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People eat with their
eyes first, creative and thoughtful plating enhances both the look and taste of
your food. Focusing on presentation also allows chefs to showcase their… 806 more words


Perfectly Plated

I watch a lot of YouTube videos (like the Tasty and BuzzFeed Channels) and Netflix shows (The Great British Baking Show) on cooking. You’d think I would be a culinary expert by now. 437 more words

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Everything You Should Know About Bead Blasting

Anybody who deals with hardware tools and pieces of machinery would come across bead blasting term, but this term in itself is not that self-explanatory. Most information that is available online is in very technical words and confusing. 584 more words

Metal Finishing

Erbsen, Ziegenkäse und Balsamico: Eine Vorspeise, um zu beeindrucken

Dieses kleine Gericht war der Auftakt zu unserem hausgemachten 5-Gang-Weihnachtsmenü für zwei Personen: ein Ziegenkäse-Panna-Cotta kombiniert mit einem Erbsenpüree, dazu frische Erbsen, Balsamico-Perlen und eine Prosciutto-Rose. 403 more words


Peas, Goatcheese and Balsamico: A Starter to Impress

This little dish was the starter in our home-made 5 course Christmas dinner for two, a goat-cheese panna cotta combined with a pea purée, topped with some fresh peas, balsamico pearls and a prosciutto rose. 490 more words


What is food plating?

Food plating is a simple  concept portrayed in a much more difficult way, it is the art of layering food to create a more aesthetically pleasing view . 450 more words


What Is Electroplating?

Electroplating technology has a very real effect on the products we see and use everyday. Engineers design products with this process in mind, factoring in how plating will strengthen and improve parts that are manufactured much less expensively in plastic or crude metal. 413 more words