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New Swords & Wizardry Forum Play-by-Post Games and Update

Those of you looking to get into some online games, there are a few Swords & Wizardry Play-by-Post (PbP) games available. Two new, and one already running at the ODD74 boards – … 76 more words

Swords & Wizardry

Old Projects, New Motivation

I always have loads of writing projects, but during the Dec-Jan hiatus I’ve found renewed impetus for them all.

  1. CoT site – this includes the webzine, rpg forum, art gallery, fanfic site, wiki (for the rpg), guidebook (for the rpg) and new rpgs.
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Roleplay History - Play By Mail

With my nice new stack of thirty year old magazines at my fingertips I have learned so much about the way we played in the late 1980’s, the way things have changed, the different attitudes and the ways in which technology has improved our gaming experience, and at the same time how it has left gaming styles behind. 534 more words

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A Forum Role Playing Guide: Part Three

Sooooo you want to learn how to write a thread, huh? Well, look no further! We’ll go through a couple different types of threads together and how to write well without pissing of your writing partner. 2,085 more words


A Forum Role Playing Guide: Part Two

Creating an Original Character

Today I want to take a look at how to create an awesome character for a PBP, or forum, role play. By all means, take these tips and RUN with it! 3,715 more words


G+ Communities: The Good and the Bad

I’ve noticed a shift away from web forums and towards Google+ Communities for many OSR games and projects. While it’s certainly not a bad thing to get a community of interested folks together to discuss what they love, I wonder if this shift is splitting the greater old-school gaming community. 855 more words


A Writer’s Experience: Ongoing Worlds 4

A Writer’s Experience: Ongoing Worlds 4


If you’ve followed me thus far – thank you. If this is your first foray into my own first foray into the world of “collaborative fiction” then… 411 more words