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Multiple Avocation Disorder

I titled a blog ‘Multiple Avocation Disorder’ a few years ago when I was trying to justify writing about all of my hobbies…at the time I was cycling more miles than I am now, had my car up on jackstands every month typically, and was still gaming as well. 507 more words


Absence, and a proposal

I’ve been in San Francisco for work essentially all of this week, explaining my lack of writing. I was able to put down 600 words on Fratricide in the hotel room, but a relative lack of time has made blogging about anything pertinent somewhat difficult. 250 more words


Play-by-Post games: Going literary

I almost called this “In Defense of the Play-by-Post”, but I realized that title corrodes my thesis quite badly. The play-by-post (PbP) as a gaming medium doesn’t need defending. 993 more words


Swords & Wizardry Forum Update

Just a quick update, the new Swords & Wizardry forum is still going strong, now with 64 members and 1500+ posts. A lot of those posts are in the… 40 more words

Swords & Wizardry

Moderating Negativity, a futile endeavour

I was once at a site where the admin banned any negativity in their out of character sections and chatbox. Admittedly there had been some oversharing but this admin, in response to others voicing some negative things that had happened in their “real life” demanded that all members show nothing but happiness when in ooc areas. 178 more words