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Play-Doh Confetti Compound Collection TOY REVIEW

We know that Play-Doh does wonders for a child’s fine motor skills development but apart from its educational value, Play-Doh offers hours of fun. This confetti compound collection is perfect for the little one who loves to craft and mold things and will extend her creativity as she learns how to manipulate the Play-Doh in order to achieve the results she wants from her sweet creations. 214 more words


My Sunday Photo #8

When toddlers get bored.. Let them throw rocks!

Amelia really loves the outdoors; especially going down to her daddy’s lake for a run around and this is where I have found yet another favourite photo. 260 more words


Chatting Factor: What Are You Playing This Weekend?-- Issue 115

Wet as well as wild

Rain sanctuary
The April showers are specifically unpredictable at Press Square Towers today, which means that we have an exceptional excuse not to brave the outdoors– nevertheless, no one likes splashing if they could aid it. 10 more words


How Gaming Is Shaping the Future of Work

(Source: hbr.org)

It’s Friday morning just before 10 AM, and I’m packed in a queuing area with over a thousand fans, all eagerly awaiting the rope drop, and the start of day one of the conference. 992 more words


Learning how to find the note on the guitar fretboard

In this article we’ll have a look at a simple yet very effective way to learn all the notes on a guitar fretboard. This is very important for every guitarist to know, in order to not get lost while playing both chord progressions and solos. 586 more words


A day with my son

I was a bit naughty yesterday. My wife and daughter were going to be away from the house for most of the day…and I had a joint stashed in my car. 627 more words