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Gaming on a Budget: Battlefield Bad Company 2

This first-person sequel was an explosive addition to the Battlefield series. A squad-level shooter based in a modern war, Battlefield Bad Company 2  follows Protagonist Private Preston Marlowe after him and the other soldiers in Bad Company raided gold from mercenaries and fought against the Legionnaire during the war between the Untied States of America and the Russian Federation. 947 more words


Beyond Good & Evil - An Overrated Cult Classic?

Despite my valiant efforts it’s impossible for me to play every game that I want to. For one reason or another, many games that have perked my interest over the years have passed me by, causing me to wonder, what, if anything, I have missed from not giving them a go. 889 more words


Firewatch (PS4) Review

It’s no secret that I’ve been massively hyped for developer Campo Santos’ debut game Firewatch. But while it certainly delivers some stellar atmospheric and narrative beats, it fails to follow through on the lofty expectations it had at first impressed. 978 more words


Busy Day for Ubisoft

Ubisoft has been rather busy today, announcing that Assassins Creed will not be releasing a major title in 2016 and that Watch Dogs 2 is being released early in 2017. 245 more words


Trillion: God of Destruction Release Date!

Idea Factory International has announced that Trillion: God of Destruction will release on March 29th in North America and Europe on April 1st! Trillion: God of Destruction is exclusive to the PlayStation Vita and is PlayStation TV compatible, so you can enjoy the game on your big screen TV. 273 more words


PlayStation 3 Black ops II controller

Produced by Bluemouth Interactive their officially licensed Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PS3 controller was released in 2013. This one has a great light up effect, but unfortunately, that’s where its greatness ends. 77 more words


Star Wars Battlefront: Nostalgic Dream or Broken Promises?

Editor Note – This is a retrospective review:

As a kid, I loved the Battlefront series. Running around as a Clone Trooper or Stormtrooper, battling both bots and my younger sibling across various planets, filled me with joy and allowed me to experience what my imagination has always dreamed of. 1,335 more words