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Sacrificing a Virgin: Act I, Scene I

There was a time; there is a time.

(On rise, a middle-aged woman in a bed robe sits in a chair next to an unmade bed… 192 more words


No Way Out by Claire Rice

Directed by Jessica Risco
With Ray Renati, Christian Haines & Dorian Lockett

(Black out. A loud alarm sounds and then the lights come up suddenly. Three men stand in a circle with their backs to each other. 1,079 more words

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The Refuge by Ignacio Zulueta

Directed by Jaime Lee Currier
With Darek Burkowski & Nima Sloan


a sound play for the dark

FIRST VOICE, a wary survivor. Imaginative. British. 1,061 more words

Short Plays

A Night to Remember by Brian Quakenbush

Directed by Mario Gonzales
With Jess Thomas, Colin Johnson, Melissa Keith & Manuela Aronofsky


Slivestor “Sliv”- He’s a long-term swinger.  He’s vibrant but chill. He’s likely to not be seen at the front door of the club because there’s a small group of 25 sitting around him.  1,638 more words

Short Plays

Turncoat by Christine Keating

Directed by: Ray Renati
With: Melissa Ortiz & Aeron Macintyre


Car… garage… office… Ah ha!

Oh, now that’s just not going to do. 491 more words

Short Plays

House Meeting by Jess Thomas

Directed by: Aeron MacIntyre
With: Hayley Lovgren, Laura Jane Bailey* & Eden Neuendorf


The interior of a modest apartment. Something furry, yet unidentifiable sits on a table at center stage. 911 more words

Short Plays

The Nature of Fear by Nicole Slovinec

Directed by Brian Quakenbush
With Laura Peterson, Norman Gee & Carmen Bush

Cast of Characters

Please note that the following characters were written without specified genders to allow greater casting flexibility. 1,175 more words

Short Plays