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Google Play Music on the web updated with new Material Design interface

If you head over to the web version of Google Play Music, you’ll notice that it has received a major interface refresh to be more in line with Google’s Material Design efforts. 192 more words

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King Tobias: Living His Musical Dream Part 1

Sara Stromseth-Troy

A 6-year-old San Jose, California boy and avid Beatles fan, King Tobias, is living the musical dream of his young life.

The precocious guitar player, who, in less than one year of lessons, has already mastered numerous songs by the Fab Four, got to meet two of his musical heroes (or, in King’s word, ‘brothers’): Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney. 1,489 more words

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Music Education: Opportunities Missed and Taken

Cliff Yankovich

The first part of this piece might be subtitled “Rebel Without a Clue” and has to do with the regrets that plague me for not capitalizing on a musical education that was right in my own house. 896 more words

Early Music Education

Seattle Music Partners

Kevin Roberson

This speech was delivered by Kevin Roberson, parent of a current student in the Seattle Music Partners program, at the Seattle Music Partners 15th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser on March 25th, 2015.  542 more words

Early Music Education

Música do Coração, Part 2. Twin Sons of Different Baianas

Alan Meerow

Bahia, the largest of Brazil’s Northeast states, is also the bastion of Afro-Brazilian culture, rich in history and marvelous music.  Two contemporaries, children  of the 50’s and 60’s and friends since college, have forged their unique musical paths, but came together in Brazil’s musical rejoinder to the military dictatorship that ruled in the 60’s and early 70’s.  902 more words

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Heavy metal fans rejoice: the entire Metallica discography is now available for streaming on Google Play. Previously, thanks to harsh distribution agreements, none of the classic band’s catalog was available from Google. 65 more words

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