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Revisiting Relative Shot Metrics – Part 2

In part 1, I described three “pen and paper” methods for evaluating players based on performance relative to their teammates. As I mentioned, there is some confusion around what differentiates the relative to team (Rel Team) and relative to teammate (Rel TM) methods (it also doesn’t help that we’re dealing with two metrics that have the same name save four letters). 3,370 more words


Revisiting Relative Shot Metrics - Part 1

Relative shot metrics have been around for years. I realized this past summer, however, that I didn’t really know what differentiated them, and attempting to implement or use a metric that you don’t fully understand can be problematic. 3,836 more words


Youth Soccer - Player Evaluations. Communication is key.

As a Club Director and Coach, I find myself and fellow coaches to be at the time of year where player feedback in the form of evaluations is needed.   1,194 more words


Goal Scorer Cluster Analysis

“They don’t ask how. They ask how many.”

-Hockey Proverb

“But seriously though… how?”


To state the obvious: goal-scoring is an essential skill for a hockey team.

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NHL League-Wide Analysis

MLB: On the Place of Context in Player Analysis

There is a debate that has now swept much of the sabermetric community. It spawned largely out of the American League MVP debate and more specifically, out of a set of comments made by one of the founding fathers of the community, Bill James and his thoughts on the worthiness of the two players. 1,837 more words


Aaron Gordon's Next Step

If you had to guess who the NBA leader was in three-point percentage as of 11/12/17, who would you pick? Steph Curry? Damian Lillard? James Harden? 3,544 more words

Player Evaluation

Frank Ntilikina 9 Games In

 The French Prince of NY

After a tumultuous season, Knicks fans were eager for the 2017 draft to come. Throughout the year, most people were talking about Josh Jackson, Lonzo Ball, Markelle Fultz, and the other hyped American players and how they would each fit in with Kristaps Porzingis. 3,172 more words

Player Evaluation