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Mega Man X: Command Mission - The Smartest Moron

Time to review the Mega Man X RPG about maybe four people asked for. I KNOW YOU WANTED IT TOO, GREG!

At any rate, developed by Capcom, with some involvement from Keiji Inafune, this RPG takes place presumably after Mega Man X8, or before (details are sketchy), in the new world of Giga City. 61 more words

Video Review

The Video Game That Took PlayStation 2 To A Whole Another Level

Hideo Kojima completed his first draft of the game’s design document in January 1999. The sequel was referred to as Metal Gear Solid III or MGSIII – the roman numerals referencing the New York skyline. 933 more words


Retro Journal: PlayStation 2 - Part 1

One of the goals that I had when I went back to visit my parents during Chinese New Year this year was to try and get my PlayStation 2 out of storage and see if I could manage to get it to work on a HDTV. 462 more words

Video Games

A Triumphant Return to Final Fantasy XII

For the past several years, I have intended to return to Final Fantasy XII for my second playthrough.  But, as is often the case, what I intend to do and what actually happens are two very different things.  867 more words


Rule of Rose (PS2): A loyal dog, a princess, and a rusty steel pipe...

A good horror experience will ask the important questions: what is the nature of evil? Is death ever truly final? What kind of hospital needs a zodiac sign puzzle-operated door? 772 more words