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Why Can't Men and Women be Friends?

I struggle with the way that we’re told to be.

To me, interpersonal relationships have always been a highlight and a frustration of existence. There is nothing better than a conversation in which two people begin to truly know each other; the openness and trust to ask and answer which ever questions you want to. 723 more words


A love trick

“Enough, Mary ! So we can’t go on anymore ! We’ve already known each other for a month and still haven’t had sex. You have to give it to me !” 37 more words


Gimme all your words

Give them to me
shout them, yo!
Gasp them quickly,
whisper slow.
Giggle words to me.
Wig out all about your day!
Let me hear just what… 130 more words

Creative Journal


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve written anything. Of course, so much has happened.
Let’s start with Japan man:
It was a Christmas miracle. 1,976 more words


personal essay #1

manufactured romance. or what love really is.

love is comfort.

it is not walking on eggshells hoping everything you do is “perfect for them”. not… 501 more words

Personal Essays


I just wanna say
I love you
don’t freak out
I love a lot of people
I’m not gonna lock you in a room
or anything… 31 more words

Creative Journal

Unrequited Love

​Have you ever seen disgust

In the eyes of someone you love

The burning disappointment

That the one who loves them is someone they’d never love back? 83 more words