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Doing the Dice Engine on Roll20

I play test the All Us Gamers system online using Roll20 and Discord.

Roll20 does not have any specific support for All Us Gamers so how do I do it in a convenient way? 253 more words


Elganath - Sky People

Whatcha think that is boss? - Deck Hand
I don't know maybe it is just a small stain on my scope - Captain
Here let me at it I'll get it spic and clean for ya - … 1,676 more words
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Aldarria's Handbook

What are you - Shivering Dwarf
I am the darkness that you hate,
I am the fire you seek, 
I am the death that meets you - … 1,380 more words
Playing The Game

Playing The Game : Build Up Play - Part 1

As we have already discussed in previous posts (Coaching Point : A 1 Touch Mentality and an Introduction to Passing Channels), once the team have regained possession, fast play when in possession is key to getting near the opponents’ goal to create goal scoring opportunities. 838 more words

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Playing The Game : The 2-3-2-1 Formation

In this part of the blog, I will be attempting to outline and describe my thoughts and bring out the simplest, and most basic of principles when playing the 2-3-2-1 (also known as the 4-3-1, or 4-1-2-1) playing formation which allows (in my opinion) a perfect balance of both attack and defense. 338 more words

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The Lands of Aldarria

Well good thing we took care of the cult of RHA - Legendary Adventurer
We are back and ready to bring back RHA again - … 2,187 more words
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Playing The Game: The Numbering System

To create a consistent football language (and to support talent identification), New Zealand Football has adopted the numbering system described below. 683 more words

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