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Play Dough

This week, the children helped us make more play dough.  We have been making our own dough since May 2014.  With just a few ingredients, it is a great measuring, mixing, and kneading experience for the children.  125 more words

Daily Explorations

Today I'll Be A Mermaid. How About You?

Some days I want to jump into my preschoolers’ world of carefree play, fantasy and dress-up. How great would it be to play all day, and then be told to take a nap?! 40 more words


Auntie Extraordinaire (again)

It’s been awhile since my brother and sister-in-law have gone away for a week and let me help keep my nieces.

They left early Sunday morning for Maui, Hawaii (let’s try not to be jealous). 598 more words

Auntie Adventures

play challenge #4: play-doh

Play-Doh: it’s a staple in any preschooler’s toy collection. We’re pros at making dinosaurs from it, but I loved seeing how much Lucas enjoyed playing with various tools at Bizzy Kids… 306 more words



Hello, America.  It’s me.  Emma.  Writing to you from one of the polar ice caps.   By which I mean, New England.  Where it now snows.  ALL. 862 more words

Squish Squish Squash

Day off today. Been pretty much a lump all day, sitting around drinking tea while CB cleaned the whole house. Its very snowy out. Every time the plow flies by our house it reinforces the wall of snowy agoraphobia behind our car. 135 more words

Random Thoughts

It's snowing, It's snowing, It's still snowing?!

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it was cold outside this week or that it snowed. I thought I’d share a few fun ways we ‘survived’ being snowed in.  289 more words