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Salivating in tandem....


“Time destroys the speculations of man,
but it confirms the judgment of nature.”

~~ Cicero ~~

Life was here….

Hajime….. Today’s Pearl doesn’t exist. Oh, I know you see what looks like one, but, it isn’t what you think. 376 more words

Daily Pearls Of Virtual Wisdom

Ennead I, Tractate 6: Beauty

On Beauty was, according to Porphyry, Plotinus’ earliest tractate—and it reveals the philosopher at his most poetic.  It has served as an initiation to his philosophy for centuries, not only because of his more accessible style here, but also because he addresses that which is most immediately and easily available to us by our own direct experience: beauty in the world. 1,918 more words


Soulmates, do they exist?

Hey guys, in line with the whole valentines weekend here is the other post I promised you.

According to Plato, people are always one half of a unity. 840 more words


I am Hyperborean, Atlantean Leila Samarrai, editor: Pamela Sinicrope, The Second Version

I am a Hyperborean living in Serbian land.
I am an Atlantean living in Serbian land.

I have fed hundreds of swans flying, I have fed… 183 more words

Leila Samarrai

I am Hyperborean, Atlantean Leila Samarrai, edited by Pamela Sinicrope

“It is a story of a woman dreaming of greatness and being her most actualized self, but is limited by her nationality.”, Pamela Sinicrope

I live in a country where the sun never sets; 292 more words

Leila Samarrai

on kindness

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

– Attributed to Plato

There’s only one rule that I know of. God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.

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