EDiJuly 2015 #31

I thought, since I’ve been drawing all month on 2-1/2″ x 3-1/2″ roughly-applied-acrylic-paint-covered playing cards and it is Very Very Hot and Humid, that this was a much better idea than “combine as many topics as you can into a single sketch”. 52 more words


Unnamed Australian Playing Card Company adds new ‘Victim Card’ to the deck because white people want to play it.

In an attempt to be included into minority groups, white people are now able to play the ‘victim card’ because of a new card that has been added to the traditional deck of playing cards. 216 more words

EDiJuly 2015 #28,29,30

#28 “Three Ornaments from a Bridle”; mid-17th century; India; Islamic; Medium: Silver; stamped, punched, gilded.
From the Met’s website: “In paintings of Mughal courtly life, horses and elephants appear as richly adorned as their royal riders. 273 more words


Thursday Teaser- The 4 King Riddle

Every Thursday I will add a new riddle to this blog. It may be one I know of or one I have found online. If you like to submit a riddle comment on this one and it may become next week’s riddle. 128 more words

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Kasekuchen Kartenspiel/Maximum Ribald German style pack

This is a joint project with a kartenmacher from the Outlands.
Although there is not enough of any one pack to restore it, there are scant fragments of early cards that feature…smut. 145 more words

Playing Cards

5 beautiful card sets for designers

With increasing demands in the design industry it is necessary for designers to continually improve on their skill sets. The creativity skills include; learning new technology, expanding media strategies, and increased productivity demands. 192 more words

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