire series on DVD and it is still a great cartoon today.  258 more words


Why An Open-World Ultimately Helped Mirror's Edge

I’ll be honest: I bought Deus Ex: Mankind Divided but haven’t started it yet because this past weekend Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was on sale and I grabbed that too. 605 more words


Yoshi's Woolly World

Game: Yoshi’s Woolly World

Year: 2015

System: Wii U

What Kind of Adventure?

Platforming Adventure

Was it fun?

The game was okay, I kind of lost steam about half way through the game and ended up stopping. 278 more words


The Adventure Pals Passes Kickstarter Goal

At the time of this writing, The Adventure Pals has successfully been funded with about 40 hours left to spare in its Kickstarter campaign.   93 more words