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Socrates, Plato and Sinatra

To Do Is To Be – Socrates

To Be Is To Do – Plato

Do Be Do Be Do – Sinatra


A Story (Long)

The leaves glimmer in the strong sun. The occasional breeze knocks the heavy drops sparkling to the dark forest floor. They are all that are left of the storm that filled the night. 4,125 more words

Could a Long Fly Ball Hit a Flying Horse?

This is the only time I have needed to put some fiction into my blog, so I will change font for a little while.

Sometimes it is hard to be fair to Plato. 575 more words


The Tripartite Blog

As of the writing of this blog post, there are some 70 draft (no pun intended) posts waiting to be finished. The methodology of the blog is to blame for this backlog. 435 more words

Pale Lager

Hope, The Gift of Life and Embracing Metamorphisis

As July concludes and August approaches, these are the thoughts and observations that are coming through me:

  • I had the privilege of being a keynote speaker at the national gathering of The Bereaved Parents of the USA in Connecticut this past weekend.
  • 564 more words
Dave Roberts

12:15-12:45 Thursday 30th July - Plato's Man of Steel

Natalie Enright and Ben Greet discuss the ancient philosophical underpinning of Superman by examining the role of Plato’s thought in the recent film, “Man of Steel”. 6 more words


Leading a creative life: Lesson One

So this term I have started my course in Costume, Make-up , Styling and Photography as well as Production Design. First off let me just say that I never thought I would be pondering over life’s philosophical questions in a CMSP lecture. 705 more words