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J. Cole's Album Makes Platinum For the First Time! #PHATGYRLSNOOP®

photo via J. Cole’s Instagram


J. Cole’s Album Makes Platinum For the First Time!

It’s official, we are now living in a “Cole World”! Let’s jump into these juicy platinum deets shall we my Snoopas®?! 80 more words


When Everything Gets "Relatively" Silent.........

There are different kinds of celebrities. There are the A-listers and those who aren’t A-listers but then there are those who have the fame of A-listers but some might not consider them a part of the respected coven. 248 more words

J. Cole Scores First Platinum Album!

J. Cole has emerged as one of the more enduring talents creatively and not the North Carolina is officially a bankable commercial artist as he has struck platinum. 54 more words


Stone of Mystery

The moonstone’s enchanting glow sets it apart from other gems, bearing a mesmerizing effect on everyone that beholds it. Its translucent white/blue shimmer has inspired a new word– … 180 more words

Engagement Ring

Gold Mining May Peak This Year, Collapse By 2035

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – If you think diamonds and gold are rare now, just wait another two decades.

A Goldman Sachs research note predicts that the world’s known minable reserves of gold, diamonds and zinc will run out in twenty years, and that platinum, copper and nickel reserves have about forty years of mining left. 54 more words


The one where I got called out.

Spring has brought out this major love for white in me. Although I’ve been slightly in love with this creamy decadence of a color (if we wanna call white a color) in every other area of my life, it hasn’t really been until this season that I’ve been playing with the idea of letting it be the main focus in my wardrobe. 692 more words