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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Game: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Year: 2012

System: PS3

Was it fun?

No, I’m not a huge fan of the Platform Fighter genre and this is a cheap knock off. 172 more words


Five Disappointing Videogame Crossovers

There’s something about crossovers that’s just inherently exciting. The idea of taking two or more different franchises or characters and having them interact is something that’s been capable of generating headlines and making fans wet themselves in delight for years, whether it be in comic books, films or videogames.  2,142 more words


You Gotta Earn It

Nintendo is getting into the movie business.

It comes as no surprise that Nintendo is crafting plans to get their characters onto the silver screen. In a console generation where their Wii U has been badly outpaced by Sony’s PlayStation 4, Nintendo’s biggest asset, arguably, are their characters. 1,364 more words