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Ghostbusters in Boston

I was in Boston meeting Miller and Bryan for the first time in person (as well as some of Miller’s friends.) This is the Ghostbusters game we played. 1,582 more words

Disposable Heroes - Session 15

Today, the last session of the current campaign. Though the world (and possibly the characters) are likely to come back again, as it’s ripe for more exploration. 711 more words


Disposable Heroes - Session 14

Lucky, we got in another session! It seemed like it would be canceled, but no! 354 more words


Disposable Heroes - Session 13

One guy called in sick, but luckily we were still four people and thus we could run! 473 more words


Disposable Heroes - Session 12

A bonus session, a few days ago, as people had easter break from school. 257 more words


Play Report-Turning the Tide

We left our party on the eve of battle, having joined Marquis Rutan in the citadel in preparation to sally forth during King Vindil III’s attack in the morning and clear the… 1,220 more words

Play Report

Disposable Heroes - Session 11

11 sessions later, and over a year of game time had passed. That’s probably an effect of the characters being forced to rest for a month after every major confrontation. 409 more words