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Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

Quote and wisdom from Plato.

I collect something invisible – it’s sad but true. They are free and it stems from a game I use to play with myself when I was a little lady (yup I’m an only child with an imagination as big as the wardrobe door in Narnia) and it’s called Karma points. 279 more words

Lying on behalf of the truth?

In the Protagoras Plato directly lets us know that Socrates is very much aware and in control of his style and its effect on his partners in dialogue, for example: 649 more words


The False Teaching Confronted by Paul: What was it? Where did it come from? Why is this relevant to biblical equality?

In 1st Timothy chapter 4, the apostle Paul confronts a false teaching that he portrays as ascetic.  In other words, someone was teaching that the body and its appetites are evil and must therefore be renounced.  2,190 more words

Ideas, Ideally

I have been trying to reclaim (see 1 and 2) the philosophical tradition of ldealism that in the West was first articulated clearly by Plato. 1,157 more words


My American Poetry Review: Emily Dickinson

“A Precious — mouldering pleasure —‘tis —”

Dickenson alludes to great writers of the past in her poem “A Precious — mouldering pleasure —‘tis —”: Plato, Sophocles, Sappho, Beatrice, and Dante.  654 more words


Bring me a joy

Joy always rather embarrassed philosophers:up to their taste, there’s too much noise and physicality in it. The exception is Spinoza, Nietzsche and Bergson.

Searching the word “joy” in a philosophical dictionary, you will find little. 237 more words


I Have No Books, But I Must Read

Any true reader, as you’ve probably heard, has about six thousand bookshelves in their house. A true and honest reader has six thousand bookshelves in their bedroom alone. 888 more words