The Insecurity of Security

There is no such thing as an unfettered path. When the cards are all placed neatly in stacks, ready for their integration on the tower, a gale blows in to splash them across the ground. 258 more words

Thoughts On The Life Of One

10 of Diamonds

Lady of Diamonds – ‘Tendra’

The youngest member of the Diamond Family.

Insatiable and demanding. The vibe here, to me,  is an obsession that demands every part of yourself. 177 more words

Picture Book Of Ana Cortez

పేకాడుతూ దొరికిన సినీ నటి

పేకాడుతూ దొరికిన సినీ నటి

తెలుగు సినిమాల్లో క్యారెక్టర్లు ధరించే కరాటే కళ్యాణి అనే నటి పేకాడుతూ పోలీసులకు పట్టుబడింది. హైదరాబాద్‌లోని…………………See More………..

Iota Playing Cards

Playing Cards designed by Joe Doucet to embrace minimalism design, Iota Playing Cards are a subtle addition to any game room. Say goodbye to oversized designs and images, and embrace the quiet elegance of this modern design.

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Playing Cards

In Hamiltucky, We Played Pitch - Memories of Playing Cards

There’s a card game we play in good ‘ol Hamiltucky called Pitch.  If you know the game of Euchre, it’s very similar.  An easy game to learn, and one played with a partner or without, it’s a game of bidding on how many points can be captured in the hand and the establishment of which suit will be the trump suit that hand.   2,352 more words

High School Years