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MLB Players Break Single-Season Record For Combined Home Runs

TORONTO (AP) — Kansas City’s Alex Gordon hit Major League Baseball’s record 5,694th home run of 2017 on Tuesday night, breaking a season record set in 2000 at the height of the Steroids Era. 179 more words


Welcome to TONIGHT!

Nia OOC: Who’s doing the blog tonight? Not it!
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It’s Tempest :)


Men: What You See, is What You Get

Most men are true to who they are, even early on in a relationship.  Many women will overlook or accept a man’s annoying behavior hoping to change him to make him into her fantasy.  221 more words

Here Are D&D's New Official Dinosaur Racing Rules

(Source: kotaku.com)

Dungeons & Dragons’ selling point is that is lets players be and do things they’ve always dreamed of. Dinosaur racing has never been one of those things for me, but if it is for you, D&D’s newest adventure, which launched today, delivers on that very specific fantasy. 399 more words


The Timer Makes Dead Rising 2's Zombies A Threat

(Source: kotaku.com)

Games have a zombie problem. They can be your basic slow shamblers or your fast berserkers, but whatever variation appears in a game, zombies are little more than mindless pinatas meant to be killed in large numbers. 1,273 more words


Fortnite devs inadvertently prove cross-console play is possible

(Source: arstechnica.com)

People playing Epic’s Fortnite on consoles recently were surprised to discover a new feature had been quietly added to the game: the ability to play with gamers on other consoles. 344 more words