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Puzzles about Art --- an aesthetics casebook 3-2

In what ways are the propositions “Alexander slew the Minotaur” and “Botticelli’s Birth of Venus depicts the birth of Venus” alike? Is the only difference that one of them is about an artwork, and the other is not? 464 more words

Wise men

Can we discuss?

It’s a great compliment to be called a wise man, isn’t it? But what does this mean? Who is a wise man? What is wisdom? 67 more words

The First Meeting


(an hour has passed)

– Do you write often?

– Oftenesque.

– What have you written recently?

– Kind of going through a horrendously draughty spell, writing wise, I mean, sometimes, I think – when I am reading Musil or Kafka – that I should drop it all off, and just come out plain honest to myself crying out loud, ‘You cannot write even if the Muses fucked you, you pretentious little fucker.’ 955 more words


Paul Redding and Hegel on the pinnacle of ancient philosophy - was it Plato, Aristotle...or Neoplatonism?

‘Plato and, especially Aristotle, represent the pinnacle of ancient philosophy…’

Paul Redding, ‘Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’, Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


‘The revival of the ancient Greek philosophy was tied to the decline of the Roman Empire, which was so vast, wealthy, and splendid, but inwardly dead; the greatest flowering of philosophy, the Alexandrian philosophy, emerged only then.’ 177 more words


Son of Zeus Part 29: The Games

As Hercules passed by Olympia on his way back to Argos he happened upon a group of men arguing so bitterly it looked as if they would come to blows. 1,980 more words