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Casual Gamers Don't Ruin Games...Overly Competitive Ones Do...

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the worlds casual paired up with the word dirty. As if playing a game casually is a bad thing… 959 more words


Indie Games: The Savior of Gaming Culture?

Since I’ve posted my thoughts on AAA gaming, let’s have a lot at the other side of the fence, and have a look at Indie gaming. 398 more words


Gaming Storefronts: A Dying Industry?

I never actively thought about this until this morning, when I was in the car with my fiancee driving to work. We pulled into a shopping center (which are in abundance out here in Vegas) so she could hop out of the car and grab us some coffee. 351 more words


I Love Pez!

I love to collect things, from the typical to the quirky and unusual. Besides the usual knick knacks and paintings from my travels, I enjoy growing my animal figurine collection especially the owls, pigs and elephants. 196 more words


Black Ops Beta for PS4, for 10 days only!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 is coming to PS4 soon very soon. From information give in Comic-Con the game will be released for Beta access on PS4, the level will be the same as played in ‘Escape Room Challenge”. 99 more words

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The Nintendo Play Station Surfaces?

It’s no secret today that Nintendo and Sony started working together on a project in 1988 to create a CD-ROM attachment for the upcoming Super Famicom, the Famicom’s successor which would hit Japan first in 1990. 751 more words

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PlayStation MediaStation

PlayStation 4 obviously enjoys the time of its entertaining life. The sale has skyrocketed at an unparalleled rate compared to the previous editions. On the other hand, this was a strong and absolutely necessary moral support for the seriously shaken Sony Empire, which lost its usual business rhythm. 159 more words