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Trail of Cthulhu: Taking a Stab at an Auction (Play Report)

Masks of the Dreamer: Hellfire Auction (Part 3)

When I left you yesterday, the investigators had cut off someones hand and were now – just 3 days later – attending a fancy auction where many of the most powerful occult groups in London would be gathering. 810 more words


Trail of Cthulhu: Moral Ambiguity (Play Report)

Masks of the Dreamer: Hellfire Auction (Part 2)

The session today resumed after a weeks break, as I was running some pregenerated adventures at the usual game time for new people at the club I go to, so the first thing to do was recap a little bit about what happened to Maggie’s source of stability, Brian. 1,452 more words


Dungeons and Dragons: Curse of the Silver Moon (Play Report)

Last weekend I was able to run some games for new players to DnD and Trail of Cthulhu. For Dungeons and Dragons 5E I ran Curse of the Silver Moon, which was a campaign based around the re-emergence of an old enemy in Thrane: Lycanthropes. 2,525 more words


Dungeons and Dragons: A Bridge Almost Too Far (Play Report)

Curse of the Black Pearls

This session turned out to be especially dramatic, as the players encountered their first Yuan-ti of the campaign. Now before I go any further let me emphasize that Yuan-ti are by far and away one of my favourite monstrous villains in Dungeons and Dragons. 1,311 more words


Gaming fun with friends!

Last night, I had the opportunity to play a number of games that were all very fun in their own way. My group and I played the following games, and I’ll give a brief synopsis of the experience for each one here: 2,344 more words

Black Fleet

Dungeons and Dragons: Vault of the Dracolich Final Battle! (Game Day Play Report)

The Final Encounter!

So what happened once the players had all of the idols, ran from the various magical simulacra and now needed to grab the staff? 1,944 more words


Dungeons and Dragons: Vault of the Dracolich (Game Day Play Report)

Dungeons and Dragons Game Day: Vault of the Dracolich

This is my account of the big DnD 5E Adventure Day that was held at a local roleplaying/video game club last year (2014) and was a ton of fun. 4,100 more words