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How To Handle A Guy Who Plays Games Online

How to handle a guy who plays games online

Try to win a million dollars in this online version of the famous “Deal or No Deal” TV game shows. 613 more words

Games That No One Plays Online Anymore Any More

Games that no one plays online anymore any more

What happens to games that have online play but no one goes on it anymore and no one is ever online? 626 more words

book (play script) review: Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose

TWELVE ANGRY MEN by Reginald Rose
originally published in 1954
Penguin Classics

Twelve Angry Men is a fascinating meditation on a certain misplaced faith in the US judicial system.  480 more words

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Entertainment: Lady Macbeth: The Ultimate Female Villain

Lady Macbeth: the titular role of William Oldroyd’s fierce new feature isn’t actually based on Shakespeare’s badass female powerhouse, but rather Nikolai Leskov’s novella highlighting the treatment of women in 19th century European society. 415 more words


Reviewsday: A Magical Tempest

I have seen numerous live and screen productions of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, but Cincinnati Shakespeare Company‘s just-completed run of the play was the finest. 366 more words


Troilus and Cressida 4.1

We hear more about the character of Menelaus, or at least how he is perceived.

When Paris asks Diomedes who derserves Helen more he answers “you both derserve her” 63 more words

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All our Daughters? Desperately Seeking Meaning in Manchester

Like many of us I woke this morning to the news that another terror attack has happened in Manchester.  I guess this one was a little closer to home, in that our daughter goes to Manchester a lot, and theoretically could have been involved.   664 more words

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