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Your Malaysian Guide To Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gaming Deals

This feature will be updated constantly with new deals during this week.

It’s Thanksgiving week in America. Sure, you may not care so much about the holiday, but the event after the holiday? 1,209 more words

Katamari Damacy - PS2 Game Review

Katamari Damacy is a PS2 game that came out back in 2004. Developed and published by Namco, it’s a quirky, fun little game.

The concept of the game is that the King of All Cosmo accidentally destroys all the stars in the sky and puts you, the Prince, in charge of restoring the night sky. 656 more words

Video Games

Here's why you should be using Two-Step Authentication for your gaming accounts

Locking down your account is as simple as setting up a security password when creating your account. But is the added security really worth it? Here’s what you need to know. 1,874 more words


Sony has fixed the message bug that was bricking consoles

In a weird turn of events, players had fallen victim to a message that would be sent to them during online games and inevitably, it rendered their consoles unusable unless they reinstalled their OS or took it into Safe Mode and rebuilt their databases. 323 more words


PlayStation Network Experiencing Widespread Outages

PlayStation Network is experiencing widespread outages as of this writing Tuesday afternoon, impacting a large number of PlayStation users, according to the official PlayStation Network Service Status page. 201 more words


Features I'd Like to See On the PlayStation 5

With the recent news of Sony working on a successor to the PlayStation 4, I decided now would be a good time to come up with a small wish list of features that I hope make it to the PlayStation 5 in some way. 706 more words


Sony Resolves PlayStation 4 Bug That Allowed Specific Message to Lock Up System

Sony has reportedly resolved an issue with PlayStation Network messages that could cause a particular string of messages sent to a PlayStation 4 to lock-up the system until reset. 228 more words