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The Secret Love Affair of Friends

From the “friend-zone” or successful marriages, dying of old age in each other’s arms or “Let’s just be friends”, everyone seems to have trouble navigating the line between friendship and love. 309 more words

Maine to California Podcast, Episode 1 (Love)

A new undertaking or a brief foray into the podcasting depths? It remains to be seen. What is certain? I’ve gone ahead and uploaded the conversation between old friend Michael Carnes and I, and I’m calling it a podcast, based on about 40 minutes of material in which we may or may not make any sense, but seemed to enjoy ourselves in the process. 19 more words


"No Homo" and Platonic Love

I’ll say up front that the focus of this article is not really on the phrase ‘No Homo’, but the defensiveness and separation I associate it with. 657 more words



Have you ever craved the presence of someone; someone you may not even know yet, but all you do know is that they are out there, trudging through each day, unconsciously finding their way to you? 318 more words

Fiction And Poetry


from sometime in 2013. sometimes you love a friend in a way they can’t access, and that just leaves you butting your head against a wall and writing shitty poetry. 201 more words


My Thoughts on SNUPER's "Platonic Love" Music Video

SNUPER makes their comeback with “Platonic Love.”

This is totally cheating. I’m a sucker for ’80s tunes and this is the complete embodiment of all that is great about the ’80s from the melody and instrumental to the cheesiness and (intentional) crappy video quality, which I love. 242 more words


Falling in (Friend) Love and Why it's Important

Hi, I’m Jenna, and I’m the single friend.

I imagine you expect a defensive, angry blog post about how I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, how I feel as though I’ve been left behind somehow.  1,543 more words

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