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Star Wars under the Microscope: What if Darth Vader wasn't Luke's father?

A long time ago (about a week), in a galaxy far, far away (an hour on the London underground), I sat down with three of my friends to play a game of… 1,802 more words


Dead of Night: Willfully Blind

I put together an ad hoc gaming group online composed of Bryan, Miller, Slade, Jack, and Kristy. We tried out a new game system, Dead of Night, to provide the structure for a game in the Supernatural world, like the tv show. 2,144 more words

The First Temple

After the assault on Chain Crag following a daring scouting mission, the Templar of the Falls successfully wiped out the monsters lairing there. Slynn Keenblade led a group underneath, and the mithril-armored dwarves took many injuries but no casualties as they rolled through their foes. 1,268 more words

Silent Legions: Surface Tension. (Session 2)

After her ordeal, Helouise Havershaum was medicated to a sleeping, peaceful state. Truc and Jason figured this was as good a time as any to relocate and figure out next steps, so they returned to Havershaum Estate and reunited with Emilia and Terry. 1,606 more words

Edge City: Spoiling Schemes

Weeks passed after the heroes shuttered Hell.

Adrian Pellwitch Takes it Easy

George Pellwitch had about a week of tourism in Edgarton, and in the process became friends with Swashbuckler as a fellow monster hunter (in his way.) Adrian told Swashbuckler he was grateful for the help during the crisis, and Swashbuckler mentioned he could use some help getting a Letter of Marque and Reprisal signed by the police commissioner Alex Felton. 2,338 more words

Silent Legions: Surface Tension. (Session 1)


Terry Fox. A week after the incident in the Sears ruin, Terry was summarily fired; the boss picked one of many possible reasons and acted on it. 2,196 more words

Darkest Dungeons in the World Between: Giant

Heath the bandit and Chester the occultist rode the carriage up to Zellanta, joining Martin the leper, Vance the crusader, and Galatea the vestal (who arrived… 669 more words