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Creating a Scarlet Hero

I started a new solo play “campaign” using Scarlet Heroes, this time sticking in the Red Tide campaign setting instead of using the adventure to build out a new city. 309 more words

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SILENT LEGIONS: Greener Grass. Part 4

Session 1 notes. Session 2 notes. Session 3 notes.

So Terry went home, Arnie went to bed, and Truc stared through the file a while longer before sleeping over at Arnie’s place. 1,566 more words

SILENT LEGIONS: Greener Grass. Part 3.

Session One and Session Two notes.

So Terry, Truc, and Arnie settle in at Arnie’s house in Irvine to review the security tapes. Arnie ordered food from a number of delivery places, so there would be something everyone would like. 1,637 more words

Play Report: Into the Caves (Stormguard Sessions 10-12)

Having finally captured Warqua and turned him over to the elves (who occupied the manor at dawn), the remaining party members have resolved to go deeper into the mountain pursuing more of the purple crystals. 1,714 more words


WARHAMMER. A Malign Influence

The adventurers included:

  • Othric. A dwarven pharmacist, nicknamed “Rick” by the humans.
  • Thorgrim. A dwarven protagonist, goon enforcer for the dwarven community.
  • Sevn. A dwarven slayer, beyond redemption and seeking a good death.
  • 1,183 more words

WARHAMMER. An Immodest Errand

The characters:

  • Marise Devereaux. A Bretonnian noblewoman, currently apprenticed to Hella Goldblatt to become a member of the Elector Countess’s musketeers in Nuln. She has an entourage, even: Ella Rieger, Erik Beer, Louisa Seff, and Helga Geiger.
  • 742 more words