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RPGaDay2020 Day 10: Want - I want to be normal

The RPGaDay2020 prompts in a map by dunroaminpress

“I want to be normal!”

“It’s a game of imagination – you can be whatever you want.” 746 more words


RPGaDay2020 Day 7: Couple

Yesterday in RPGaDay2020 I talked about the living Forest inspired by Tales of the Margreve.

Today the theme is Couple.

I wonder how many games actually have characters in a couple. 459 more words


RPGaDay2020 Day 3: Thread - struggling to keep the thread of the campaign going

Yesterday in RPGaDay2020 I looked at Change – the small change in your pocket and what happens in Darokin and Akorros when you need to handle larger amounts of money. 1,156 more words


Update on Playing the Game . . . and Its Forthcoming Sequel

In the year and a half since I last posted, I have changed the focus of my professional life. I ended my mediation career and have turned to writing. 243 more words


Football Decision Making Chart

This is a simple decision making chart to help you work out what to do on both sides of the ball both in possession and out of it. 8 more words

Coaching Point