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Alternative Medicine in the Sleeping Place of the Feathered Swine


Picking up where we last left our intrepid heroes

  • Hertzenstube, elven rogue; played by Adam
  • Guilfoyle, half-orc fighter; played by Amanda
  • Ros Axegrinder, dwarf rogue; played by Laura…
  • 609 more words
Role-Playing Games

ToM Session 05: Asked and Answered

In the early morning of December 15, YV 540, Doane rides the train he’s stowed away on all the way to the Vardorborg, capital of Vardor, arriving near sunset that day. 743 more words


ToM Session 04: Theft and Abduction

Monday, December 14th, 540 YV, with their potions prepared and the distraction scheduled, the three most effective recruits of the magic ban resistance group prepare to scale Hilbrent’s Tower in search of information that might convince the people to rise up against the magic ban. 1,183 more words


Ancient Evils

On Monday, April 7, Year 4, three Citadel House adventurers head north, seeking out seemingly missing surveyors who were evaluating land for a new settlement about a day’s walk North toward Gnomish lands. 1,982 more words