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Another Blades in the Dark Adventure Summary!

We played Blades in the Dark online, with two new players. We made characters and the crew and played two heists in 3 hours.

The Crew… 1,148 more words

Blades in the Dark adventure summary!

We played Blades in the Dark. We made characters and ran two heists in 3:30. This is what happened.

The Crew

The crew had two members. 2,096 more words

Sunday fun with Blood & Treasure in Bloodnut Pass

This past Sunday two of the players from my regular group┬ápremiered with Blood & Treasure, and the one-shot adventure I ran was Bloodnut Pass… 556 more words

Play Report

Shadowrun: Running The Dream (Play Report)

Mostly Flesh and Steel: Intensive Care

Welcoming my players back to Shanghai, we first of all went and developed the safehouse that I spoke about a while ago. 2,165 more words


Dungeons and Dragons: Getting Back on Pace (Play Report)

Curse of the Black Pearls

After a bit of a break from Dungeons and Dragons, it was time for the glorious return of this game and a decision to increase the pace. 1,974 more words


Trail of Cthulhu: Mountaineering (Play Report)

The Howling Wind

After the previous drama at sea, I gave the characters a bit of time to recover and then began with the opening event: Anastasia woke up from her induced coma in hospital, her sister Ophelia still dutifully at her side. 1,890 more words


Shadowrun: Extraction (Play Report)

Corporate Party Crashing

For the second session of this Shadowrun game, I wanted to get back to what I felt made Shadowrun special and not “railroad” the procedures as much. 2,405 more words