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Someone dropped 4 quarters in my tip jar this week.

The coins fell past a bunch of fives, a couple of tens and a lone twenty, chiming proudly with the resolute sound of cheapness as they landed all the way at the very bottom. 126 more words


3/28/15 Jamie's Incredible Flying Machines

Jamie loves to play with toys that whirr, zoom, and zip around.

He’s got model trains, model airplanes, remote-control cars, and now…a drone.

Jamie used to have helicopters, but I became quite proficient in jumping up and snatching them out of the air when he would attempt to land. 230 more words



On our way to one of the clinics – a long bus ride – our bus started having trouble. It wouldn’t shift out of the lower gears. 508 more words

"When I die, my tunes become tradition"- A house concert and workshop

A couple of weeks ago, I packed myself and my fiddle onto yet another train. This time, I was bound for Stockport, and the fairly unusual occurrence of a fiddle workshop followed by a house concert. 356 more words

Folk Music

Cat Curling

Nothing like playing sports with your cat! Too bad the person taking the video held the phone vertically.