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Nelumbo Nucifera by Cristina Slough

Title: Nelumbo Nucifera
Author: Cristina Slough
Genre: Thriller/ Womens Fiction
Release Date: January 24th, 2017
Cover Designer: Murphy Rae


On the surface, Gaby Parker has it all; however, behind closed doors, is a woman who lives in constant fear of the man who was supposed to love her: her husband, Kyle. 254 more words


Discovery Sunday VI

I wanted to give some love to (mostly) underground artists for 2017. So I present to you, the “Discovery Sunday” playlist series. On a semi-regular basis, I will post ~10 tracks from low key artists I’ve never heard of before. 110 more words


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Pentangle, Pentangling

Charlie Mingus, Goodbye Pork Pie Hat

Frank Zappa, Willie the Pimp

Bob Dylan,  John Wesley Harding

The Faces, The Wicked messanger

Jimi Hendrix, … 60 more words

Good Vibrations

I'm Your Captain / Closer to Home

I’m Your Captain Closer To Home

  • E
I'm Your Captain / Closer To Home - Grand Funk Railroad (Mark Farner, 1970)
Tabbed/Chorded By: Zack Oxford.

4/4 TIME @ in 'D' and 'F'.
911 more words


《中国好歌曲》待学习歌单 第一季已成名除外

苏紫旭 《融·解》 《没有你》: 旋律进行不在常规的框框里,名副其实的奇葩

20160311 第7期 邱比《你的一起都是我的风格》 : 编曲非主流,但有迹可循

20160205 第2期 何大河《猪老三》: 前后半段凑出来的

20160318 第8期 梁栋江《梦是什么》: 歌是烂歌,声线一般,唱到这样不容易

雷雨心《记·念》: 旋律日系?

许钧《自己》《暖光》: 民谣加英伦摇滚

舒克《三百弄》: 嘻哈里面模仿的比较好的

朱婧汐《心碎大道》: 这种编曲比较干净一点的国内太少,应该可以编得更干净,但唱得太烂

赵牧阳《侠客行》: 唢呐用好难

罗艺恒《没想到的梦》: 唱得一般,编曲算是来技术扶贫了

潘高峰《节奏 爱》《会忘了会记得》: 总算是编曲没有杂交乱炖感觉的一曲了

昭昭 《送春》: 模仿U2,保住了下限

朱梦蝶 《船》: 歌手太恶心,不过编曲是另一种电子风

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Play - Play List - Ride

Yesterday was one of those perfect days for riding. Not too hot, sunny and a cool breeze that would maintain the perfect body temperature while riding. 62 more words