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The Silent Battle

I remember a few years ago my Husband and I were sitting down to lunch at a restaurant we frequented, to all others it would look like a normal scene; two people sitting down to eat, talking quietly amongst each other. 220 more words


In Defense of Excellence

In the name of equality, there exists in contemporary humankind the impulse to descend to the depths of darkness and therein dwell. Harshness, poverty and tragedy have been with all cultures across time, and as such, many noble souls have sought – with varying degrees of success – to overturn regimes, policies and general attitudes by bearing light where darkness once reigned. 822 more words

Greek Philosophy – the Movies

Reblogged from The Book of Life. Philosophy begins in the Ancient World where it is immediately thought of as a highly practical discipline close to what we would nowadays think of as psychotherapy. 62 more words


Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws. —Plato


In contemplation

Contemplation means admiring something and thinking about it. Contemplation was an important part of the philosophy of Plato; Plato thought that through contemplation the soul may ascend to knowledge of the form of the good or other divine Forms. 52 more words


Plato's "The Cave" and Careers Work

I enjoyed watching this video recently about careers work about Plato’s The Cave. It prompted a number of questions about careers work I thought I would share. 82 more words

Careers Theory