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Caskbound: Deus Volt

Vecna, Devron, Onexia, Gudrun, and The Dan were already in the Luck Bandit Hideout. Revelle and Tancred took a route to follow them until they reached the Corpseknife Badlands, when they took the high road and avoided trouble. 776 more words

More Random Oldschool D&D

We played a session three of the OD&D-frankenstein dungeon crawl today, as one player was absent. They got some done, and I got another rush to keep fixing up my own retroclone. 322 more words


Darkest Nights - Session 14

I’m good at this I promise! I just finished writing the report on last session, after we played this one. School eats a lot of time now. 1,119 more words


Darkest Nights - Session 12

We had another session today, and I haven’t even finished writing session 11 yet… Really, I’ll just do that right now. So, I’m back now! Good work me. 1,515 more words


Caskbound: Luck Be a Bandit

The dwarves were at a local festival, the Feast of the Gold Tadpole, in the tributary settlement of Klassa. It was good to spend the week away from Whiskey Forge, because the clan home spent the week with a tanning focus, so it was awfully smelly, and it was also an important week for political meetings. 808 more words

Darkest Nights - Session 11

Here’s the other part of that pair of sessions. This was another short session, but the new character was actually forced to interact with the rest of the party a bit! 240 more words


The Voskul Pit

Subarchon Sabado called upon a few trusted warriors for a secret mission. They were distracted on the way in by watching a comical puppet show of the… 965 more words