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Investigating Dorcas

On June 16th, Year 4, all of Citadel is awakened by cries of “fire” as the people rush to the temple to extinguish a blaze breaking out there. 1,709 more words


Towards a Second TPK (DH3S7)

So, it’s a little hard writing here when our ISP decided all on their own that we had canceled our internet. But with the use of phone data, here I am. 879 more words


High School Demons

For my recent birthday, my wife gave me the most wonderful surprise: she prepared and a ran a magnificent little one-shot for me and our siblings. 1,234 more words


Raglan's Journal 02

We have reunited with our elf friend, Juniper. We nearly missed her in our haste to come to her aide, but by a stroke of luck I was able to spot her while we were off track. 384 more words


The Meek Go to War

On June 9th, Year 4, battle is brewing in the Vale. In the days following the Vale folk’s intrusion on their hill fort, the kobolds have become more active, beginning to harass Jacob Pharoe and his guild where they watch over the settlers preparing the site of a new village. 696 more words


Raglan's Journal 01

I keep this record out of a compulsion I feel when I hold this empty journal. Whether it is some magic of the journal or an undeniable knowledge that Anduin Damian’s mission will have a monumental impact on the future of our world. 362 more words