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I took the plunge today and grabbed a Chromebook.

I’d read and seen them occasionally and hadn’t really had an interest in them until I delved further into the Android ecosystem. 560 more words


Review: Mega Man X7

E ai galera, estou de volta com mais uma Review de um jogo de Mega Man X. Se antes falei sobre um jogo da série que eu amo, desta vez falarei de um jogo que para muitos, é o pior da série X e até então visto como o pior da franquia, até que Rockman Xover apareceu… Mas esse ultimo jogo falarei em outra postagem, hoje falarei de Mega Man X7. 1,930 more words

Star Hawk

I found this game to be fun! I think it reminds me of halo, but with some of its own ideas. Star Hawk is a space type game where you are ether fighting aliens or humans. 153 more words


Why the Playstation 4 is Great for Us

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When the Playstation 4 came out, my Hubby showed a lot of control. It came out in the Autumn and he waited until January in the sales when there was an offer from a certain catalogue company. 674 more words


New Consoleation Video: Every Disc Way But Loose

Post-production thoughts:

This topic of loose disc games is one that I’ve been meaning to cover for some time, and, well… that time finally came. 1,241 more words


The Urbz is a terrible game and I LOVE it.

Sunday went by as it usually does. Wandered around the city, looked in a few shops and as I generally do, ended up in CEX seeing what I could get. 763 more words


The DMC Diaries–Part 6

It’s been awhile but here’s a new entry in the DMC Diaries for Missions 10 and 11! 534 more words

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