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Kids, they grow up too fast

Last Friday of the June school hols. You mean the hols is going to be over soon? So fast? I don’t recall doing anything much with them! 294 more words


Puppy Date

So my husband and I have been busy puppy proofing the house, I done my knee in so the puppy and I went to my parents whilst my kids when kick boxing. 43 more words

August play date

I bonded with 2 other WordPress bloggers sometime in 2015-2016. We got closer and created a whatsapp group: “WordPress wives” first then changed it to “WordPress mummies” 😂 269 more words


Worst Fake Friend Ever

When I moved to suburbia in the Bay Area, I joined the Danville-Alamo Newcomer’s club and then joined the babysitting co-op within the club. We were all new mothers with one or two children, and the thirty of us traded babysitting with coupons while our little families grew older and bigger. 823 more words


The Toilet Paper Situation

Yesterday Cody had his friend Debbie over to hang out (at 12 years of age, I assume the term “play date” is no longer applicable.  I am fine with this, not ever really liking that term anyway).  134 more words


Park Hopping Series: Day Two: Elbow Road Route

A couple of weekends ago when it wasn’t cloudy or rainy, we got together with our best friends. But instead of hitting the clubs, we hit the parks!! 445 more words


But today, she had a date with her first-grader.

Being part of a herd of kids has perks, for sure, but one-on-one time becomes fleeting.  There are so many life-transitions as time goes by.  I have tried to be aware of where we are and the things I need to observe in each stage of their growing-up.  617 more words