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Further Afield

So somewhat outside the Kawartha Krew group, I also run some play by post games on RPoL  (Role Playing on Line)  at rpol.net

I have 2 games running there right now. 82 more words

Adventures in the Sword Coat Recap #1

Welcome to another recap! This time, it is for my first taste of Dungeon Mastering for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Based in Faerun, my  848 more words


Play-by-Post: My First Space Tale

I suppose it’s high time I make my first real content post. While I may have started my gaming career in earnest sitting around a dorm table early on a Saturday morning (I know, how not stereotypical!), I quickly found that it wasn’t all tables and dice and laughter. 549 more words


Willelmus Brant and the Creature in the Shoe-Closet

As apart of a pitch for a Dungeon & Dragons 5th Edition Curse of Strahd PBP game on Mythweavers, I wrote this little piece of fiction for about my character. 643 more words


Multiple Avocation Disorder

I titled a blog ‘Multiple Avocation Disorder’ a few years ago when I was trying to justify writing about all of my hobbies…at the time I was cycling more miles than I am now, had my car up on jackstands every month typically, and was still gaming as well. 507 more words


Absence, and a proposal

I’ve been in San Francisco for work essentially all of this week, explaining my lack of writing. I was able to put down 600 words on Fratricide in the hotel room, but a relative lack of time has made blogging about anything pertinent somewhat difficult. 250 more words