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Kesibukan di Minggu Pagi

Everyday is Like SUNDAY!
Setiap harinya rutinitas senin sampai sabtu di setting sedemikian rupa, padat dan benar-benar tidak bisa menyia-nyiakannya barang sejam dua jam, bagi kami yang tidak memiliki pembantu, hanya mem-brain wash stigma ‘setiap hari adalah hari minggu’ sajah yang bisa buat kami kuat menjalani hectic dan stressing nya melewati senin – sabtu. 417 more words


Bloodborne, From the Creators of Dark Souls, Releases March 24 on PS4

We’re really excited about the new PS4 RPG Bloodborne, which will be released on Tuesday, March 24. Made by From Software, with director Hidetaka Miyazaki and the Dark Souls team, Bloodborne looks like it’s going to be suspenseful, creative, dark, and visually dramatic. 15 more words


Age Of Empires

A classic, the most wanted strategy game wich we has just created, Age Of Empires III, within this game you´ll be able to command your army to victory, fight in the U.S. 136 more words

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Tom Clancy´s Endwar

Strategy games are great and Endwar is not an exception, imagine a world with no more petrol available, that Europe joins and turns into a federal republic, the world has no more petrol and Russia starts receiving money for its petrol, in that moment USA decides that they need to go back to being the most important planet and decides to build the “Freedom Star´´, a stellar military base and receives a negative from Europe and Russia, two weeks later USA, Russia and Europe are attacked by unknown forces that start attacking multiple positions, later they attack the system antiballistic of the NATO and make it attack the last module of the freedom star as if Europe had done that, in two days the 3rd world war starts. 76 more words

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Girly Gamer

I am a little bit of a girly gamer. I used to play Mortal Combat on the Sega, and my first games console was the Nintendo 64, followed by the Xbox, Xbox 360, a Nintendo Wii and now I have the PS4. 669 more words


Monument Valley, Esher y House of (Gaming) Cards

En la aclamada serie, original del servicio de streaming de contenido audiovisual “Netflix”, House of Cards el protagonista ha hecho referencias a que es fan de los videojuegos para desestresarse, independiente a si es una inserción pagada o por parte del guión como una justificación, Frank Underwood se le ha visto jugando la franquicia de “KillZone” de la consola PlayStation 3 de Sony, además de su intención de comprarse un PSVita durante el transcurso de la primera temporada, durante esta parte se le ve en varios capítulos jugando con la consola en la cuál su esposa “Claire” hace hincapié en que no pase la noche en vela. 582 more words

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There Is No Mobile Money In Sony

So, what do you get when you eliminate a mobile division of Sony? Well, what you get a profitable company. Do not get us wrong. Sony is a powerful brand. 181 more words