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Watching a potter make a pot is quite amazing. They carefully squeeze just the right part of the clay and then place their hand in another place on the clay and slowly it changes from a lump of clay to a beautiful masterpiece. 253 more words

Make Your Own Playdough

Kids of all ages love to play with playdough. There are so many favorite recipes out there, and I included some of my old favorites. Some of the recipes require cooking, and some do not! 476 more words


Koolaid Playdough: a homemade recipe (originally posted January 8, 2018)

If you’re feeling anything like me right now, you’re ready for something to keep the kids busy for more than 5 minutes at a time!  Something that doesn’t require you to leave the house and maybe something that occupies the kids enough that you don’t hear “MOMMY!” every minute and a half. 545 more words


Happy Easter Playdough Mat

In my previous post, about making our Real Lemon Playdough, I promised to follow up with a post on the Easter themed playdough mat that I made to go with that squeezy ball of sunshine. 286 more words


Homemade Real Lemon Playdough - Instant Sunshine!

The other day we made this bright and wonderfully lemon scented playdough! As you might already know if you follow us, Penguin loves the taste of lemons, so I thought this should be a hit. 441 more words


Easter Imagination Tray

We search, share, and plan crafts for children of all ages! Doing arts and crafts with children gives them an opportunity to learn trial and error, learn colours and quantity, practice fine motor skills, to follow instruction, use their imagination, and so much more! 274 more words

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Simple Play Dough Recipe

Playdough can be used for so many different learning opportunities. I love adding simple things to our playdough space to keep it interesting, and engage the children to try new things. 279 more words

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