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Be Playful

Work hard.  Study hard. Get good grades so that you can get into college.  Get a good education so you can get a good job.  Do all these things so you can have the good things in life. 199 more words


beautiful nature

I can hardly recognize your playfulness

it’s hidden behind all those tickets

stuck all over your beautiful nature



Dolphins swim in sacred formations. Usually grouped up in a choreography reflecting grace and inclusion. Close to the shore of the famous Kealakekua Bay there is a vortex to Lemuria where they sometimes escape. 78 more words



A strange organism with the uncanny ability to convert caffeine into books.


Zeus & Pandora

Kittens are cute. Undeniably and irresistibly cute. I don’t have any of my own but I just recently had the “kitty-sitting” call to come over and give the kitties some love because “they are just babies and need lots of it”. 120 more words