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Had a pretty amazing day today! I found a recipe online the other day for home made play doh, so today I made some. We forgot to buy food color, so it was just plain color. 476 more words


Hours of Play Doh Fun

Kids love to play and explore right? It’s an exciting generation to grow up in, the gadgets and gizmos on the market nowadays for kids… can literally blow your mind. 711 more words


Happy Hands Happy Heart 100 % naturally scented play dough

We are absolute playdough addicts in our home mostly because it sparks creativity, it’s therapeutic for her when she’s having her moments of crazy and it’s a fun thing to do when her friends visit. 148 more words

For Her

True Life: Sometimes I'm a Bad Mom

Today was a bad day

Have you ever had one of those days that is doomed from the minute you wake up? The kind of day where nothing big happens to put you in a bad mood, you’re just miserable and every small thing that happens throughout the day just sets you off? 1,290 more words

54 ways to piss off your kids in one day

  1. Wake up slowly.MUMMY, MUMMY!!! IT’S DAYTIME! I WANT CRISPIES NOW!” (shouted at a million decibels, causing a mild heart attack)
  2. Make coffee. …
  3. 930 more words

Why Do Kid Love Peppa Pig Toys?

For max youngsters, Peppa Pig can be a cute cheeky piggy using a sibling George, Mummy and Daddy pigs. Most widely known for playing games, dressing and jumping in puddles, this pig has already won millions of hearts and minds. 524 more words

With Peppa Pig Toys Het Hours of Enjoyable for Youngsters

For maximum young children, Peppa Pig can be a adorable cheeky piggy having a buddy George, Mummy and Daddy pigs. Best known for playing video games, dressing and moving in puddles, this pig has gained countless hearts and minds. 534 more words