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My First (Unofficial) Kiss

First crush at 12. First love letter at 14. First kiss at 16. Sex at 18…

My wish list of my ‘firsts’ went on. I was way too farsighted for an eight year old. 1,683 more words



Hel is in her hall
with myriad silver ghosts,
and Hades is swimming in the river.

Glass kingdoms, these,
before those eternal realms,
where none but the dead are sleeping. 127 more words

Screw Plato

It is an age of virtual living. Virtual friendships, virtual works, virtual sex. People living whole relationships without ever setting eyes on each other, on their real flesh and blood selves. 317 more words


Warmth in the chill, soft light breaking through the trees. Quietly linked, small smiles shining, two girls walk through the woods.

One pink one blue, one light one dark, two halves of one whole. 137 more words

Platonic Love

You’re something unreachable,
I know that but I don’t understand,
I’m so hard headed to have you,
I haven’t lost faith,
I’m always delirious,
That I have you in my arms, 104 more words

Love over love

Today is a big day for various reasons, which made me think of love and it got me lost in time in that I’ve put myself in a place distanced of such theme. 589 more words

Take It and Leave It

So nice it would be if we could somehow keep the warmth in the houses – for winter.

Just extract the unnecessary warmth and keep it some container for when it gets cold. 649 more words