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Episode 123: Rated "I" for Immature


Last week, I talked about sex in video games and my feelings towards it. A lot of “normal” people would prefer video games to not contain mature topics (such as sex) in video games because of the general belief that video games are still for children. 1,144 more words

Robin's Adventures

VGChartz - Ctrl + Alt + Deleting History - P.T. & Beyond

Yes I guess I had to talk about the mess with Konami and P.T. eventually! So I thought what better opportunity to have a wee little chat about digital archival, and call the games industry out on some of the shit it tries to pull on an almost daily basis. 10 more words

Games Industry

Playstation Home Makes Users The "April Fools"

So for anyone who has ever owned a Playstation 3, you may have noticed an icon on your XMB that looked sorta like this:

For the majority of people, this icon was often overlooked as many gamers have a one-track mind of: PLAY PLAY PLAY!!! 19 more words

Majora's Moon Kills Ps Home

So Playstation Ps Home finally closed there on the 31st of march. But a few people rung in the Armageddon by dancing till connection loss, After spotting a video by Platform 32 i thought the most appropriate thing to do was give the Moment a proper send off with a suggestion by Larry Bundy Jr of majora’s Mask – Final Hours. 75 more words


Sony's Broken Home

So they finally did it. After so many years since the glitzy unveiling and bombastic promises, Sony have bulldozed Playstation Home. Do not mistake my acknowledgement of the event as a misty eyed obituary to what could have been. 772 more words


What to Watch (02/04/15): Giant Bomb Live Stream of PlayStation Home Closure

With Sony Computer Entertainment’s London Studio developed PlayStation Home closing on the 31st March, Giant Bomb (here) did a free (was going to be premium) live stream of them messing about it in the online virtual world.  276 more words


Remembering PlayStation Home.

On March 31, 2015, a piece of PlayStation history died. PlayStation Home, the strange graphical chat client that had been running for about seven years, was ending on that day. 814 more words

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