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Chapter 22 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story - Part VI

Peter‘s Musing on the Nature of Platonic Love

Fortunately, I did not have to wait very long. Biene had expected a store-bought book that in content and style would bear a strong resemblance to our turbulent relationship, where the ending would perhaps provide an urgent plea to get our act together and leave our fantasy world behind. 1,379 more words



Just the other day, as I was on my way to take the metro at Potsdamer Platz, I noticed a female voice speaking in a… 278 more words


Confusing Feels

I remember having a crush on R. He´d circulated an email among the members of the aeroclub, asking if somebody had some furniture to spare. Back then, some three years ago, I was on the verge of moving from an ample apartment to a shared flat, and needed to get rid of some excess household appliances, like a small fridge and a washing machine. 325 more words


A Random Letter

If only I could tell you everything I feel inside

The words left unspoken and the desire in my mind

You’ll never know what you meant to me because you think you know it all… 263 more words


That Love…We Never Made !

Rejoice our souls, that sublime remorse
Of a bride lost out, but, to her bridesmaid
And the hearts, which ached for intercourse
Got never sold out to, passion’s charade… 103 more words


Love In All Its Forms

Love. Unconditional or platonic, new or weathered. Doesn’t every human crave love in some form? But we get so fixated on trying to find love or someone we want to pursue a relationship with that we forget the love right in front of us. 121 more words


Feels All Over

This has been such a crazy year. It seemed to all have happened at once, honestly. Surprise! You´re a dude, you don´t believe in monogamy after all, you are not straight and not gay either. 411 more words