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Writing Fantasy: A Rough Guide

The Basics of Fantasy

Fantasy, also known as Sword and Sorcery is one of the more formulaic of genres to try to write. Which is probably why most people start off here. 2,580 more words


There are no coincidences here

The universe is mental, and the universe is a uni (one) verse (before the chorus).  The root of all things is consciousness, and there is a STRUCTURE to consciousness.

Philosophy And Research

From Platonic Solids to Archimedean Solids

Simon explains how to to turn Platonic Solids into Archimedean Solids, using truncation and rectification.

Simon explains how to convert Platonic Solids to Archimedean Solids and builds a Rhombicosidodecahedron from 62 Magformers pieces. 15 more words


Plato Does Us a Solid

Plato Does Us a Solid

Okay, so we all know there are five Platonic solids. The tetrahedron, the hexahedron, known as the cube to you squares out there, the octahedron, the dodecahedron, and the icosahedron. 428 more words

Quasi-Hypothesis Quasi-Scientist

Healing and The Platonic Solids

Book a Healing Session

Awesome.  Arguably one of those words that is over-used in our contemporary lexicon but when I use it to describe the power of Sacred Geometry as a Healing tool this is no exaggeration.  1,203 more words

Evolution Of Consciousness And Spiritual Transformation In The Post-2012 New Earth

Prima Materia

According to Plato, the four material elements were derived from a common source or prima materia (first matter), associated with chaos, which alchemists later assigned to the first element used in the alchemical process of turning metals into gold. 269 more words

Jodi La Coe