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Dear love of my life,

For everything I leave you spotless. No blemishes, not one. It was me, entirely, who is to be blamed for what became of me, for everything in the sacred name of love that went wrong about my story. 238 more words


Love: Part 2

Hello again and welcome to part two on my series about love.

Today, I will be writing about one of the purest forms of love that I know: the love that exists between friends. 482 more words

The Red Thread

I believe in the Chinese legend of the Red Thread…

According to the legend, two people who are destined to meet are tied together by an invisible red thread. 433 more words


The Boy Who Came Home And Bought My Heart Back.

I have written about a single person. A wayward traveler who entered my life in a whirlwind of fleeting moments, that captivated me into oblivion. Every post contrary to my denial, has been about him. 736 more words


message in a bottle (i)

My thoughts evaporate as they develop, invisible ink. It’s like they want to escape my memory, hide away from the page.

I’ve found my home again, I’ve found her inside of you. 178 more words

Celibacy as a Pair

In my previous relationships with women, there was always excitement from friends and acquaintances when my Facebook status changed from “Single” to “In a Relationship”. Last week, my relationship status did the same change, except this time it was “In a Relationship” with a man. 1,140 more words