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Playing cards have been game for adults for the last many decades. It has been a crucial part of our lives from the time when industrialization hit our economy. 405 more words

Cartomancy: Fortune Telling, Playing Cards

Cartomancy is the act of divining using cards. Divining means to find out by inspiration, intuition or magic; to foresee. Cartomancy is a divination tool where by playing cards are used, and is similar to a Tarot reading. 3,197 more words



I just got somewhere between 10 and 11 hours of sleep which is a small miracle given my insomnia. I think I was worn out by pain. 213 more words

Playing Cards


This deck of cards was in the back of my office closet.

Nick Momrik

It is August and I am still planning lessons. Even when I have covered every session for the term, I know I will still be looking for ways to make each topic engaging. 311 more words

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