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Day 10

I showed SM and LJ the Day 9 post, I probably shouldn’t have. It’s just that I was proud of it because of the quality of writing and the depth of self-awareness. 20 more words

Day 5=Alix

Before I get started, I should note that my goal is not to talk about my day in the diner every day. It is to write a post every day before Labor Day when I take my break. 493 more words

Importance of physical touch

As adults, physical touch/contact is mostly encouraged in romantic relationships. There is certainly a lot of “brotherly” and “sisterly” hugs among friends, but there is always a “barrier”…the touch is always very “civilized”. 220 more words

i miss you - blink 182

she missed him. not the one she loved, but someone she had been close to before. they had never met, which was the best part about their friendship, because even though they hadn’t met, she trusted him more than some people she knew. 160 more words


A Little Over Two Weeks Ago, I Got Attached

I’m the type of friend who overthinks a lot. I’m the type of friend who is very possessive over you when we’re really close. You see, I haaaaate being close with people because I always have the assumption that the “closeness” I feel with them is the same feeling they feel with me. 637 more words

A Letter to M

Dear M,

It was never love at first sight. When I had first laid eyes on you I never took any special liking to you. After all, you were two school years below me and I had always known you as “S’ little brother”. 980 more words