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Campaign Mode: Road to Isengard (Part 2)

After a lengthy hiatus, the official TftC campaign returns! When last we looked in on our heroes, they were busy fighting in one of the biggest and most important battles of the age: Helm’s Deep. 10,458 more words


Darkest Nights - Final Session

We played the last sessions of the Darkest Nights campaign yesterday. I might very well make another one in the future, as I like the style of both the setting and system. 834 more words


Darkest Nights - Session 15

As I mentioned, this was pretty much the last session of the campaign. All that’s left is some rounding up, the ending scene, itself, and the aftermath. 1,720 more words


Caskbound: Scouting the Gorecyst

Sarbado, the general who assists the archon, called in Vecna, Gudrun, and Tancred. He told them that topsider agents in Brightstone were reporting that a human blood cult called the Summoners Argent was making noise about mounting an expedition to the Gorecyst. 607 more words

Caskbound: Rain of Terror

Vecna and Devron went to meet with the Shieldsplitters. They traveled for a day, finding axes stuck in trees and trying to puzzle out the meeting location (the code was painfully primitive, but referred to common knowledge the Shieldsplitters shared that Caskbound didn’t.) A Shieldsplitter ambush caught them out, but Vecna persuaded the leader to go find a bigger boss, she had a proposal for glory for all of them. 599 more words

Caskbound: Deus Volt

Vecna, Devron, Onexia, Gudrun, and The Dan were already in the Luck Bandit Hideout. Revelle and Tancred took a route to follow them until they reached the Corpseknife Badlands, when they took the high road and avoided trouble. 776 more words

More Random Oldschool D&D

We played a session three of the OD&D-frankenstein dungeon crawl today, as one player was absent. They got some done, and I got another rush to keep fixing up my own retroclone. 322 more words