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Gal*Gun: Sights and Sounds

Gal*Gun Double Peace is memorable for a whole lot of different reasons: its contribution to the revival of rail shooters, its silly but touching plot and its striking audio-visual aesthetic. 1,810 more words


Playstation store Update October 25, 2016 Sale of the Dead

New Pre-orders

  • BlazBlue: Central Fiction ($59.99)
  • Sword Art Online – Hollow Realization ($59.99)
  • Sword Art Online – Hollow Realization – Premier Edition ($84.99)
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Review: Yomawari Night Alone (PSVita, PC)

Available for the PlayStation Vita and Steam October 25, 2016, NIS America brings Yomawari: Night Alone to North America and Europe just in time for the Halloween season. 876 more words

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Firmware Update 1.81: Red Dead Switch-eroo

The latest episode of The Firmware Update is short but no less momentous, as Joe & Malcolm talk up the blockbuster reveals of Red Dead Redemption 2 and the newly-christened Nintendo Switch console. 55 more words

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Backlog Project: The Wolf Among Us

The widely recognized storytelling adventures by TellTale Games are, for most, one of those things that you enjoy greatly once or twice, but due to how specialized they are as games and how similar they are to each other, you’ll almost certainly reach saturation point and drop out after that. 974 more words

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NCG Review: Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls

Making its North American debut on October 18th for the PlayStation Vita, Idea Factory brings us Superdimension Neptune VS Sega Hard Girls; an awesome crossover between Sega Hard Girls and the Neptunia dimension. 938 more words

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Dragon Quest Builders Game Review by Isxun

Dive into the world of Alefgard where you play as a builder who is tasked by the Almighty to restore the land to its former glory! 261 more words

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