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Love playing video games?

Then you should be familiar with the term ‘Game Commentary’. It’s basically people recording their faces showing their reaction while they do commentary on a game. 191 more words


Funny Story: My Friend and His Call of Duty Struggle

This is a story about a friend who has been struggling recently on Call of Duty. It’s really quite a funny story, where a simple fix made all the difference. 599 more words

Video Games

The World of Gaming is Still Growing

Video games have been around for decades, starting with game systems such as Atari and arcade games like Pinball and Pacman. Gaming is a form of entertainment that has expanded into many different realms, making it accessible to just about everyone. 867 more words

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My Opinion on the Change to Competitive Maps

It has just been announced that a major change was made to the map rotation in competitive Call of Duty. The map changes will take effect immediately and will be implemented at the 2015 Call of Duty Championship. 461 more words

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And then our cousins came through town!

Their visit was too brief, and some were feeling under the weather – but clearly Ezra and Zoe enjoyed it. If I’m not mistaken it seems by the photo below that Eve even let Zoe style her hair, and Solomon was as always the teaching ‘big cuz’. 26 more words


New Patch Right Before NA Regionals Has The Potential To Change Everything

Yesterday, a new patch was released for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare by Sledgehammer Games. The specific patch notes can be found here. Let’s take a look at some of the specifics, and then talk about how the patch changes things up for competitive Call of Duty, just in time for the North American Regional Finals. 667 more words

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Deleting the Fluff; Playing with Passion

If I was placed under duress to name one amazing aspect of modern gaming, (because there are many) it would be accessibility. Simply put, one need not stray far from common technologies to access video games. 944 more words

United We Game

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I'll admit it. For awhile there I was really into playing games on my tablet. I had lots of games from which to choose, and that number seemed to grow weekly every time I logged into Google Play. All it took was the re-introduction of Xenoblade Chronicles to make me take a long, hard look at the direction in which my gaming life was going. I covered this journey to redemption (or maybe "redemption") in the following post for United We Game.