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The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Last night something spooked the little animal by my side. When it happened, I felt her claws tense over the blanket; saw the prick of her ears against the apartment’s softer shadows; knew the sudden silence where her rumbling purr had been. 2,620 more words

Casual Essays

Don't Touch It!

Does anyone remember that scene from Wall-E in which Wall-E finds a spork and struggles to classify it?

Wall-E owns a truck where he stores all of his belongings. 217 more words

Jostein Gaarder's Sophie's World

Platonic Christian perspective

Plato often gets lumped in with humanistic philosophy, but he in particular is more spiritual then much religious dialogue today. 533 more words


From the #QuoteGarden: Late November

November continues to plod across the calendar with the resolve of a migrating herd. Yet such dreary days inspire us to see the world in beautiful terms. 51 more words


Three Day Quote Challenge (IV, Day 2)

Good morning! Happy Wednesday :) Thank you very much, Vintage Sapience for the opportunity to keep posting quotes :) You will find beautiful poems, amazing quotes, and tons of inspiration. 69 more words



Many a time Atlantis is spoken of under another name, one unknown to our commentators. The power of names is great, and was known since the first men were instructed by the… 1,764 more words


From The Republic:

“The trait of which I am speaking, I replied, may be also seen in the dog, and is remarkable in the animal.

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