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She's just not that into you.

Dear Annie: I am a 31-year-young man with a question about a woman who is 28. This story started in August of last year with my asking this woman on a date.

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24 Hours of Camping

Here is a play-by-play of 24 hours from my weekend.

12:00 PM – I clock out, wave farewell to the office ladies and bust out the door! 1,232 more words

Re: Zero Ep. 16: Play by Play

“The greed of a pig”

Subaru is at his lowest and most desperate point right now. His true colors are starting to show thru and it is truly amazing. 2,021 more words


Re: Zero Ep. 15: Play by Play

“The outside of madness”

This episode was amazingly directed and animated. The ending credits was fresh and so impacting. Let’s begin.

Subaru is standing at the gate of the mansion, struck with horror. 1,449 more words


Re: Zero Ep. 14: Play by Play

“The sickness called despair”

The most accurate thing I can say about Subaru right now is mentally unstable and disgusting. Right now at this point in the story he’s acting like an obsessed boyfriend who thinks that his girl is powerless without him. 1,019 more words


"So... How Do You Do It?"

When friends, family and acquaintances hear that I do some play-by-play broadcasting, their immediate response is almost always the same. Some form of “How do you know what to say?” is usually the first thing they ask. 1,034 more words


Re: Zero Ep. 13: Play by Play

“Self-proclaimed Knight Natsuki Subaru”

A very impactful episode indeed. The decisions Subaru made this episode will hang heavy on his conscious. Let’s get into it. 1,252 more words