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PS2 Essentials: Bust-a-Bloc

In many cases the games that are part of D3 Publisher’s sprawling budget-price Simple Series are enjoyably experimental, while in others they simply represent traditional gaming genres brought up to date with modern (for the time) visuals and sound. 1,047 more words


PS2 Essentials: Kuri Kuri Mix

Have you heard the tale of FromSoftware, dear reader? Legend has it that long ago, in the dim and distant past, these renowned scribes were more than just “the people who made  1,091 more words


XenoFact 005

1999 Capcom se encuentra trabajando en Resident Evil 4, dirigido por Hideki Kamiya el cual buscaba darle un giro con mayor acción y velocidad a la serie para esto opto por quitar la cámara fija en escenarios e incluir una cámara dinámica, para esto los escenarios debían contar con mayor detalle, para esto el equipo realizo un viaje por Europa esto para fotografiar y estudiar la arquitectura, escultura, etc. 27 more words


PS2 Essentials: Radio Helicopter

One of the most charming things about D3 Publisher’s Simple Series is its straightforward naming convention, which brings to mind the good old days of Atari 2600 games called imaginative things like “Combat”, “Golf” and “Dodge ‘Em”. 1,067 more words


Persona 3 Review

Persona is a jRPG series from Atlus that I have been aware of for many years, but I made a conscious effort to stay away from.   3,409 more words

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Shmup Essentials: Psyvariar

Shoot ’em ups, being one of the oldest genres of gaming there is, have been a pretty constant presence in every major generation of gaming hardware. 1,174 more words


Madden NFL 2003

Like a kickoff return to the 1 yard line.

PlayStation 2
Released in 2002 by EA Sports
Rating: 4 out of 5

This is as close to a 5 as a game will get while still being a 4. 489 more words

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