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Darkest Nights - Session 7

Whoah, another session of the dark Victorian mystery campaign?! Yeah, I mean, it’s just been like two months. It was a full sunday session too, which is awesome (around 6 hours). 1,746 more words


Silent Legions: As Above, So Below. Session 4

After their adventure in sabotage, they retreated from Blakelee West and the Candlemach Cathedral. Terry dropped off the rental and got his car back, and headed to Shroud Ridge. 1,103 more words

Black Space Hack: Salvage Jousting

The Vista Trade Corporation subcontracted with Salvage Collect to do salvage of the Six Lights hauler, a massive cargo ship. It had a life support critical malfunction, and triggered the distress beacon. 734 more words

The Black Space Hack: Undersea

The Telmek Company hired some spacers to go retrieve special samples from one of their scientific expeditions. Rather than pull the whole (expensive) expedition out, they’d grab the red-hot licensing discovery and fly it back safely. 956 more words

Totally Ghoul Alpha Test

I had a little bit of an alpha test for the Tokyo Ghoul fan RPG I’m making. I ran it for my girlfriend who hasn’t (or hadn’t, actually) played in an actual pen-and-paper RP session. 474 more words


Blades in the Dark: The Horsemen

I ran a session of Blades in the Dark at the Greater Kansas City Role Playing Game Day. I had three players:

Guns of Telluria, Train Ride

We had a brief outing with one player, who played Ferlin “Husk” Williams, an older veteran of the Tellurian War. Over the course of the war he got weirded so he could detect the presence of nearby arcana. 324 more words