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Aromantic or Romantic LateBloomer

I have had four known crushes in my life between the ages of 7-13. Anything afterwards seemed like a blur. When I was 14, I had my first boyfriend and I did get involved in ‘relationships’ with guys afterwards. 1,314 more words


Kinds of love in everyone's life

10 kinds of love in everyone’s life: Love is something that makes everyone happy, no matter what form it comes and living. And you can not realize what kind of love you face than when just one experiment. 23 more words


Platonic Love: The Healing Nature of Male/Female Friendship

For the first time in my adult life, I am sexually barren – and, for the most part, without desire. My libido seems to have died – or at least to have slipped into a coma from which it may or may not recover. 1,063 more words


Love ❤

When we think of love this is what we think of, this picture above. In English speaking culture the word “love” is first applied to romantic love, then secondly applied to platonic love. 625 more words

Law Of Attraction/Spirituality/Self-help/Motivational

The Secret Love Affair of Friends

From the “friend-zone” or successful marriages, dying of old age in each other’s arms or “Let’s just be friends”, everyone seems to have trouble navigating the line between friendship and love. 309 more words

Maine to California Podcast, Episode 1 (Love)

A new undertaking or a brief foray into the podcasting depths? It remains to be seen. What is certain? I’ve gone ahead and uploaded the conversation between old friend Michael Carnes and I, and I’m calling it a podcast, based on about 40 minutes of material in which we may or may not make any sense, but seemed to enjoy ourselves in the process. 19 more words



Being absent from FaceBook, Twitter (At this point I haven’t a clue how many “social media” sites there are.) is calculated. It’s not that I’ve nothing to say. 832 more words

True Lies