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Hallowe'en Countdown II, Day 27

« It only hurts when I exist »

Another astonishing madman from the Playboy magazine stable, Bernard Kliban (1935-1990) is mainly remembered for his much-merchandised « Cat » cartoons, but he was a true master of a… 148 more words

Halloween Countdown 2018

Hallowe'en Countdown II, Day 11

« It’s astonishing how terrible people can be. » – Gahan Wilson

Chez Gahan Wilson (as with his esteemed colleagues Charles Addams and Edward Gorey… 131 more words

Halloween Countdown 2018

Pamela Tiffin in Playboy

Pamela Tiffin photographed by Chiara Samugheo for Playboy, February 1969


Shel Silverstein: Without Borders

« I’m not content when I’m traveling, but I’m not content when I’m not traveling. So I guess I’ll keep traveling. » – Shel Silverstein… 380 more words

On This Day...

Flashback Friday-The Girls Next Door (2005-2010)

Sometimes, when watching a reality show, the viewer may feel like a peeping tom. Especially when the show they are watching delves into the lives of the rich and famous. 136 more words


Skip Williamson Hears the Music

« Taste the sweetness of Destiny, racist pig!* »

The Old Underground Hall of Legends took some bad hits in 2017, with the losses, within less than a couple of weeks, of… 536 more words

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391. sookie sookie

“The memory is of Grade Seven, a kid named Malcolm Cale that I wasn’t supposed to hang with, because he was known to be bad. Except we both walked home from school the same way. 99 more words

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