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World Between: the Kraken

As Andor was nude in the sacramental chambers in the depths of the Caligari cathedral preparing for another baptism to push off a new waves of horrific sin, the water began to steam. 987 more words

World Between: Cavern of Oracles

The Templar of Saint Bernus talked to Ragnell about a rumor they wanted to check out unofficially. The village Sardae, south of Calobra, along the coast of the Crook Mountains on the other side from the Iron Principalities, was rumored to have a “Cavern of Oracles” where a mad god whispered truths. 445 more words

World Between: Plague of Wolves

As soon as they left Gilbert, they were haunted by spies. Raptors with smoke wings, local law, bounty hunters; all of Harrowfaust seemed to be after them. 777 more words

World Between: The Ruined Abbey


A group assembled in Harrowfaust for the purpose of weakening the monster population quietly; not challenging the forces in power, but doing what they could to improve the lot of the commoner. 1,339 more words

A Blight on the Woods

On Monday, November 11th, a pair of adventurers respond to a call from the Nekolyns to look into a growing blight on the woods. They are: 1,463 more words


Dungeon Thing the Second

So we had the first session of a new Disposable Heroes campaign. That’s probably the most advanced campaign I can handle at the moment (university isĀ  187 more words


Chaos Monks, Mountains of the Moon. Dine and Dash

The monks met in Khalart, an orderly city on an island in the glacier-melt runoff flowing from the mountains.

  • Hum Lae (Max) Lvl 3. Thromil the Goldsmith sent him from the Yellow City to take a mysterious locked stone chest to Dhudek, leader of a dwarven ghetto in the Charikot Oligarchy.
  • 1,272 more words