A Raspberry Pi Rain Man in the Making

We see a lot of Raspberry Pis used to play games, but this is something entirely different from the latest RetroPie build. This Raspberry Pi is learning how to read playing cards… 211 more words

Misc Hacks

5 of clubs

Numerical Value: 5
Key Concepts: Work, Aggravation, Labor

The 5 of clubs can be a pretty aggressive card. Yes, sure, the song, Work Bitch, sexualizes the concept of work, but the fervor, the grit associated with the 5 of clubs is not fun and sexy at all (unless, maybe the 3 or 5 of hearts is in the spread). 113 more words


The augury of fire

After a brief hiatus last weekend, I was in the middle of moving, I am back with this week’s augury.

As I was shuffling my playing cards, my mind drifted towards the Tabula Mundi deck by MM Meleen, which I have unfortunately rarely used. 359 more words

Weekly Augury

5 of hearts

Numerical Value: 5
Key Concepts: Promotion, Joy, Arousal

The 5 of hearts indicates a certain arousal moving one from *just* the comfort of the 4 of hearts. 132 more words


Family Life Lessons in a Game of Cards.

Today, we had a family game of three-handed 500 and had so much fun. Moreover, we even invented a new lexicon, which I’ll blame on the cards rather than the players. 793 more words


Queen of Hearts

i fall in love a little bit with anyone who shows me their soul. this world is so guarded and fearful. i appreciate rawness so much.

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Card Readings