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Trying to be Edgy

Maths and making stuff! I spent some time this weekend folding up the Dodecahedron pictured above. Here is the link for Instructions on how to build your own Origami Dodecahedron. 368 more words


Shape of the Universe

Shape of the Universe

From The Status of Cosmic Topology after Planck Data

In the last decade, the study of the overall shape of the universe, called Cosmic Topology, has become testable by astronomical observations, especially the data from the Cosmic Microwave Background (hereafter CMB) obtained by WMAP and Planck telescopes.

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Platonic Solids and the Golden Ratio

There are five regular polyhedra. These are they: tetrahedron, cube/hexahedron, octahedron, dodecahedron and icosahedron. Here is a short summary in form of a table about the vertices, edges, faces and volumes of these solids: 184 more words


Platonic Living: Maquettes


Concerned with the intersection between art and design, my work explores a combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal. This installation focuses on the desire to remove art objects from conventional ‘white-walled’ gallery spaces, instead placing them into domestic environments and giving them practical uses. 206 more words


Print your tessellations in 3D – with this platonic solids widget!

Don’t ask me how the software works, or about the geometry recalculations it does. I just want to share how cool this widget is. And ever so simple. 377 more words


Viviani's theorem for n-D Platonic shapes

Viviani proposed a theorem for an equilateral triangle. We extend the theorem to any n-D Platonic shapes by expressing it in terms of the radius of the inscribed… 31 more words