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Down the Deep Tower

Two brave veterans had traveled to Grenada, Mississippi, to check out Farmer Jenkins’ field. Standing stones appeared overnight some months ago, a door to a fey pocket realm that moved to his field. 1,091 more words

Game Days at Tabletop Game and Hobby

I have now been to four of the seven Greater Kansas City RPG Day events at Tabletop Game and Hobby. I plan to revisit this post as time goes on to update it with more adventure report links. 71 more words

Blades in the Dark: Two Sessions

We had a great morning and afternoon session of Blades in the Dark for the game day at the Tabletop Game and Hobby store. We had four players for the morning. 2,435 more words

Darkest Nights - Session 9

We got a 2-hour session in. That’s pretty short, but even that is appreciated when it’s a month since last time. I enjoyed it, and we got somewhere with the story. 1,295 more words


A Cult of Characters - Malmsturm Part 2

(Translation of this german post.) As you may have noticed, the intervals in between my blog posts average out at roughly an eighth of a year (a mercurian year, that is). 1,571 more words


Hermaphroditic Highnesses - Malmsturm Part 1

(This is the english translation of my german blog post.) German FATE guru Dominik asked for a Malmsturm play report after my review of… 1,034 more words


[German] Herrschaftliche Hermaphroditen - Malmsturm Part 1

(English translation here.) Dominik, der deutsche FATE-Guru, hatte mich nach meiner Rezension von Malmsturm – Die Fundamente um einen Spielbericht gebeten. Der Bitte komme ich natürlich gerne nach … gefühlt 90 % meiner Views sind schließlich über die… 841 more words