Blackpool Magic Convention 2015 Highlights: Joseph Barry

Joseph Barry is an English born close up magician who has now released a few different effects (quite a few of which I bought). The first time I heard of Joe was in his “Perfect riffle shuffle” DVD, Joe’s ability to consistently execute a perfect riffle shuffle speaks volumes for his skill. 183 more words


Birthday Theme Tambola Housie Tickets

Birthday theme is custmoised & personalised Tambola Housie Tickets. Birthday theme based tickets and playing cards are a fun way of playing innovative Tambola Lotto game with friends and family. 1,087 more words

Tambola Housie

Is Love in the Cards?

Okay, here’s a cool thing: I was showing my friend Mary my tarot app on the iP*d and she said, “Oh, I have to show you something.” She came back with this deck of cards and now I have to do some research! 219 more words

Kit Marlowe

Who says you cannot get the latest spy cheating playing cards in Coimbatore

Gone are the days when people had to wait for weeks to get their favourite spy cheating playing cards in Coimbatore. We feel proud in being the pioneers in introducing the latest technological marvel straight to your doorstep. 136 more words

Spy Cards Shop

Who Says You Can’t Buy the Best Spy Cheating Playing Cards in Bharatpur

All those who are fond of playing card games, understand it quite well that a winner is a winner. Deep inside, every player wants to be the master of cards. 136 more words

Spy Cards Shop

Ian Allan’s Trains card game

This was another pack of cards that were discovered whilst having a tidy up. They obviously date from my time as a train spotter – I’d date them as 1961. 215 more words

Past Times

Eco Trumps – Ethical Design

Ethical Design was a real eye opener in my practice. I learnt so much about how Graphic Design can be sustainable, and how I can use that into my practice. 208 more words