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Chaos Monks, Archives of the Yak Coven

Paito (Simon) and Karasu (Shaun) stayed in Kuan Loon with their three hobgoblin mercenaries. Choy Crabbreaker (Iris) wasn’t there, having been distracted in the Palace of the Red Glove. 1,518 more words

Disposable Heroes - Session 9

Another session today. It was half size, but a lot went down anyways! 479 more words


Caskbound: You Remind Me of the Babe

The fey princeling Sardine was visiting Whiskey Forge with his diplomatic entourage. The archon graciously put on a sports event for him. While watching, Sardine got bored, so he snagged the archon’s son (Rensen) and vanished. 1,376 more words

Disposable Heroes - Session 8

This one was pretty long and interesting. In the end there was -3 casualities from the party. Oh and one character that died but kind of not. 645 more words


Chaos Monks, First Session

“Chaos Monks” is a turducken of awesome. Take the Mad Monks of Kwantoom, make it a walled off city within the Yellow City at the mouth of the God River in… 1,785 more words

Disposable Heroes - Session 7

So, the campaign continued in that chamber with guards and wizards and stuff. We had four players as well, so that was great. And the one who wasn’t there, well… his character was one round away from death, with a spear through his gut. 567 more words