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What is food plating?

Food plating is a simple  concept portrayed in a much more difficult way, it is the art of layering food to create a more aesthetically pleasing view . 443 more words


What Is Electroplating?

Electroplating technology has a very real effect on the products we see and use everyday. Engineers design products with this process in mind, factoring in how plating will strengthen and improve parts that are manufactured much less expensively in plastic or crude metal. 412 more words


My 8-Step Plan to Build the Perfect Thanksgiving Plate

“Everybody, dish up!”

For me, those three words are the most glorious part of Thanksgiving, not so much an invitation as a starter’s gun. I sprint to the table, box out my mother and my grandparents, and throw a few elbows to keep my sister away from the gravy—you know, the buffet fundamentals. 405 more words


Roasted Red Pepper and Chicken Parmesan Pasta Bake (Plating Pixels)

Roasted Red Pepper and Chicken Parmesan Pasta Bake (Plating Pixels)

Why non-plated food epitomises everything that is wrong with the world.

Non-plated food is lacking in imagination and a symptom of societal stupidity.

In rich countries and the wealthier areas of poor countries it has become trendy for restaurants to serve food on cutting boards and slates, as well as “deconstructed” meals in cups, juice in watering cans, sausages in skulls and hanging from branches ( 420 more words


Plating - Day 3

“You need some of that,” says Lucifer.  “No, don’t just run it across all of them, do one at a time.  And why do we do this?” 353 more words

31 Days Of October

The Art of Plating

My obsession with food really does cover most bases, I’m perfectly happy writing a shopping list, buying ingredients, planning a menu, assessing stock levels in a cupboard, experimenting with flavours in a kitchen or just reading a cookbook but playing around with plating, food styling and food photography are an extra pleasure. 263 more words

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