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Is the Playboy Era Over?

Full disclosure: I have never been a huge Playboy fan. I didn’t buy its attempt to squeeze together soft porn and good writing. On the other hand, there is no doubt that its brand was for many years iconic. 141 more words

High Life

The 6 Best Games That Let You Design Own Levels

I finally managed to pull myself away from Super Mario Maker, just in time to realize thatCall of Duty: Black Ops III will be getting mod tools and a level editor—the features that allow players to make their own custom content for a game—in March. 159 more words

10 Games For the Original Nintendo Every Retro Game Collection Needs

The Nintendo Entertainment System, a console that just celebrated its thirtieth anniversary, has cemented its place in gaming history without question. This goliath of a console had one of the largest libraries in gaming history and is still receiving hacks and fan games to this day. 97 more words

10 Steps to Starting Your Retro Video Game Collection

Like many, I have an addiction, and it is spreading. Video game collecting is hot right now. Prices are at an all time high, and everyone wants in on it. 96 more words

Some Cosplayers Do Things a Little Differently

Someone could play a very dangerous game of taking a shot every time they see a Harley Quinn, Slave Leia, or Doctor Who character being cosplayed at a convention. 123 more words