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Measuring the Importance of Individual Player Zone Entry Creation

The importance of zone entries in hockey statistical analysis will come as no secret to anyone familiar with the public community at large. Back in 2011, then-Broad Street Hockey writer (and current Carolina Hurricanes manager of analytics) … 2,537 more words

Neutral Zone Analysis

Introducing Weighted Points Above Replacement – Part 2

In part 1, I laid out the basis for Weighted Points Above Average (wPAA). Now it’s time to change the baseline from average to replacement level. 2,312 more words

NHL League-Wide Analysis

Introducing Weighted Points Above Replacement - Part 1

Aggregate statistics in sports have always fascinated me. I might go so far as to say my need to better understand how these metrics work is one of the reasons I became interested in sports statistics in the first place. 5,400 more words

NHL League-Wide Analysis

Expected Sacks

Main Takeaway: By capitalizing on a larger sample size, a probability-based metric may offer a much more accurate picture of a pass rusher’s performance than traditional sacks. 333 more words

Framework for Evaluating Receivers

GENERAL COMMENT: While I believe in a 50/50 split between data and video to assess a player’s performance, this post will primarily focus on the former. 667 more words

Wizards Stagger Continues

No time for major analysis the next couple weeks, but…here’s the Player Production Average update. It’s not pretty.

Player GMS MPG LW PPA 177 more words