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“It’s the End of an Era for Modern Shooter Games” – Playboy (25th July 2016)

Switzerland has been invaded by space fascists, the Somme is covered in broken biplanes and mustard gas. Penguins in battlesuits are fighting nightmares over the last star and there are still wizards on the moon…

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“Why Gamers Often Love and Defend Games That are Terrible” – Playboy (22nd April 2016)

Unlike other forms of entertainment, video game fans seem almost unique in defending the indefensible. ‘So-Bad-It’s-Good’ is now practically a genre within the film and television industry, but while taste will always sway individuals to and fro, there is normally a simple consensus for what is objectively working and what is not…

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West Coast Guide: A Weekend in Vegas

Where to sleep, eat and play in Vegas.

On my last trip to Los Angeles, my group of friends and I decided to head to Vegas for a quick “romantic” Valentine’s day weekend filled with drinking, entertainment, gambling and of course–incredible food. 669 more words


The Evangelical Playboy

Exit polls show white evangelical voters voted in high numbers for Donald Trump, 80-16 percent, according to exit poll results. That’s the most they have voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 2004, when they overwhelmingly chose President George W.

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This was posted in an on-line group I’m in, and I thought it was funny. All over the world, old Christian Science churches are being re-purposed as this moribund religion shrinks away to its ‘native nothingness’ (to use a well-known phrase from Mary Baker Eddy). 86 more words


Pamela Anderson pe ultima copertă nud Playboy.

Actrița Pamela Anderson va fi vedeta ultimei coperți nud a revistei Playboy, însumând astfel 14 apariții pe principala pagină a celebrei publicații. nunțul a fost publicat joi de revistă, care a subliniat că ultima sa copertă cu nuduri nu ar fi avut sens fără cea mai celebră

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Playboy Agencies in Bangalore and Their Playboy Services for Women

Now in present era many playboy agencies in Bangalore are active and providing jobs and services in Bangalore as well as for other locations of the country. 380 more words