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Disposable Heroes session 5

There was another session today. Only three players, but that works. One hadn’t been there since the first session, which meant a very weak character compared to the others. 746 more words


Guns of Telluria: The Rising

 I ran a session of Guns of Telluria (Into the Odd) for the game day. I barely managed two players, and in the afternoon I had no players. 1,017 more words

Disposable Heroes: session 4

Another (shorter) session. Mostly accounting and a heist, actually, but enjoyable nonetheless. 339 more words


Dungeon Thing session 3, or "Disposable Heroes"

Yeah, I actually thought up a name for this now. It felt quite fitting. Anyways, we had a session last sunday, so here’s what went down, in short… 471 more words


Return to Mirkwood - Play Report

Bonus content! For those interested in this sort of thing, I have recorded a turn by turn account of my first victory against Nightmare Return to Mirkwood. 1,093 more words

Core + Shadows Of Mirkwood


For New Years Eve, I got together with some old friends from high school to play a Christmas-themed 13th Age game in which they are tasked with killing Santa. 1,932 more words

Dungeon Thing: session 2

There were some more crawling and dungeoning today. ‘Twas good. No more fatalities, but several horribly wounded people. They almost need more characters to keep up while the others are recovering. 440 more words