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It was pushing our beds and our cots and our sleeping bags together as close as we could in every state. It was finding the weirdest top in some Mississippi dive. 190 more words


The Love I Love

The love I love
Isn’t for bodies.
It is for-
The storms trapped within,
The thunderous clouds glistening through lashes,
Honeyed sunshine creaking through miles and miles of skin and bone cracked in places. 61 more words

What's Your ideal date?

When we talk about ideal date, what pops up in our mind is

“A romantic dinner in a fancy resturatnt”
“A surprise outing”


I really don’t know what else! 309 more words

I am loved, yet I am lonely

I am capable of loving others. I will forever be eternally and infinitely grateful for the countless people in my life who have filled it with laughter along with the evenings that lived long into the night, wrapped up with the safety to express everything and anything, free of judgement.  513 more words

Why Can't Men and Women be Friends?

I struggle with the way that we’re told to be.

To me, interpersonal relationships have always been a highlight and a frustration of existence. There is nothing better than a conversation in which two people begin to truly know each other; the openness and trust to ask and answer which ever questions you want to. 723 more words


A love trick

“Enough, Mary ! So we can’t go on anymore ! We’ve already known each other for a month and still haven’t had sex. You have to give it to me !” 37 more words