Playing Card Photo Series I

This is the first of an weekly photo series featuring playing cards in unique places.


that senorita had some magic...

she knew the way to the stomach

was by touching the leg

stick-chap mismatched

glossy strawberries

lashes on deck

flipping aces, spades, and hearts

in her genes- nature… 51 more words


Mongol As Nas: An Anachronistic Poker game

As Nas is a poker type game believed to be of Persian origin. Early specimens date to the seventeenth century, but like all asiatic cards scarceness and antiquity obscure its true source. 342 more words

Playing Cards

While Away a Wonderful Weekend With Whist part 2

So, from my previous post you know how to play a very simple round of the card game Whist. Now we’re going to spice up the game a notch by introducing TRUMPS. 543 more words

Playing Cards

Pigs and Troughs

Recently, I had an interesting discussion over WhatsApp with one of my Lenormand students, Anna, about the famed Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Playing Cards. It all started with her observation that: ‘…the cards lack coherence, and I can never get a precise sense of what they say.’ I found this an odd declaration considering she can read Sybil-style cards like a devil. 690 more words

Playing Cards

Two Jacks and Three Mikes

Today, I continue with my abstract designs. I saw a video bit about a series of Miró prints that inspired me. He used some of his plates repeatedly on the same paper. 284 more words

Artistic Process