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If I was a Video Game Character Living in a Game World

Imagine that I was a video game character living in a video game world. You’d turn on your TV, flip the switch on your console and see me every time you played a game. 293 more words

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I Started This Game and I'm Finishing It!

I started this video game, and I’m finishing it.

I’m finishing come hell or high water.

I’m finishing in the face of rain, sleet or snow. 107 more words

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The Social Deconstruction of Physical Space (and Pokémon)

There is nothing interesting about the Pokémon in Pokémon Go. What is interesting in Pokémon Go is it’s potential to constantly, and randomly, apply new meaning to established physical space.

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Benefits of Playing RPGs and MMOs

We often hear our parents complaining about us playing video games all the time and being anti-social, lazy and negatively affecting our physical health and instead of that they prefer us playing board games like chess, monopoly etc or drawing and painting, but, researchers have found out that… 474 more words

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Can Video Games Affect Productivity?

As a gamer myself, it’s easy to say video games are a fun way to escape from the real world. Video games are just about everywhere and nearly anyone can find something they like. 300 more words


Making Money as a Game Tester

Playing video games is fun. It is an indoor pass time activity that is really engaging. Some people will play for hours and they are good at it. 218 more words

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Toy Story Video Games And Hulk Games

Playing video online games on the web can be a good idea for your child as long as it is performed in moderation. But when he becomes addicted to it that is when the problem starts. 486 more words