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Much Needed Victory Confidence Builder

The 2-4 2015 Yellow Jackets worked real hard to get such an ugly victory.  But a win is a win is a win.  No  one needed this one more.  700 more words

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Defense Can't Carry entire Load- Chiefs Win 28-14

The Llano Yellowjackets went into half-time against the 5-A Lakeview Chiefs tied 7-7.  The defense was strong for Llano.  32 plays and allowed only 119 yards.  505 more words

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Two Halves, Two Yellowjackets, Disappointing End

The two faces of the Llano Yellowjackets showed itself Friday night playing the Fredericksburg Billies.  You had the hustling, gang tackling Jackets, and you had the laid back wait and see if someone else will do the job and maybe I won’t have to do much Jackets. 852 more words

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Be On The Lookout For A Brown Ferrari!

Your opportunity is not going to be a bright shiny brand new red ferrari that costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s going to be a dirty, used ferrari with some wear and tear that someone decided to hand paint brown with a brush. 96 more words

Unexplained Let Down in Brady

When it looked like the Llano Yellowjackets were going to bring forth a consistent offense, a defense that did not allow the big play, and special teams that stayed disciplined, all fell apart in Brady Texas last Friday night.  473 more words

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How To Win All The Time

How to win all the time: I’ve learned quite a bit in the first few days of our push toward the end of 2015. The only way to live is to win all the time. 154 more words

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First Win On New Turf Brings Good Times

The 2015 Llano Yellowjackets found success at home last Friday night beating the Bangs Dragons 41-12 while playing the first game on the new artificial turf.  602 more words

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