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There is joy in his smile. When he smiles, it sends out this wave of tranquility. Everything will be okay. And when he laughs, you can help but let the giggles escape, because there is something contagious about him. 124 more words


Platonic Love Is Euphemism For Robotaki’s “Ghostboy” ft. Claire Ridgely

Admit it. There is or was someone in your life who was so close yet so far…it could’ve been the dude in the gym whom you’ve been religiously eyed his butt or the girl from your Depression in Russian Literature class (and fuck! 75 more words


Unanswered Questions

Why do you contact me and then don’t talk to me?

Why do reach out to me and then ignore me?

Why do you get my hopes up to then disillusion me? 84 more words



You were just an illusion

Something I made up

Something that does not exist

Something that I yearn for

Something that I desire

Something that I wish was real… 131 more words



Some days are harder than other to exist without knowing anything about you
The radio decides to play more of our song making it impossible to get you out of my mind… 135 more words


Day 10

I showed SM and LJ the Day 9 post, I probably shouldn’t have. It’s just that I was proud of it because of the quality of writing and the depth of self-awareness. 20 more words

Day 5=Alix

Before I get started, I should note that my goal is not to talk about my day in the diner every day. It is to write a post every day before Labor Day when I take my break. 493 more words