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When I tell people that my husband, Josh, is trying to make a career out of playing poker, people respond 3 different ways.

  1. “OMG, that’s so cool!
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Playing cards project and contest

Learning targets:

  • I can Design a themed based set of playing cards.

Read yesterday’s blog post about specific rules. You can find the template at the Google classroom under the “about” tab at the top of the page. 10 more words

Playing Cards

Playing cards design project and contest

Design a themed based set of playing cards. The set of four cards will include:

  • Queen of Hearts
  • 3 of Clubs
  • Joker
  • Card back

All designs MUST be original art. 95 more words

Playing Cards

queen of spades

with scarlet plumes,
stiletto grace-

serpent tongue,
candied face-

shakes her breasts like
swollen rattles,

for all the card boys
giving chase.

king of spades, whispers… 30 more words

Hands In The Garden

Cryptic Cards by Immy Smith

When I received this deck and book the artist included an extra image and some business cards with cards from the deck on the reverse, so I immediately wanted to get them framed. 202 more words

Playing Cards

Dan & Dave Private Reserve

Design & Illustration: Jeff Trish
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Dan and Dave
Packaging Content: Play Cards
Location: USA

My task was to create a luxurious brand of playing cards that fit stylistically around Dan & Dave’s new logo.

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