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Many Masks of Lace Falls: Into the Odd

I had a great group of six (!) players for my first attempt at a Roll d20 game. They took on the possibly abandoned fey fortress on Lace Falls, on the Missouri River. 696 more words

The Devil, John Moulton (Part 1)

I agreed to playtest this game, even though it’s been out for quite a while. I understand there’s a revision in the works. Well, I love to help with playtesting games. 1,594 more words

Quickening Storm

This is a taste of my Edge City game. At one point in the game I got to describe a quickening storm, which I greatly enjoy. 999 more words

Blades in the Dark: Skirting Danger

Wolfram disappeared unexpectedly for a while, probably on walkabout for the Forgotten Gods. Duster was called back to Carrow to take care of some business there. 1,336 more words

Play Report: Among the Stormguard Orcs (Session 2)

We last left our adventurers shipwrecked half a day in central Stormguard. They have battled twice the local orcs and currently have an orcish prisoner. The party is: 886 more words


Play Report: Shipwrecked in Stormguard (Session 1)

Well, we’re four sessions into a play test of the Mind Weave rules around the table. With two players leaving the group and a player taking over one of their characters in the next session, I figure I ought to write up what’s happened to catch him up, and why not make it a report here. 1,017 more words

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