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Anatomy of a firefight

What do we know about infantry fights in the 18th century?

  1. First volley was most efficient
  2. After first volley most infantry started firing uncontrollable and without much effect – officers couldn’t stop them anymore…
  3. 755 more words
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Turning over a new leaf: A villainous Cortex Prime playtest

It’s 2018, hurrah! A new year means a new year for roleplaying, and I’m looking forward to a few upcoming changes in my roleplaying calendar. First, all three regular campaigns that I’m in are reaching their climactic finales, which will be an exciting if bittersweet farewell to some characters. 2,756 more words


Exploring Tuv

On Saturday the 11th of January, three Citadel House adventurers in the elven experimental facility at the center of the blight use their elven communication device to contact Citadel House and request more adventurers to resupply them, not wanting to make the long trek back before making more progress in the facility. 742 more words


Systems Test: Colonel Proprietor - the game

//What is this? This is a systemtest for a Mouse Guard X Ironsworn hack, with which I wish to simulate Age of Reason wars at the regimental level. 629 more words

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Summer 1493 (4)

Weather: Mild sunny breezy.

Miklos surveys the work being done in Vapaanki. Other mice are way better than him at planning and working on land. His fur is itching to get on a boat again. 464 more words

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Summer 1493 (2+3)

//this is just a really short summary, as I played the last sessions mostly “offline”.

Vilppus party is scattered by a ferret hunting party. Vilppu himself, badly wounded and maimed, drags himself through the mountains, in the broad direction of Merenranta. 265 more words

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