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Blades in the Dark: Professors Interruptus

The crew:

  • Katharin Arran. Whisper. Akoros. Collects occult texts and materials. Academic background, somewhat celebrated scholar. Best friend is Scurlock, a vampire.
  • Percy Addleton. Hound. Akoros.
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Blades in the Dark: The Professors

We played a 3.5 hour session with two players. I improvised their heists based on their characters and entanglements.

  • Mialee Keel. Lurk. Akoros. Collects masks. Academic background, linguistics professor.
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Trail of Cthulhu: Deals with Druids (Play Report)

This scenario covers some pretty dark material, even for a Trail of Cthulhu game. Most notably it covers severe depression and suicide as its primary subject matter. 2,917 more words


Promethean the Created: Lonely Road to Mortality (Play Report)

Promethean the created is by far and away my favourite of the new World of Darkness books, which came out after White Wolf decided to reboot most of their franchises. 4,358 more words


Lasers and Feelings: Pale Horse

Here is the theme song for the campaign, repeated here in case you need to get in the mood.

Our intrepid space explorers!

Night's Black Agents: Dubious Dealings (Play Report)

Operation Nightfall

Continuing my general break from Trail of Cthulhu, I decided that I wanted to have a second go at the cherry in running the excellent Night’s Black Agents. 3,999 more words


Dungeons and Dragons: The Dangling Dagger of Damocles (Play Report)

So before I begin, this post is going to describe the end of my 5th Edition campaign, Curse of the Black Pearls. There are a myriad of reasons why you may end a game prematurely and move onto something else. 5,550 more words