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Disposable Heroes - Session 7

So, the campaign continued in that chamber with guards and wizards and stuff. We had four players as well, so that was great. And the one who wasn’t there, well… his character was one round away from death, with a spear through his gut. 567 more words


Play Report: A Journey to Rhosgobel

Reader Francois Germain posted in the comments of A Journey to Rhosgobel that he was having trouble getting the deck to work, so I decided to record a turn by turn account so you could all get a feel for how the deck is supposed to work. 2,032 more words

Thematic Nightmare

Disposable Heroes - Session 6

Well there was another session today! No fatalities… yet. The combat is technically still ongoing, so we’ll see about that next time. It was a good long session, and four players present. 405 more words


Campaign Review: Stormguard Sessions 17-?

It’s been nearly a year since my last post and my last report on the Stormguard Campaign (though that name is going to have to change since they left… 6,330 more words


Disposable Heroes session 5

There was another session today. Only three players, but that works. One hadn’t been there since the first session, which meant a very weak character compared to the others. 746 more words


Guns of Telluria: The Rising

 I ran a session of Guns of Telluria (Into the Odd) for the game day. I barely managed two players, and in the afternoon I had no players. 1,017 more words

Disposable Heroes: session 4

Another (shorter) session. Mostly accounting and a heist, actually, but enjoyable nonetheless. 339 more words