Poster: Light Opera 2015

This was a fun, commemorative poster I made for the directors of the summer light opera production I performed in last summer.  The production was a double bill of Gilbert and Sullivan’s… 75 more words


366 Poems: April 30th, 2016

A Pack of Cards

Summer days will turn to summer jobs,

slow mornings to Saturday-morning cartoons,

afternoon walks to video games,

smiling faces to computer screens, 92 more words


Bridge on the River Kwai

I’m not much a of cards player myself – the closest I get is a quick bit of Snap-chat™. So imagine my surprise when travelling through Kitulaga in western Sri Lanka, I came across a bridge that according to legend and a jolly good 1957 movie should have been located in Burma. 283 more words

Collage 6

Playing card, collage, acrylic paint.

Mixed Media

'I Like' Friday. The 100 Day Edition.

The 100 day project.  One hundred days of constant, consistent artwork.  I have 10 days done and now I am into double digit days and still going strong, mainly because I am loving these little pieces I am creating each day. 166 more words

'I Like' Friday

A Card of Cards for Mom

I’m still offering free
Hand made cards for
Mother’s day.
For more info.

I’m a big fan of ‘one-page’ zines
And I’m excited to make the… 62 more words

Mother's Day

Card Design Review: Contraband Playing Cards

This is another great design from Theory 11, a brilliant playing card artist. It features a cool vintage-looking case made from Theory 11’s favourite card material and gold touching on the detail. 89 more words