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the wicked witch is dead.

may she rest in peace.

may the sun set in the east.


San Pedro Airport Belize

Here we are a bunch of gringos waiting for the next Tropic Air flight to leave for Dallas.  At least there is air conditioning.  There will not be air on the plane, not cold air anyway.   125 more words


January 24, One Year, One Day at a Time - Really?

Commitments are great in the beginning and become less and less interesting as time goes by.  When I started this, One Year, One Day at a Time on January 1st, I was pumped.   375 more words

Yoga And Addiction

Broadway Talent Teaches "Hairspray" Cast

Local theatre product Whitney Branan has worked on and all around Broadway. When she returned home recently to choreograph the Poplar Pike Playhouse’s upcoming production of… 600 more words


Fear Of Dying

I need to write about this…the dying thing.  Push away.  Push it way, far away.  Do…hands stuck on the keyboard, finger reluctant to move, fear of the pain of dying, not my death.  355 more words

Yoga And Addiction

Spotlight Down on Cooper Street

The Memphis Drum Shop is on Cooper in midtown, and as I drove down it to go buy my cymbal bag, I was reminded that I actually had some history on that street. 280 more words


Canine Co-Stars Adoptions and Auditions

There’s a casting call this week but not for you aspiring actors out there.  No, Playhouse on the Square wants your four-legged friends to audition. They’re looking for a dog to play Bruiser in “Legally Blonde”.  68 more words

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