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Print your tessellations in 3D – with this platonic solids widget!

Don’t ask me how the software works, or about the geometry recalculations it does. I just want to share how cool this widget is. And ever so simple. 377 more words


Viviani's theorem for n-D Platonic shapes

Viviani proposed a theorem for an equilateral triangle. We extend the theorem to any n-D Platonic shapes by expressing it in terms of the radius of the inscribed… 31 more words


Fire, Air and Water

My work entitled ‘Fire, Air and Water’ demonstrates a metamorphosis of three triangular-based Platonic solids: the tetrahedron (believed to represent fire), the octahedron (air), and the icosahedron (water). 146 more words


Flocking Polyhedrons

A soaring installation of numerous geometric models, adorned DSK atrium as part of first year expo. The floating bunch added peppy colors and frisky character to the voluminous bright space.

Geometric Construction


Two exhibitions were organized during the course. The first show was a quick display of all the drawing exercises, placed flat on the tables- a thick long line, all white. 48 more words

Geometric Construction

Duals & Nesting

Connecting the center of faces of platonic solids, results in formation of its dual. Its like Ying Yang. The presence of dodecahedron is indicative of icosahedron. 80 more words

Geometric Construction