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Tales of Sails Chapter 1 Part 3

It had been three days since Liren and his crew hauled the Kaua up from the depth. Three days of pleasant seas and squid entrails. Even though hardly any of the colossal beast had been thrown back to the waves, there was no sign of the Kaua on the deck anymore. 2,159 more words

7th Sea

Tales of Sails Chapter 1 Part 2

The rest of that day was a blur. As quickly as the town’s fire team had organized a bucket brigade to battle the smoldering building; Jan had been set upon by lawyers, administrators and city officials. 1,176 more words

7th Sea

Tales of Sails Chapter 1 Part 1

The snow had started to melt, so the small remaining clumps crunched under his feet as he trotted through the woods behind his family home. He didn’t want to keep her waiting. 1,313 more words

7th Sea

Explorers Unlimited

I want to take the time to help spread the word about a play by post community that I have, in the past, had the pleasure of taking part in… 786 more words

Explorers Unlimited

Further Afield

So somewhat outside the Kawartha Krew group, I also run some play by post games on RPoL  (Role Playing on Line)  at rpol.net

I have 2 games running there right now. 82 more words

Adventures in the Sword Coast Recap #1

Welcome to another recap! This time, it is for my first taste of Dungeon Mastering for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Based in Faerun, my  848 more words