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Aromatic Playdough

Playing with playdough isn’t just about touch.  Add some colour and aromatics and play becomes a heightened sensory experience. 170 more words


Adventures in play dough

It started with last week when Ava wanted to use the play-doh but, it was all dried up and crumbly.  I don’t find that stuff lasts very long at all.  366 more words

A Playdough Kind of Day

Rainy days are great playdough days.  It’s easy to make your own playdough and it smells and feels so much nicer.  You can find my go to recipe for playdough… 27 more words

Homemade Playdough (5 minute recipe)

We love playdough. Or rather me and the girls do – my husband hates it with a passion, and actually forbids us from taking it out while he is in the room. 396 more words


Supersoft Playdough

Our supersoft playdough. This playdough has the softest most beautiful texture. I made one and a half recipe and got out 10 different fistful-sized colours. We added glitter so some and left the others plain. 55 more words

Age 4-6

A-Z Challenge P: Playdough!

Not your average play-dough either. Today I made this play-dough with my son for a specific purpose. Other than playtime of course!

I followed this… 257 more words

Play with Play Dough

Playing with play dough can be a great sensory activity for children who have experienced grief and loss as it can give them a sense of control in their own world as they create something uniquely their own. 191 more words

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