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Attack on Titan game available now!

Get on your titan fighting gear and drive over to your local game store or hit up the digital download section on your console because the… 70 more words

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Rock of Ages

Rock of Ages
Developed by ACE Team and published under Atlus
PC (reviewed), Xbox 360, Playstation 3
Released in 2011

For the last week of indie month I wanted to do something extra, so I opted to play two indie games that are even more special than the others. 1,237 more words


Backlog Project: Crysis

You know how sometimes you have a really positive opinion on something, and years later you go back to it and find yourself as disappointed as Hercules in that notorious outtake? 879 more words

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Why Playstation 3 Is The Worst Playstation Gaming Console Of All Time

Remember the sky-high price of the original PS3, the whopping $600/£425?

It was precisely down to the company going WAY over-budget in R&D, thereby having to force a ridiculous price point as a means of at least attempting to recoup their losses. 78 more words


Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves HD

Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves HD
Playstation 3 (reviewed), Playstation Vita
Developer by Sucker Punch Productions
First released in 2005, remade in 2010

Editor’s note: some of the pictures in this review are of the Playstion 2 version, not the HD remake. 1,939 more words


8 Reasons 'Dragon Quest Builders' Isn't a 'Minecraft' Clone

“Daddy, can we play your new Minecraft game again?”

That’s my four-year-old son, referring to a sneak peek version of Dragon Quest Builders I’ve been noodling with. 1,472 more words

Most Practical Consoles for Gamers

I  would like to clarify first – I’m not an expert or a professional gamer. But I did play a lot of video (console) games my whole life. 645 more words