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Plato, one of the most recognizable thinkers of all time, believed that democracy leads to moral decay and mob rule and eventually tyranny.

Hunching in the chaos of phenomena

It is the year 1810, and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel has awoken from a bad dream. His hand still shaking, garbed in his nightgown as was his habit, he puts pen to paper, describing… 1,020 more words

Conceptual Analysis

Virtue in Plato's 'Protagoras'

In Plato’s Protagoras, Socrates and Protagoras discuss whether or not virtue, or “the ability to live the best possible life” (Taylor, Introduction), can be taught. 1,450 more words


Plotinus or the Simplicity of Vision by Pierre Hadot

Plotinus has popped up a few times recently in my current reading (and listening).  He was a bit part of The Climax of Rome by Michael Grant… 279 more words

Book Review

On Government

     Plato said that the philosophers should become kings or those who are kings should become philosophers. (See: Republic, Book V) What did he mean by philosophers? 538 more words

Chinese Philosophy

Apa itu Indah?

Pengenalan Estetika:

Estetika adalah segala sesuatu dan kajian terhadap hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan kegiatan seni. ( Kattsoff, Element of Philosophy, 1953)

Estetika merupakan kajian filsafat keindahan dan juga keburukan. 454 more words


The Moral Advantages of Geometry

The Second Degree of Freemasonry charges newly-Passed Fellowcraft Masons to broaden their knowledge.  It does this by encouraging the study of the seven liberal arts and sciences.  551 more words