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Hermaphroditic Highnesses - Malmsturm Part 1

(This is the english translation of my german blog post.) German FATE guru Dominik asked for a Malmsturm play report after my review of… 1,076 more words


[German] Herrschaftliche Hermaphroditen - Malmsturm Part 1

(English translation here.) Dominik, der deutsche FATE-Guru, hatte mich nach meiner Rezension von Malmsturm – Die Fundamente um einen Spielbericht gebeten. Der Bitte komme ich natürlich gerne nach … gefühlt 90 % meiner Views sind schließlich über die… 841 more words


Darkest Nights - Session 8

We got another session in. Good times. It was a good six hours too, so we got some stuff done… Though the more crazy stuff is just barely left for next time. 1,054 more words


Darkest Nights - Session 7

Whoah, another session of the dark Victorian mystery campaign?! Yeah, I mean, it’s just been like two months. It was a full sunday session too, which is awesome (around 6 hours). 1,746 more words


Silent Legions: As Above, So Below. Session 4

After their adventure in sabotage, they retreated from Blakelee West and the Candlemach Cathedral. Terry dropped off the rental and got his car back, and headed to Shroud Ridge. 1,103 more words

Black Space Hack: Salvage Jousting

The Vista Trade Corporation subcontracted with Salvage Collect to do salvage of the Six Lights hauler, a massive cargo ship. It had a life support critical malfunction, and triggered the distress beacon. 734 more words

The Black Space Hack: Undersea

The Telmek Company hired some spacers to go retrieve special samples from one of their scientific expeditions. Rather than pull the whole (expensive) expedition out, they’d grab the red-hot licensing discovery and fly it back safely. 956 more words