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Being a Kid in the 1970s

My brother and I were reminiscing the other day about what it was like being little kids in the seventies. We used to run around in the bush down by the creek with our dog, building forts and climbing on beaver dams, and dodging trains on the train bridge. 885 more words


Playing With Fire.. Flirting with Disaster

So I knew it was destined for disaster the first moment I knew he had taken interest in me as more than a friend..

Rule #1.: Don’t shit where you eat! 1,056 more words


Playing With Fire - Tess Gerritsen

Hello BRA addicts!

I am happy to have the opportunity to write a review for Tess Gerritsen’s upcoming novel Playing With Fire that is set to release in October (Received via ARC).   764 more words

Playing with Fire, Lexi Ryan

Playing with Fire, Lexi Ryan
Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews
Genre: Romance,
Back when I first got a kindle I was browsing the free reads, ( I still do, have been pulled into many series by a free first book!) and Lexi’s Unbreak Me was there – it was a book I loved. 578 more words


Someone Stole My Spacemen 3?

Well I’m sad to say that all signs are pointing to this painting, “Playing with Fire” having been stolen out of my studio during a public event. 126 more words


Playing with FIRE,Chapter-15..



  Veera could not believe what was happening as his hot moist lips sucked and kissed hers hungrily.

  Her heart was ready to burst with the fury of his hot hungry kiss,and his touch and hard hold round her body had her yearning for more. 1,227 more words

Playing With FIRE

Playing with FIRE,Chapter-10..



Baldev’s world lighted up in fireworks,the moment are soft sweet lips touched his..

  Her warm lips moved on his gently,making his heated body almost set on fire..Just as her hot sweet tongue licked at the seam of his lips,his lips parted and with a loud groan he started kissing her back.. 756 more words

Playing With FIRE