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Platonic solids

Last night, just as I was about to hop into bed, I was forced to endure a lesson on platonic solids. And no, unfortunately platonic solids have nothing to do with sex or lack of. 285 more words


Introducing: Elemetria - A Game of Platforms and Platonic Solids

March 14th (3/14) celebrates Pi Day in honor of everyone’s favorite mathematical constant, and this year is extra special as we’ll never get a closer representation of the irrational number through timekeeping, up to 10 digits in length (3/14/15 at 9:26:53). 259 more words

Video Games

2015 Challenges Week Seven: Jack

Right, back to normal. For now.

This week’s challenge was to expand on an already existing skill: origami. More specifically, modular origami. I’ve always been interested in origami, well at least as long as I can remember. 247 more words


Why I Love the Icosahedron

An icosahedron is any three-dimensional shape with twenty faces. However, we usually use the word to mean a regular, convex icosahedron, and this is the one that I like the most. 326 more words


Sacred shapes, the Platonic Solids in Nature

It was once believed that the world comprised of four elements, fire, wind, earth and water, held together by the mysterious ether. These elements were comprised of geometric shapes known was the platonic solids. 285 more words


Symbolic Solids, or: exploring Architecture’s Inverse // Architecture beyond Design

This is the documentation of my talk at The Building conference Columbia University GSAPP, organized by Jose Araguez with Aaron White.

The Building

15 November 2014, 9:30am to 5:30pm, Wood Auditorium, Columbia University GSAPP…

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Thinking As An Algebraic Mechanist

4, 3, 2, 1 (nadis-energy channels)

Four limbs

3 eyes

2 heads, 2 hearts

1 Soul & that contains The Gold,

Obtain it then Remember your Role,

in the Circle of Life.. 92 more words

Linguistic Liberation - Poetry