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Silent Legions: Surface Tension (Session 4)

From the Winstead’s parking lot, they readied themselves to return to the hospital. Terry stayed with the tactical team, bringing them along in the van. They would go to the hospital parking structure and serve as an extraction team and point of rendezvous if things went wrong inside. 1,000 more words

Darkest Nights - Session 6

This session was cut a bit short because one of the players had to leave early, but as it was a sunday it was still twice as long as a monday session. 1,557 more words


Ghostbusters of Gotham: Angle of Repose

The Ghostbusters franchise in Gotham is less than a year old. It has had its turbulence and troubles, but they do good work and are known for it. 2,347 more words

Darkest Nights Session 5

Finally had another session of Darkest Nights yesterday. It was a monday one though, which is kinda short. Still, the players got a bit done, and we ended it on a cliffhanger. 1,116 more words


Dead of Night: North Island

We played “Dead of Night” using the Call of Cthulu scenario “The Sanatorium” from Mansions of Madness (of course it had modifications and such too.) 1,542 more words

Darkest Nights - Session 4

We actually managed to have a short session yesterday! I feel like monday nights are a bit too short on time, but… It’s better than nothing. 465 more words


Silent Legions: Surface Tension (Session 3)

Jason put in a call to Ralf Singleton’s law office to see if he could get an appointment on behalf of Helouise Havershaum. While they had lunch from the hospital cafeteria, Singleton’s office called back and offered them a 2:30 appointment the same day! 1,006 more words