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The Nintendo Play Station Surfaces?

It’s no secret today that Nintendo and Sony started working together on a project in 1988 to create a CD-ROM attachment for the upcoming Super Famicom, the Famicom’s successor which would hit Japan first in 1990. 751 more words

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PlayStation MediaStation

PlayStation 4 obviously enjoys the time of its entertaining life. The sale has skyrocketed at an unparalleled rate compared to the previous editions. On the other hand, this was a strong and absolutely necessary moral support for the seriously shaken Sony Empire, which lost its usual business rhythm. 159 more words

Kids Aren’t Reading–And That’s Their Parents’ Fault by guest author Robert

Children aren’t reading, and that’s their parent’s fault. I’m always leery when I hear “a new study says,” but for what it’s worth a new study says that one in four students agree with the statement “My parents don’t care if I spend any time reading.”According to Acculturated, one in six boys said they had never been given a book as a present and one in five said they had never been to a bookstore. 275 more words

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How Final Fantasy 7 Empowered Me

Although I’m pretty sure back in my childhood/teen years video games caused me to become MORE of a recluse, greasy, chubby person, I still have nothing but love and revere for the days where I would play Final Fantasy or Spyro the Dragon for days straight without showering. 423 more words


Playstation Rules the Gaming World

Has the word “PlayStation” invaded your vocabulary? Do you have a child over the age of about 5? Let’s Play!

Who among us has never played a… 513 more words


Gift Health to Someone You Care with Trampolines.

Gifting a trampoline can certainly prove out to be a good one for all those teens and pre-teens as this age group enjoys trampolines the most. 264 more words


DecalGirl PS4 Dark Rose Wood Skin

DecalGirl PS4 Dark Rose Wood Skin

One thing that I’ve really wanted to try out is a skin that goes over my PS4. I personal hate the black look; it’s plain and doesn’t stand out. 480 more words