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《中国好歌曲》待学习歌单 第一季已成名除外

苏紫旭 《融·解》 《没有你》: 旋律进行不在常规的框框里,名副其实的奇葩

20160311 第7期 邱比《你的一起都是我的风格》 : 编曲非主流,但有迹可循

20160205 第2期 何大河《猪老三》: 前后半段凑出来的

20160318 第8期 梁栋江《梦是什么》: 歌是烂歌,声线一般,唱到这样不容易

雷雨心《记·念》: 旋律日系?

许钧《自己》《暖光》: 民谣加英伦摇滚

舒克《三百弄》: 嘻哈里面模仿的比较好的

朱婧汐《心碎大道》: 这种编曲比较干净一点的国内太少,应该可以编得更干净,但唱得太烂

赵牧阳《侠客行》: 唢呐用好难

罗艺恒《没想到的梦》: 唱得一般,编曲算是来技术扶贫了

潘高峰《节奏 爱》《会忘了会记得》: 总算是编曲没有杂交乱炖感觉的一曲了

昭昭 《送春》: 模仿U2,保住了下限

朱梦蝶 《船》: 歌手太恶心,不过编曲是另一种电子风

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Play - Play List - Ride

Yesterday was one of those perfect days for riding. Not too hot, sunny and a cool breeze that would maintain the perfect body temperature while riding. 62 more words


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Creedence Clearwater Revival, Susie Q

Buffalo Springfield, Mr. Soul

Love, Revelation

Miles Davis, Masqualero

Rolling Stones, She smiled sweetly

Fairport Convention, Chelsea morning

Patti Smith, … 8 more words


playlist playlist playlist

The Beatles, Getting better

Jefferson Airplane, White Rabbit

John Coltrane, MR. P.C.

The Who, My generation

Jimi Hendrix, Foxie Lady

Bob Dylan, All Along The Watchtower


Two Things Netflix Could Do Better For Kids Programming

  • Curated lists – A collection of episodes from different shows that match stuff we’ve watched before.
  • Play lists – An assortment of episodes from different shows that the viewer complies into a playlist that runs from beginning to end.

The Art of Loving Music

People ask us what our favourite song is, and our minds go blank. Well, here is my playlist of my favourite songs! I hope you enjoy listening to them; I sure do 😉 And so, in no particular order, my favourite songs: 405 more words

"The Art Of Loving" Series