1OO Project - Hirshorn

For this project, I decided to make a connected card sculpture. The focus of this project for me was the process, over the final design. I started this project by collecting decks of cards, and researching how exactly to make a card star, or something like that. 136 more words


Red Riding Hood


If you go looking for trouble in the winter, at least make sure to dress well.

Red Riding Hood was maybe a bit oppositional, or perhaps her home life was unstable, but … whatever, she was certainly incautious about her personal safety. 845 more words


Random Thought

Myself and monkey were going to try and play cards. We have four decks of cards, all with 51 cards. How do that happen?

I have searched high and low for anyone of these cards but no luck so far. 10 more words


Hi everyone! I'm on STEEMIT, Instagram, and YouTube!

Hello Everyone!

So here’s the deal: I’ve been relatively inactive primarily because I have been working on finishing up grad school. Now that I’ve graduated (YAY!) I have started making content again. 206 more words


Numero Uno

Uno is one game that brings back so many memories of so many different stages of life! As kids it was being competitive and winning, but as grownups it’s more like revenge. 51 more words