A conversation 'round a kitchen table while playing cards

I have recently made the jump to open up a small shop for card readings, over on Etsy. This was around a month ago. Making this jump has inevitably got me thinking about my narrative as a card reader, what defines me and what shapes me as a cartomancer? 473 more words

Marseilles Tarot

Cartomancy - A Brief History of the Tarot in Divination

The history of divinatory Tarot is vague, debated, and largely based on belief rather than historical evidence. Some claim its origin may lie in medieval card games while others claim that is far older and hidden within the divinatory rites of ancient Egyptian and Kabbalistic mystic schools. 1,300 more words



Last week it was cards, a skull, and a book. This week begins with cards, a pendulum, and absinth soap.

Ryan Edward, a well-known name now in the cartomantic community felt moved to send me some gifts. 726 more words

Playing Cards

The Everlasting (Dis)Advantage

In the everlasting tournament of part skill-part luck on the planet Capeon, there was one card that not everyone held in their hand.

Even more complicated, it was a card that people were born with. 290 more words


[NB] Old Decks of Cards

One of the things I enjoy about taking a dive into the lived history of an object or idea is how often we discover a rich variety behind the seemingly simple facade of a standard account. 384 more words