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Platonic Love

I asked myself an interesting question yesterday, does platonic love really exist? And if so, is it possible to feel it towards something or someone only if you’re a kid? 155 more words

I am a weird one

It’s ok I am what you will call a weirdo and I won’t make any efforts into justifying or hiding this reality; on the contrary I am going to celebrate my strange mind by commenting once again about my “love” for Holly (Aka Heartafire). 177 more words


A parting of the ways & minds...

An apology poem-

dedicated to an old friend…

There are some people

who quite long ago

and quite honestly

stole a chunk, a piece, an inch… 414 more words


The dangers of misconception

Building a house on weak fundamentals is as dangerous as having a faulty emotional relationship. False communication caused by lack of judgement and shallowness of assumption is easily creating misconception. 461 more words

Personal Evolution

That One BFF Is Out There Somewhere

These days I’ve really been in an internal bummed mood — like yes I’m happy and school is fine and what not; but deep down there’s something wrong and I’ve always felt that. 687 more words


Platonic perfection... #fashion

Lovers I usually don’t write anything when it comes to inspiration, I mean, just a little quote for more inspiration, but this time, it’s different, because the most handsome guy is my inspiration for today… Yes lovers I’m talking about my platonic love Sebastian Sauve… laaaaaaaaaaaa I suddenly feel better now… 31 more words