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Allegory of the Cave Video

Apologies, 2nd block, for the sound issues. Here’s the animated Allegory of the Cave clip that we tried to watch. We’ll discuss it briefly first thing tomorrow.

Notes And Homework

WRIT 3150 MMB1 - Introduction to Rhetoric

What is rhetoric?

Rhetoric is hard to define sometimes, because you’ll get a lot of different conflicting reports. But at it’s heart, rhetoric is the way that we communicate with others persuasively. 628 more words


Analogy Of The Sun

I enjoyed reading this: Click Here

even if a person’s eyes are capable of sight, and he’s trying to use it, and what he’s trying to look at is coloured, the sight will see nothing and the colours will remain unseen, surely, unless there is also present an extra third thing which is made specifically for this purpose.” -Plato…

68 more words

Three Euthyphros, and other shorts


Plato’s Socrates asks Euthyphro (10a): “Is the pious loved by the gods because it is pious? Or is it pious because it is loved by the gods?” 495 more words


Beauty // Natalie Carnes.

When one hears the word, ‘beauty,’ one undoubtedly is evoked images of physical appeal–specifically feminine. This was not the case 2,000+ years ago with Socrates and Plato. 280 more words

Book Review

Philosophy and Psycho-Pass Part 1: Sibyl's Republic

Perhaps the most common misconception about Psycho-Pass is that it depicts a dystopia. A dystopia, by definition, is an unpleasant or undesirable society. Perhaps a select few lead good lives, but in a dystopia, the majority of society is in ruin. 1,389 more words