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A little trip

hi All,

We went on a little trip this week!  & We will tell you all about it :)

You know, we totally didn’t go by plane, we went by car. 91 more words


Ways You're Playing With Your Cat Wrong

When you’re playing with your cats, DON’T…

Do your cats ever go into a CRAZY cat mode?

Feral cats go hunting up to 40 times a day, while domesticated cats sleep a lot more. 176 more words


Table Top Fruit

As I was setting up to shoot a set of Cascadia Soapery I side tracked myself and started playing with fruit slices on a piece of reflective multicolored plexi. 22 more words

Table Top Photography

Why Can't I Eat That?

The humans want me to chase a ball, bring it back to them and then chase it again. Rinse, repeat. What is this, some new kind of torture? 74 more words


Moments like these

I feel my fingers moving and my hand following. My eyes are closed and the only thing I can hear is the sound of my own music. 342 more words

Short Stories