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The Devil, John Moulton (Part Two)

Previously, on “The Devil, John Moulton,” they found a town with signs the warlock had been through, and got a sense of the lay of the land. 1,530 more words

One Last Job: Kill Dracula!

We played about 3 hours with 3 players (and me) trying to kill Dracula. The game system is “One Last Job.” This is how it went down. 1,555 more words

Play Report: UAE PGA professional - 18 Hole Round at Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club

I had a pleasure of playing a round with UAE PGA golf professional Dong Lee on Monday. This was the first time running the Strokes Gained analytic on a “decent” golfer and I was curios to see how the numbers from a club professional would fare against that of a PGA Tour touring professional. 339 more words


Blades in the Dark: Soul Food

Open table, 5 players, 2:30 including making a couple characters. This is my last open table game with the quick start, because the Unrecommendables are in version freeze and I don’t want to try to keep two versions of the game in my head ready to run at once. 1,197 more words

Play Report: The Vardor Summer Home (Stormguard Session 6)

Our adventurers have escaped the swamp. On the morrow, they journey with the elven rangers to the Vardor fortress, labeled a summer home for their ambassadors to the elves. 2,121 more words


Blades in the Dark: Unrecommendables: Piece of Cake

As it turns out, Wolfram bumped into a former shipmate, and realized he was being summoned by the Forgotten Gods to go on a pilgrimage to the Dagger Isles. 1,287 more words