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Making Our Own Play Dough

So we decided that we would have a go at making our own play dough and it was a lot easier that I expected.  So heres how we done it. 126 more words

Our Family Life

Be the playdough you were meant to be...

Life is like a bucket of play dough.  It is nice and soft when you first open it (although it does smell a little funny).  You experience pleasure working it with your hands, squishing and molding, rolling and pulling it apart, only to squish it back together again.   370 more words


Game: What am I making?

This is a game that works well with play dough. Both my children enjoyed this and took turns guessing. The concept is simple and the game can last as long as there is interest. 134 more words


One Bag of Balloons

I think those balloons cost about $1.87. But of all the activities in which our grandchildren were involved the week of our “Camp 1010,” the balloons were near the top of the list. 898 more words

Quality Time sensory play ideas

This post is part of a series on activities for children ages 6-36 months. There are so many sensory play activities out there for babies and toddlers and now classes going on in every town across the uk. 640 more words

Simple number and counting activity

If your child is interested in numbers, you can make simple number cards for little ones to help with number recognition, one to one correspondence and even simple math. 31 more words


Ms Jodie's favourite Playdough recipe 

This is one for the senses and is edible for those little ones who can’t help but put it in their mouths, but be warned due to the salt content it can cause vomiting. 270 more words