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The rules of life

Omg the sheer social awkwardness of school run mum etiquette argh! I’m an embarrassment to myself. Some conversations haunt me for hours after. I don’t think I’m the only one in this boat because it takes two grown adults whose only known common interest is having spawned within the same academic year to stand there trying hard to make it work. 12 more words

Play Date

I called the woman who runs and founded the rescue Precious is from today and asked if she had any dogs in the kennels that were dog friendly and would like to go out. 165 more words


Play Dating

A few weeks ago, the day after Valentine’s Day, we were all home just hanging around when a neighbor came over. He was helping dad with something. 292 more words

Z loves Class!

We have been going to library classes since Zeke was a baby and he absolutely loves them.  Since he has entered toddler years we’ve also added some other classes from around town into our rotation and every time I tell him we’re going to class he gets so excited!! 74 more words


Play date with Matilda

One of Isa’s clear signs of independence and growing up is requesting play dates with specific people, and then asking that mom message the friend’s daddy or mummy to set up the date. 25 more words


Need ME Time

I started the morning with a lot of resentment in my heart. Too many chores to do, it’s never ending. Persistent whining filled the air. Tantrums, tantrums, tantrums. 236 more words