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Play Report: Hoard of the Dragon Queen Session 1

My home group recently started the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure, officially kicking off our most recent campaign (after a lengthy summer break). This play report will double both as a story of what’s going on in the adventure as well as my thoughts on the product in play. 1,863 more words


Blades in the Dark: Unrecommendables. Inspired.

Aldo, Wolfram, and Duster continued the story.

Down Time.

Aldo spent some time consorting with his bluecoat friends, drawing down the heat on the crew. He also incidentally found out Maude was under house arrest pending investigation of her connection to leviathan blood smuggling. 1,877 more words

Play Report: Jail Break (Stormguard Session 7)

We left our players in the midst of battle, with spells appearing in their ranks and enemies mustering at the end of the hallway. They’ve managed to rejoin the girls and are now looking to fight their way to the dungeons and get the prisoners out of there.  1,283 more words


Guns of Telluria: Into the Woods

Jack Reed, Gruden Moore, and Elizabeth Tolwynn spent a week in New Orleans recovering from the train wreck last session. Moore was in the best shape, so he got to spend some time wandering the streets. 1,815 more words

Guns of Telluria: Off the Rails


We had four veterans.

  • Jack Reed. (a.k.a. Jack Felix) A former corporal in the cavalry, he went AWOL after Topeka, and he owes a lot of money to the government.
  • 1,167 more words

Blades in the Dark. Unrecommendables. Bad Blood.

Aldo, Wolfram, Duster, and Joben were all present.


Turns out Flint, a spirit trafficker from Carrow (and Duster’s best friend), was pulled in by the Inspectors and grilled for two weeks about illegal leviathan blood traffic in the Crow’s Foot neighborhood. 1,841 more words