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God of War: A Bold New World

This new God of War for the PlayStation 4 is in a word a masterpiece, that does not mean it’s perfect but a seriously great game. 809 more words


How To Raise Your Child To Be An Adult Gamer

When writing how to blogs, it only makes sense to write about topics where you, yourself have had off the charts success. Sometimes that means you have to go looking… 525 more words


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is a game I’ve played for quite some time now. It’s $15 on steam and worth it. Rainbow Six Siege is a FPS game (First Person Shooter) where there are two teams, offense and defense. 355 more words

Disgaea 5 - Tactical RPG at its best

With 116h on record, couple weeks spent on end-game content, getting emotionally involved in the story, we definitely need to turn on the “Nerd alert” warning ! 1,320 more words

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An Interview with Frank Nwafor, the Gadget Pimp god.

Growing up, i always watched this program pimp my ride where on the selection of requests a certain car belonging to a certain someone gets pimped. 516 more words

The Journey Begins

Players unknown battle grounds

 PUBG is a very popular online game that has been relevant for the past 2 years. Pubg has been making millions of dollars and currently still is.

92 more words

The Growing World of Fortnite

Fortnite is a free, third person Battle Royale game on PC and console.  Like PUBG, its biggest rival, you and 99 other people drop out of what they call the battle-bus —  a hot air balloon like bus that takes you around the map. 407 more words