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Yavin, I feel good about you!

I feel really stupid to write this, but I need to get my thoughts out there more. I felt very depressed over the last few months when I didn’t talk to anybody about my feelings. 664 more words


कुछ मासूम सी आँखों ने ...

कुछ मासूम आँखों ने हमें वो सब दिया

जो दुनिया भर के धर्मग्रंथों में नहीं मिला

एक मुस्कान से भर देते हो जान जमाने में

हंस के छू दो तो मुर्दों को फिर दो जिला

हम से पहले हुए होंगे कई पर क्यूँ लगता है

हमने तुमने ही शुरू किया प्यार का सिलसिला

प्यार दिया है हमने बदले में कुछ चाहा नहीं

तिजारती लोग ही करते हैं बेवफाई का गिला |


Platonic Love

I last posted on this blog seven years ago.

On Saturday, Millie and I will celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary.

Seven years ago, I wasn’t sure if Millie and I would reach our 12th anniversary. 708 more words

Maybe Next Life You'll Be a Flamingo

Having a crush sucks.

I’m not talking about typical Hollywood crushes most women probably have on celebrities. Morris Chestnut always and forever, baby! In second place is Jake Gyllenhaal. 1,595 more words

I went to CrossFit today with a coworker and I didn’t die. Yaaaay! The workout wasn’t killer, but my legs do feel like jello.

And the teacher/owner is a babe.He was super helpful, and made sure I kept my back straight and stuck my butt out.

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heart of a fox, brain of a fish

the heart, they call
after thunderous steps
vibrant horseshoes
on clear stone, cobbled roads,
it races, rushes
out of pace– of sight

whinnies the brain now… 79 more words