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That Love…We Never Made !

Rejoice our souls, that sublime remorse
Of a bride lost out, but, to her bridesmaid
And the hearts, which ached for intercourse
Got never sold out to, passion’s charade… 103 more words


Love In All Its Forms

Love. Unconditional or platonic, new or weathered. Doesn’t every human crave love in some form? But we get so fixated on trying to find love or someone we want to pursue a relationship with that we forget the love right in front of us. 121 more words


Feels All Over

This has been such a crazy year. It seemed to all have happened at once, honestly. Surprise! You´re a dude, you don´t believe in monogamy after all, you are not straight and not gay either. 411 more words


Platonic Love: Pals Before Gals, Bromances Before Romances

Platonic love was characterized originally as a non-sexual love. This definition has evolved somewhat since its creation. The current consensus understanding of platonic love is a love that doesn’t include sex or romance. 371 more words

Lgbt Perspectives

Love Is A Spectrum

Love Is A Spectrum: Why You Should Hold Onto Your Own Definition Of Love

Lovely article from a woman who has never been in romantic love but acknowledges that you can be in love in  many different ways and it doesn’t not have to meet society’s traditional model


There is joy in his smile. When he smiles, it sends out this wave of tranquility. Everything will be okay. And when he laughs, you can help but let the giggles escape, because there is something contagious about him. 124 more words


Platonic Love Is Euphemism For Robotaki’s “Ghostboy” ft. Claire Ridgely

Admit it. There is or was someone in your life who was so close yet so far…it could’ve been the dude in the gym whom you’ve been religiously eyed his butt or the girl from your Depression in Russian Literature class (and fuck! 75 more words